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Love Forecast Review: The Transformation of a Lifelong Friendship into Romance

Updated on May 14, 2015
Love Forecast Movie Poster
Love Forecast Movie Poster

If you're used to seeing Lee Seung Gi in bad boy roles, then Love Forecast (released on January 15, 2015) will be a contrast for you. In this movie, he takes on the character of a nice guy and pulls it off extremely well. I completely fell in love with his character, thinking he was adorable, sweet, AND manly. Yes, he did have his more dominant side despite being the gentleman. Because he was normally so nice and understanding, it made the scene where he finally snapped allowing his anger to show that much better. I felt his frustration at Hyunwoo but at the same time, I couldn't help but find it attractive.

Moon Chae Won, winner of the Top Excellence Award at the 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, took on the lead female role in this romantic comedy. I previously saw her in the melodrama Innocent Man (also known as Nice Guy) and loved it. Kind of ironic that I'm seeing her again with a nice guy (although the lead in Nice Guy was turned into a jerk from being hurt).

Love Forecast, directed by Jin Pyo, presents the plot of a lifelong friendship tranforming into a relationship in a unique, engaging, and cute way. As expected from a romantic comedy, the main characters had funny (and cute) interactions with each other. Both had interesting aspects to their personalities as well, rather than feeling like a stereotype.

Kim Hyun Woo Was Dating a Married Man But Was Still Likeable

Usually, I don't like a character who is cheating or knowingly getting involved with someone who's taken. This time, however, was different; I liked Hyunwoo (the female lead) because of her fun energetic personality. She was bubbly in a non-bubbly way. By that I mean she had a masculine side to her but not to the extent of seeming like the man in the relationship. I was happy to see scenes where Kang Joon Soo (the male lead) showed that he was the man. For example, in one scene where she got wasted and refused to leave after finishing the alcohol, he grabbed the large bottle and chugged the remaining liquor without cringing. I was really impressed because he gets drunk easily and he did look really manly during that scene.

Hyunwoo Was a Better Drinker than Joonsoo

That leads us to the second major reason why I loved Hyunwoo. She was a better drinker than Joonsoo. I thought it was nice to see the gender reversal in that way in which the woman can drink a lot, whereas the man prefers to not get drunk. Neither of them ever threw up from drinking, which is the cherry on top for me. I hate vomit scenes and don't think a person should overdo it like that. For movies and television shows, it ruins an otherwise funny or cute drunk scene.

Kang Joonsoo Character Still
Kang Joonsoo Character Still

Although Joonsoo Was a Good Boyfriend, Girls Consistently Broke Up with Him

Another plot point that I liked about Love Forecast was that Joonsoo was a good boyfriend, but girls consistently broke up with him. In the beginning, I was equally confused by it as he was. I couldn't help but think in my mind that too many girls like being treated badly. In one scene where Hyunwoo gloated about how much of a gentleman the married man she was having an affair with was, I got so angry and wanted to yell at her that the real gentleman was Joonsoo. It's difficult for me to view a cheater as a gentleman.

Toward the end of the movie, I had an idea of why girls always broke up with Joonsoo. I think it's because subconsciously they sensed that he doesn't love them and had another woman in his heart. Throughout the movie, the director did make it clear that Joonsoo developed a crush on Hyunwoo during their childhood and has always wanted the chance to date her. I do think that a person will be able to sense whether or not she is consciously aware that the person she is dating doesn't love her.

Love Forecast Trailer

Amazing Kiss Scene

I was also pleasantly surprised by the steamy kiss scene, in which Hyunwoo got really into it. It's usually disappointing if the girl just stands there (depending on the situation). I won't go over the details of the kiss scene in case you haven't watched the movie yet. It's more fun to be surprised with kisses whether in your own experiences or while watching a movie.

Joonsoo's Dominant Side

I hate it when the nice guy is portrayed as a total pushover with no backbone. In Love Forecast, they showed Joonsoo's assertive side a few times and I absolutely love those moments. When he finally snapped on her for real giving her a piece of his mind and putting his foot down about her taking him for granted, I was cheering for him so much albeit feeling just as frustrated with her as he was.

Joonsoo Took Advice from His Elementary School Students

The sixth reason why Love Forecast stood out to me was because Joonsoo took advice from his elementary school students. Wisdom sometimes comes from children and can be very simple things that we know but have lost sight of somehow. Then, a child reminds us of what we know in one way or another. I was happy to see his class of students give him advice. To them it was a no-brainer but to an adult mind, it was easy to feel confused about how to solve the problem. They helped him tap back into that.

Overcoming the Problem of Being Too Familiar with the One You Love

Joonsoo and Hyunwoo had a lot of cute interactions together and truly were a good match for each other. One of the problems they faced was being close to each other since childhood. I can understand how that can hinder romance. However, it's still really romantic and cute to make your childhood crush your spouse, isn't it? I have a thing for romance that stems back to childhood. My only complaints about the movie are we didn't get to see them enjoy the dating phase of being an official couple and not enough kiss scenes. Overall, Love Forecast was a great romantic comedy that I would recommend watching.

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