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Looking On The Bright Side Of Michael Jackson’s Death

Updated on November 19, 2009


I know I’m supposed to not see a bright side to anyone’s passing but I must tell you that the more distance we get from the passing of Michael Jackson the more good I think it’s left behind. Looking on the bright side of Michael Jackson’s death – Don’t Get Me Started!

As I sat with my partner in the empty except for us movie theatre watching, “This Is It” I couldn’t help but think about the endless of hours of rehearsal I’d put in over the years on the shows I had done. First performing in them and then directing and choreographing them. I tend to agree with LaToya on this one, I wouldn’t want anyone to have watched my rehearsals because that’s when the show is really still being shaped and perfected so it’s not a performance. I know for some it gave them a thrill to see the backstage pieces of how the show was rehearsed but to me it just made me sad that he nor any of the hundreds of people working on the show were going to actually get to perform it. There would be no cheering or yelling fans, the electricity of live performance, only this sort of historical scroll of a performance which showed the choreography and Michael Jackson singing at half voice. Although I still say they should put all the Jacksons in it or give the show to Janet to tour, she could use a little boost lately too.

But back to the bright side of his passing, in my opinion the two biggest are the fact that I can turn on a radio and hear Michael Jackson again and the other is the epaulette. I know you think it’s trivial but for those of us who never stopped listening to Michael Jackson, the fact that he was more or less black balled from radio after the accusations about his misconduct with kids forced us to just listen on our Ipods and try not to mouth “Shamon” to distinctly so people would know what we were listening to. The day I heard he died, I said, “This will wash him clean.” And in a sense it has, people are talking less and less about his alleged child molesting and more about what an incredibly talented person he was and how important he was to his industry.

And as far as the epaulette goes, I know that a lot of you are going to say that the fashion houses brought it back but I tend to disagree. We didn’t really start seeing the epaulette again until Michael Jackson’s death and I’m thinking it may only be a matter of time before we start seeing jackets with zippers, lots of them. And to someone who lived through the 80’s (imitating several of Mr. Jackson’s military inspired looks) and had many a shirt with an epaulette on it, I’m delighted they’ve come back. Looking on the bright side of Michael Jackson’s death – Don’t Get Me Started!

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