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Looking at the big picture

Updated on December 14, 2014

Home is where the heart is

The image is one the many underpass in the Los Angeles area
The image is one the many underpass in the Los Angeles area | Source

Who’s sleeping in my bed? May be a question that more of our fellow Americans are asking as many of them find themselves deposited somewhere on the streets of the United States.

No matter what the cause, whether it’s mental health issues or areas that are being gentrified. They are there and are unnoticed -- but are they really?

While taking these photos I was asked, why you want to take a picture of these individuals who are having hard times? I would answer the question with a caveat, they had to answer my question first, why are you able to walk by these individuals and not be affected by what you see?

The answers would vary but everyone agreed that something should be done, but they could not agree whether the local government should be the one responsible for this problem, or the government as a whole should be responsible for all the homelessness that we see here in America.

The image on top of the page is one of the many underpasses in the Los Angeles area; this person was deposited there along with all of her belongings. The unknown is why, and she is very protective of all she has along with the area in which it sits on. There are good Samaritans that are stopping by on occasion bringing food and trying to communicate.

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The image in the middle of the page is of a middle-aged man who has deposited himself by a business that has plenty of traffic going in and out. He is also protective of the space. When he is made to move by the local law enforcement he eventually en
The image in the middle of the page is of a middle-aged man who has deposited himself by a business that has plenty of traffic going in and out. He is also protective of the space. When he is made to move by the local law enforcement he eventually en | Source

My home

The image in the middle of the page is of a middle-aged man who has deposited himself by a business that has plenty of traffic going in and out. He is also protective of the space. When he is made to move by the local law enforcement he eventually ends up back at his spot.


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    • Ronald Talley profile imageAUTHOR

      Ronald Talley 

      4 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      At the height of the Great Depression, a quarter of a million teenagers joined the ranks of the army of migratory idle roaming across America riding freight trains or hitchhiking. — In 1933, when the economy hit rock bottom, about 9,000 banks failed, $2.5 billion in deposits was lost, unemployment soared to nearly 13 million or about one in four of the labor force. Not since the civil war had the American nation stared so deeply into the abyss.

      I thank you for your comments, and understand that sometimes the environment in which we are brought up in may not be the norm for the world we live in, our parents and other protectors sheltered us from a lot of unpleasant sights. But homelessness has been a problem throughout time and empires. You may remember words that were invented; to punish those were without, terms like bums, vagabond, and transient.

      I have a unique experience, at one time I drove for interstate bus company, called Trailways. While I was there I was one of the drivers that picked up passengers from the old Camarilla mental hospital, after the president decided to defund the mental health system. Maybe at a later time I will reflect on what occurred during the time, but I will say at present is that it had a profound effect on me.

      When we talk about any problems in our society we must always mention that there will be a monetary value to someone whether it's corporations or unions along with political benefits. When you mention the union in your comments you did not mention the drug industry and how it makes its money? In the commentary we discussed bloated local systems; there were no mention of contractors, and subcontractors fighting to make it much as they can off the public systems.

      We always must remember there will always be a benefit to many whether it's visible or hidden financial remunerations for society's ills. The prison system, illnesses like cancer, war, and homelessness, someone will benefit and growing wealth and prosperity.

      I do appreciate the dialogue and feel that communication about what we see in this world can only be beneficial and raises our ability to notice the person next to us.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      "Something should be done ", That's the problem , who's job IS it to do something though ? Once years ago , I'm talking sixties and seventies , the word "Homeless" would have referred to a stay dog or cat , maybe an old horse . And then came the days when the , state hospitals , mental institutions , homes for the mentally deranged around here at least , there were two places within a hundred or so miles , Concord State Hospital , and Waterbury State Hospital , each probably had three to five hundred beds for the mentally challenged . Taxes supported both places , and then came the great state mandated exodus' from the private wards of state care, some went to local levels , small venues of private care funded by local or state dollars . Yet , today there are far more people on the streets , in the name of "freedom "? Who knows , but I never heard of a "street person " before -that ! I believe it to be ALL about tax revenues and who decides who will or won't be financially responsible for the "difficult ones ".

      I do however believe this , all those tax dollars that once supported a central "state " care and concern for these people , NOW goes to two major sources , One - UNION payroll and benefits of a grossly over staffed state employee system and Two - to the mass over budgeted state and local public education system - of the same reasons - Union payroll and benefits ! There is where you can place most of the blame for homeless people ! Sad ,.... sad but true . Homeless people - This is one important issue that will drain the coffers of all local or state or federal tax dollars in our future -if "they" ever act to do anything about it . .....what do you think ?

    • profile image

      stephy wilson 

      4 years ago

      Very Good Site and awesome writing too , and great thanks to the writer



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