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Looper Is A Smorgasbord Of A Damn Good Movie...

Updated on August 3, 2013

Looper Is A Smorgasbord Of A Damn Good Movie...

Looper is one of those movies that everyone was yearning to see because of the mouthwatering movie-trailer and the always interesting subject matter of Time-Travel... and if ever there were a movie that incorporated all the exciting genres of this Art form… Looper captures them all. The sheer artistic and cinematic beauty about Looper is the fact that the surprises are many and even if you are one those people who sees plot twists coming a country-mile-away like myself, the giddy surprises are legion. Looper stars the master thespian, Joseph-Gordon-Levitt and I do not know if this gifted actor went down to the cross roads and made a Faustian deal with the devil… but whatever it is… this young man is riding the crest to thespian stardom and beyond with the roles he is taking, including Looper.

Notwithstanding Time-Travel, Looper is mostly a movie about love and how those of us caught up in its narcotic-like throes can pervert it… resulting in unrelenting carnage; Looper also gives us the dilemma of the moral consequences that would befall us if God were to relinquish the mysteries of Time-Travel to the vagaries of flesh and blood, which, apparently, comes to fruition in the near future. In Looper, Time-Travel is banned, but like all vices that are and were illegal - like narcotics (the war on drugs) and alcohol (Prohibition) before, the Mob has cornered the Time-Travel market and has find a lucrative and efficient way by using Loopers like Joseph-Gordon-Levitt to murder and get rid of bodies better than anything the Nevada desert could provide… incidentally, someone should check to see if it were not Loopers who ‘rubbed’ out Jimmy Hoffa because we still cannot find his remains.

Let us get to the players in Looper: Bruce Willis is the older version of the Levitt’s character, the latter whom is ironically assigned to ‘off’ his older version (Willis). Levitt is mechanical and lethally efficient in doing the Mob’s killings and there is a surreal scene to watch Levitt and Willis engage in a tour-de-force acting face-off at a diner… it is also scary and funny at the same time to hear Willis chastise his younger self for the life the latter is currently leading. Another seasoned actor in Looper is Jeff Daniels, who you may know as Jim Carrey’s bud in the Dumb & Dumber movie or for those a little older in Woody Allen’s Purple Rose of Cairo. Make no mistake... Daniels' character in Looper is stone-cold and he even gets to deliver great lines: I took you off the streets… cleaned you up and gave you a gun or in one scene where Levitt wants to retire in France and is insisting and prolonging the debate about life in France, but is told by Daniels that since he is from the future and that he knows it is better for Levitt to choose China - apparently in the future, the Chinese has stolen our technology all the way to economic hegemony.

Props to Emily Blunt who brought to life her character’s maternal farm girl sexy/dangerous to the screen, but with all the actors in Looper… no one steals the show like that little kid played by Pierce Gagnon and if the young Gagnon is not nominated for an Oscar come next year, it would be a conspicuous crime. Incidentally, those of us who are parents and parents to be, because of what Gagnon does in Looper, every time we hear our respective children scream, cold sweat and chills will go up and down our spines. Looper brings to the fore the dilemma the world would face if we had the ability to Time-Travel: would we kill, even if they were babies, the mass murderers of humanity - Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, and Bin Laden…? In seeing Looper, one will understand why Mia Farrow in the classic movie, Rose Mary’s Baby, did not kill her baby boy, even when she knew that her son was destined to be the Anti-Christ. Looper also discuses tacitly the subject of Nature versus Nurture, implying that Hitler might have turned out better, if say, someone had given him more kudos and props about his paintings.

Come next movie award season, if God spares my life, they are going to nominate movies that are perversions on film… calling them avant-garde and ignoring excellent movies like Looper, among others in its genre, and moreover, neglecting the skilled acting by Pierce Gagnon - what auteur skills it must have taken writer/director Rian Johnson to coax such a performance out of a mere boy. In the same vein, I hope that there isn’t a part two of Looper for there is an artistic, salient reason why there is only one Citizen Kane; one The Usual Suspects; One Anne Hall; One Unbearable Likeness of Being; One Reservoir Dogs; and One Pulp Fiction… of course, there are always exceptions like Frances-Ford-Coppolla’s God-Father 1 & 2.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York

      Yes, young Pierce is awesome....

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

      I liked your review and I agree with it. Glad to see you mention Pierce Gagnon.....I thought all the actors were solid....but his performance is the one I keep thinking about. Not bad for a 5 year old. Voted up and awesome.