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Looking forward to Season Five of True Blood

Updated on April 14, 2012

Who enjoys watching True Blood? I can say that I really enjoy watching True Blood. At first, I wasn't really interested in this series until a good friend of mine got me addicted to watching the show. It is a really great show to watch, every episode left you wanting more. I have seen all four seasons of it so far and it has not disappointed me at all.

To those of you want to know what True Blood is about, it has vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, and fairies, as well as witches. From season one, it starts off on how Bill, a vampire finds Sookie very interesting. So he tries to catch her attention in many ways and he finally is able to more than befriend her. She falls instantly for him. But there is another vampire, Eric, who likes her as well. So you can say there is a bit of a love triangle between Bill and Eric and Sookie. There is something about Sookie that makes them want her.

Season one of True Blood, is based on how close Bill and Sookie get and the battles that they have to fight to keep their love together. When it comes to Season two, it starts to heat up a little bit more, there are more characters. This really makes the show worth watching. Sookie starts to kind of have feelings for Eric little by little but she is still with Bill because she feels that her love is stronger for him at this point. It is close the the end of Season two or three where Sookie finds out that she is a fairie and that the vampires are able to stay out in the sun if they drink from the fairie blood. But it is also close to the end of season three that Sookie finds out that Bill was ordered to befriend her because she of her blood. She feels betrayed and goes to her grandmothers grave, to only be surprised with the appearance of another fairie. The third season ends with Sookie disappearing into fairie land.

The fourth season was okay but still exciting. Sookie returns to find that Bill is the king of vampires of the state he lives in, after defeating the queen. But she still feels betrayed by him and what he has done. Then she also finds that Eric has bought her house and she doesn't really like that. There are more witches in this season and they focus more on them and how they want to destroy the vampires because of what happened in the past. Sookie ends up giving herself up to Eric and falls in love with him more and more. Eric has lost his memory due to the spell that the witch put on him. So you can say his good, passionate side came out. Bill still loves Sookie but feels that he needs to give her some space. Sookie's friend, Tara, ends up being a lesbian but gets into the mess of witchcraft. They defeat the main witch at the end, however before the season ends Tara ends up dying defending Sookie from getting shot.

Just the way that it ended left you wanting more and looking forward the new season that will be coming soon. I am looking forward to the new season and the many characters that it may bring in. The story plot itself will seem interesting, for the previews that I have seen make it interesting.


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