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Lost Show Fans Where Do You Turn Now?

Updated on November 10, 2011

Miss the Show Lost?

The show Lost is not long gone. Here's some ideas to keep your Lost love going strong!

1. Buy the last season DVD and throw a Lost reunion party.

2. Join social networking groups devoted to Lost and get talking. On Facebook they are a ton of sites related to the show where people are still talking about all things Lost. Share your theory of any left unanswered questions and you’re sure to get back some interesting thoughts or replies.!/group.php?gid=2207575130&ref=ts

3. Watch FREE episodes. At ABC Lost you can still view free episodes on or netflix and relive your favorite moments

4. Surf the Lostpedia files. This is the encylopedia of Lost. Over 6,000 articles all devoted to furthering your knowledge and fancy on the show.

5. Read a book on Lost. There are a ton of paperpack book on all things Lost. From theories to Trivia you can keep your mind devoted to your favorite show every night before bed.

6. Check out the Lost Parody’s on Youtube and posted below. Watch what happens when Lost meets Harry Potter, Star Wars and even the Yankee’s! A fair warning though. You may lose your stomach from too much laughter!

7. Have a game night with Lostie friends and play Lost the board game. Here you can be part of the island without ever having to leave your home.

8. Support the Actors! Many of the cast are taking new and exciting roles elsewhere. Go to the movies or flip on the tube to support their next adventure. You may have seen Evangeline Lilly gracing the nightly chat line commercials. She is in the works for a movie called Real Steel. Jorge Garcia will be staring in a movie called We Were Pirates.

9. Form a Lost bible study. Believe it or not there are a lot of good lessons to learn from Lost. Some churches across the country are using Lost as a bible study to study the moral and spiritual lessons that the characters had to deal with. Why not run your own Lost bible study from the comfort of your own home.

There are many outlets to keep your Lost addiction at safe levels. Whatever you do keep Lost alive because a true Lostie fan doesn't want to lose it!


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    • alfredfox profile image

      ALFRED FOX 6 years ago from London

      I know this sounds very unlikely but I think that they will bring "Lost" back in a few years. Then again, I said that about "E.T." and I have been waiting for "E.T. The Return" for a very long time.

    • lilypjmom2122 profile image

      lilypjmom2122 6 years ago from Minnesota

      I can see a movie come out but not so sure about the show itself. Would be pretty neat though if they did. I love the movie E.T. one of my favorites:)

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