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Lord Kas'im: The Blademaster Sith Lord from Star Wars

Updated on February 7, 2020
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Rui Carreira is a pop-culture oriented individual and he loves all things cinema, anime, gaming and entertainment.

Lord Kas'im: Sith Lord Blademaster
Lord Kas'im: Sith Lord Blademaster

Kas'im's Early Life: How the Sith Lord Achieved the Rank of Master

Kas’im was a born a slave, so his first days weren’t all that easy. Things looked up for him when a Sith Lord named Na’daz felt the Force in him and bought him still at a young age.

Lord Na’daz trained Kas’im since he could barely walk, taking him as an apprentice. If you’re wondering, Kas’im never had any memories out of the Sith Life.

A male Twi’lek, Kas’im lived during the New Sith Wars and spent all his childhood training in all of the seven forms of Lightsaber Combat as Lord Na’daz was a great swordsman and taught him all he knew.

As it happens with all Sith Apprentices, Kas’im challenged his master when he felt he had surpassed him and dueled him, having emerged victorious and killing the Sith Na’daz.

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Kas'im Training Sith Apprentices
Kas'im Training Sith Apprentices

Lord Kas'im and the Brotherhood of Darkness: Training Darth Bane

Another Sith we’ve previously discussed, Lord Kaan, founded the Brotherhood of Darkness and invited Kas’im to join his plot to eliminate the Jedi Order. Kas’im accepted and joined the Brotherhood, spending most of his time on Korriban as a Sith Blademaster helping young Sith Apprentices honing their skills with the lightsaber.

It was at this time that Darth Bane was still a young apprentice and lost a duel with another Sith Acolyte named Sirak. Bane was furious and went to Kas’im to ask for help as he knew Lord Kas’im was one of the best duelists of their time.

However, Lord Qordis, who was the Headmaster of the Korriban Sith Academy warned Kas’im and the other masters about Bane pulling away from the dark side. Kas’im didn’t agree and saw Bane’s potential, so he trained him anyway, hiding the training from Lord Qordis.

Great Jedi-Sith War
Great Jedi-Sith War

Darth Bane Leaves Kas'im: The Duel Between the Old and the New

After conflicts erupted in the Brotherhood of Darkness, conflicts you can learn by watching Lord Kaan’s video below, Bane had enough of Qordis and left the Brotherhood.

Lord Kas’im then was summoned by Lord Kaan to participate in what Kaan thought was the last battle against the Jedi’s Army of Light. The army of light was being led by Lord Hoth, who fought a guerrilla-style battle instead of an open field battle like Kas’im loved as he could rampage with his lightsaber and superior dueling skills.

After the setback, Kaan and the Brotherhood had, Kaan thought it was time to summon Bane again, who was now quite a powerhouse himself. Lord Kaan sent Kas’im to convince Darth Bane to return or kill him if he didn’t want to come back. He did this because not only did he want Bane back, he also though Kas’im’s bloodlust would stop him from strategizing, forcing unnecessary mistakes.

In the end, Bane refused going back.

The blade master Kas’im and Darth Bane dueled, and even though Kas’im was superior in combat, Bane showed him not only a lightsaber makes a duelist. Bane emerged victoriously and so Kas’im met his end at the hands of his former pupil.

Lord Kaan's Video: Learn About Kaan's Related Story (The One Recommended in this Article)

Darth Bane Vs Lord Kaan
Darth Bane Vs Lord Kaan

Lord Kas'im's Legacy: Darth Bane and Star Wars' Rule of Two

In the end, Darth Bane had a huge role to play in Sith History, as he would be the one responsible for the end of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the rise of the new Sith with his new invention: The Rule of Two.

Bane was the 1st of his lineage, a lineage full of powerful Sith Lords such as Plagueis, Darth Vader and Sidious.

It is therefore ironic that Kas’im left one of the biggest legacies of the Sith thanks to wanting to train Bane in secret. Without his disobedience, the Sith you watch in the movies would never exist.

Kas’im was also partially the reason behind the Rule of Two, as he killed his master to take his place, something Bane incorporated in his new ruleset.

Some argue that Bane preferred Kas’im to become a companion of his in this new order, as his apprentice, but alas Kas’im’s loyalty to Lord Kaan was solid.

Lord Kas'im's Animated Story

A Final Note on Star Wars Lore:

It's probably that you didn't know of Lord Kas'im or Lord Kaan before reading this article or watching the animated videos, and it is also possible Darth Bane - the founder of Darth Sidious, Plagueis and Vader's Sith Lineage is also a mystery to you.

This is because these characters don't appear in the movies, being only in the Star Wars books.

Knowing about these characters is vital to understand the Star Wars Universe though, and I definitely recommend you reading a few of the books available in the market.

I recently wrote a hub right here on Hubpages on my Top 10 Star Wars book recommendations, you should take a look if you like these stories.

May the Force Be With You!


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