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Look Forward 2016 Brings Hot New Albums Releases

Updated on January 20, 2016
new albums released
new albums released

2016 just started and the music world already put forth great music (and Kanye West finally gave the world a date for the release of his new albums). The man, alien, chameleon, legend, and myth himself David Bowie passed away yesterday and left a hole in the music industry the size of the spaceship he descended to Earth upon, but didn’t go before gracing us mere mortals with one last album. Bowie released (pronounced Black star) January 8th just two short days before his death. Black star is about as Bowie gets and the album following his death takes on an even darker tone. The 25th album from the master showman hints towards his impending death and his emotions on the subject. Critics and fans alike attempt to dive down the rabbit hole of the otherworldly entity Bowie created and wind up with more questions than they started with. Bowie never adhered to the norms of society, and when it came to reporters questions he shocked the world time and time again proving nothing was a joke or a show, what he did was all there was, nothing more to look into.

Hinds Leave Me Alone came out on January 8th, and while Hinds haven’t reinvented the lo-fi genre on their debut, Leave Me Alone, they’ve found a way to make it feel fresh again. The Madrid quartet started catching blog buzz with their 2014 demos. These rough recordings had a playfulness about them; the haphazard arrangements built character. With their first proper release, they thankfully haven’t abandoned that feeling. The production quality is just gritty enough to stay lo-fi, but offers a bit more clarity, enough to show some growth. Making Leave Me Alone a promising new album release for 2016.

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto feat. Bryce Dessner released The Revenants soundtrack for the movie hopeful to bring home Leonardo DiCarprio’s first Oscar. The Revenant is a Western, it’s a survival tale, it’s a drama, it’s a historical epic, it’s an existential portrait. It could even be argued as a black comedy. The bleakly beautiful, haunting film may slice cold like a blade of white light, but when it hits you, you can pick out the myriad and diverse themes and motifs. This quality runs intrinsically through the film’s soundtrack, as well, the team of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, and Bryce Dessner combining for a chilling, powerful listening experience.


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