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Love Courtney Love

Updated on April 26, 2013
And no, she's not a slave to fashion, but who said ya had to be to be successful ! ....God love her.
And no, she's not a slave to fashion, but who said ya had to be to be successful ! ....God love her.

There is a fondness in my heart for tough no bull-shit type women. The kind of gal that would get in a stage-coach and head west. And, during which, loosing children and/or a husband on the way, but not stopping, quitting, copping-out or turning around and running home to Mommy. Although I have never met her, would cherish the moment, but Courtney Love to me seems like a 'hard as nails' kinda a woman.

Courtney's wild stage antics and subversive feminist attitudes have polarized audiences and critics. She was referred to, by the magazine Rolling Stone, as "the most controversial woman in the history of rock." So she must be way up there with Yoko Ono Lennon, another 'balls-ie' gal in good company to be with. And please understand me here, I can't stand either of their music, much more their husbands than theirs, but they both deserve respect, if not admiration, for their perseverance.

Whatever your feelings are of Courtney ya can't help but give her much credit for getting though all the shit in her life and not resorting to what her husband, Curt Cobain, had done when times got tough for him. Here's what I mean, the 'dues' she had to pay, and she still breaths and still standing on her own two feet.

Born Courtney Michelle Harrison in San Francisco, California in July 1964, she was the first child of a psychotherapist, Linda Carroll, and Hank Harrison, a publisher and brief manager of the 'Grateful Dead.' She was featured on the back cover of the album 'Axoxomoa.'

Courtney's first bummer was when her parents divorced in 1969. But if that wasn't enough for her to handle, the custody she had with her Father, whom she felt more comfortable with, was withdrawn after her Mother had alleged that the Father had fed LSD to Courtney. True or not it is still not known, but her Mother got her wish, then moved Courtney to a commune in Oregon that Courtney described as a tee pee. Feeling like she didn't belong, she struggled with school and was soon diagnosed as autistic.

Courtney had a wild up-bringing at the tee pee, to say the least. Her Mother's lessons of family values amounted to many relationships with men. Carroll gave birth to Love's two half-sisters and adopted a son, and later, two half-brothers; another male half-sibling of Love's had died in infancy. All before Courtney was 10 years old. Isn't that special? .... but wait, there's more for Courtney to learn.

Her mother, that felt she could do such a better job than her Father, and makes one wonder if the Father really did feed Courtney LSD, leaves her 14 year old Daughter in the tee pee with an old boyfriend of the Mother and goes to New Zealand with a new boyfriend. Poor Courtney has always said that, "she didn't have a lot of social skills!" Seems like the psychotherapist of a Mother should have done some psychotherapist work on herself.....duh.

Courtney and Daughter Frances
Courtney and Daughter Frances

In the same year she was arrested for shoplifting a t-shirt and was sent to Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility in Salem Oregon, then spent the following several years in and out of foster homes before becoming legally emancipated at age 16. But not to give up, Courtney moved to Portland, Oregon and lived in the Northwest District supporting herself by working illegally as a stripper, and a DJ, and various odd jobs, giving her the money to take classes at the Portland State University studying English.

Finally the manure this child has been planted into has germinated into some happiness for her. In 1981 Courtney was granted a small trust fund from her adoptive grandparents. No, she did not blow it on frivolous things most girls her age would do, but instead used it to travel to the UK and Ireland. There she took tests and applied for Trinity College. She past with 'flying colors' aka, very high test scores! She studied Theology for two semesters. She also, at that time, became acquainted with the musician Julian Cope in Liverpool and moved into his house briefly for musical study, before returning to the US.

Though she continued to relocate frequently in Portland and San Francisco, she kept her studies at the SF State University and SF Art Institute. She also took jobs, again illegally still under 18 years of age, in Japan and Taiwan. But in 1985 she had the forethought to send an audition tape for the role Nancy Spungen in the biopic 'Sid & Nancy' and though she didn't get the part, she caught the attention of director Alex Cox, who wrote a small role for her in the film. Then he offered her a lead in his next film, 'Straight to Hell.'

Courtney, in 1989, taught herself to play the guitar, and moved to Los Angeles. In a little time she put an ad in a local music magazine, "I want to start a band. My influences are 'Big Black, 'Sonic Youth' and Fleetwood Mac. A few replied including Eric Erlandson. Courtney named the Band Hole and bought her neighbor, Lisa Roberts a bass guitar, and the drummer was Caroline Rue.

Their first performance Hole played on November 1989 at Raji's after only three months of rehearsal and started to make singles on an independent label, Long Beach California. After their first single 'Retard Girl' was issued in early 19190, a DJ by the name Bingenheimer said that Courtney would often stalk him at Dennys insisting he should give the single air-time on his station. He did, finally, and Hole started to receive a following, but more so in the UK. Their album was labelled one of the 20 best albums of the year by Spin Magazine.

Courtney was beginning to see the fruits of her hard earned labors, as they say, and everything seemed to be going her way. But then, around this time, 1989 was the first time Kurt and Courtney had ever met. “We bonded over pharmaceuticals," Courtney has said, " I had Vicodin extra strength, which was pills, and he had Hycomine cough syrup." She said "You’re a pussy, you shouldn't drink that syrup because it’s bad for your stomach.” Their union was a financial success, but by most accounts Kurt took Courtney away from herself, and all the drugs certainly didn't help her stay connected.

Looking back, in an article for the Mail OnLine, By CHRIS JOHNSON
UPDATED: 04:07 EST, 6 October 2011 - she says, among other regrets concerning her daughter, "I'd kill Kurt for what he did to us."

Read more:

It seems that her Daughter, Frances, has her Mother's will as well as her own lessons she learned from her parent's up-bringing. How not to run your life and how not to raise your children. Courtney has never regained her custody of her Daughter, which doesn't seem to bother Frances. She's over 18 years of age now anyway, and on her own.

Good for you Frances, shine on Girl! I'm sure you're making your Mother proud, but more importantly make yourself proud.


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