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Loretta Lynn videos

Updated on January 15, 2008

Hanky Panky Woman Lyrics

YouTube must have taken the video down. Here are the lyrics:

"Don't Come Home A'Drinkin'

Backstreet Affair Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty

Fist City

Loretta Lynn--"Hanky Panky Woman"


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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 6 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Thanks for your comment.

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      Wow, that gorgeous picture of Loretta in her Van Lear Rose album was in my Mom's collection all along... I will listen until Loretta feels better & she comes back to my town in November. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Iðunn 10 years ago