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Love That Girl New TV Show Sucks

Updated on January 7, 2011

Love That Girl is Not Lovable At All


Love That Girl new TV show starring Tatyana Ali is not such a good show after all. The show was receiving such hype at first but when it premiered on TV One it was very easy to tell that it would not be around long enough to be a success.

Love That Girl! on TV One

Love That Girl!
Love That Girl!

Even One Beautiful Actress Cant Save the Show

Tatyana Ali is a good actress and has taking on a few acting roles since the TV show The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air ended but I really wish she had passed up on the role in "Love That Girl" because it does absolutely nothing for her career plus some bummers such as this show could very quickly end an acting career no matter how great an actress you are.

Bentley Kyle Evans is the producer behind the "Love That Girl" new TV show and with his past successful work on shows such as Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx you just had a gut feeling that this show would be a direct hit. Very disappointed!


Too Many Stereotypes?

There are also many people who would go so far as to say that Love That Girl shows major signs of stereotyping and I would have to agree. The actors and actresses really need to put in work if this show is going to have the least chance of surviving; the writers need to step their game up as well. The show wouldn’t be entertaining if it were actually titled entertaining.

Love That Girl new TV show has a workable storyline. Tatyana Ali portrays the character Tyana Jones who has made a return home to Southern California in search of a new career and being able to be independent. Upon her return home she gets a place to live and her brother Latrell moves in with her. Tyana also has a best friend that hangs around a lot named Nefertiti. Nefertiti is so opposite of Tyana because her character is written to be some sort of ghetto girl that talks funny, has no class and dresses like an unemployed stripper.

You Decide for Yourself if you Love That Girl


To come to your own conclusion about whether or not the show Love That Girl sucks big time, catch an episode on TV One and I guarantee you will not be able to get halfway through the show before you start channel searching for something more entertaining to watch. Sorry Tatyana Ali but this is not the kind of comeback you should’ve jumped into, you are so much better than this show. Yes we all Love That Girl but unfortunately many viewers out there really hate this show.

Martin Lawrence I really got to hand it to you because you fooled us all, you had us all going with this one and we thought hey Martin Lawrence has got a hand in this project so Love That Girl would work out hopefully next time around will be better.


Love That Girl TV Show Clip, Meet the Cast


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    • profile image

      Ce-Ce 6 years ago

      I must say that I totally agree about the show sucking. You would have thought Martin being the actor/ comedian he is would have came out with something wayyy better then "Love that girl". If you ask me not a single soul in that show can act. Tatyana in fresh prince was cute with her little acting but in "Love that girl" she just seem so out of place. I will be glad when the show is off the air...

    • profile image

      BG 6 years ago

      What everyone else said. I've tried to watch on more than one occasion and I come away feeling the same way...awful. Every single character is a tired sitcom cliche or stereotype. Tyana-the newly single woman getting back on her feet, Latrell-the childish, obnoxious baby brother (except that kind of character is usually about 9 years old, not a grown man), their father-a nerdy black man (God forbid a successful black businessman be portrayed as anything OTHER than a preppy), Imunique-ghetto fabulous, the flamboyantly gay neighbors.

      The writing is awful, and I say this as an amateur writer. Just because Martin's the EP doesn't mean you have to use the same corny insults he was saying to Pam back in 1994 ("Scary J. Blige").

      This show needs some serious retooling, mainly better writing and more 3-dimensional characters. Plots that haven't been done to death since "I Love Lucy" came out, and actors/actresses who can, oh I don't know, ACT.

    • profile image

      sjsosexy 6 years ago

      I think this show sucks in all honesty I thought she was kind of a bland actress on the fresh prince and one could only imagine how she'd do on here own show and as u can see not well. Even her music career was bad but in the end Hollywood saw something I guess.

    • profile image

      Kimberly 6 years ago

      This show is TERRIBLE. It is really sad. I assume Martin Lawrence just allowed the show to use his name, because this is not funny at all. Way too many sterotypes, and I don't understand the purpose of the gay dudes. It is just a really bad show.

    • profile image

      maty 6 years ago

      Im wondering do the writers or actors ever check these review sites because the concensus have all agreed the show is very bad. I know all shows have their critics but this one is truly awful, we do want to support people of color but, I find it painful to watch two minutes of this mess and you do flip by it sometimes hoping the show has been revamped and it is worst. we could have our own reality show discussing how bad this show and the characters are. this has to be a prank! show

    • profile image

      dodgeman 6 years ago

      Thank you for sayin it out loud! Tried it a few times but nope, its poorly written, poorly performed and straight BOOTY! NOT FUNNY AT ALL

    • profile image

      junior 6 years ago

      Martin Lawrence- I respect and love his work but I HATE LOVE THAT GIRL!! Words alone could not express just how garbage this show is, I was actually more entrained with the commercial breaks smfh. Story lines are mentally draining and the characters are so stiff and unnatural trying desperately too hard with their wack ass corny jokes. I guess people will do just about anything for a paycheck.

    • profile image

      Eddie 6 years ago

      I was flippin thru the channels and just saw this show and was amazed how bad it was I actually could'nt stop watching. After watching I had to google "Love That Girl Sucks" and came across pretty much unanimous reviews saying it terrible. I also see that channel just ordered a full season. If this show made it what do they reject? Anything? Maybe I should pitch a show. The characters are so over the top. Martin, please remove your name from this...and the new Big Momma...yawn

    • profile image

      MJ 6 years ago

      This show is horrible. Ali is the only talent on the show. The show needs a new cast. It is not funny at all. Writing sucks!!. Everyone is just standing around the set. You might say "Why dont you just turn the TV". I love TV ONE but they keep showing LOVE THAT GIRL preview all day long. I am on the verge of turning the Tv until Unsung return

    • profile image

      chad 6 years ago

      This show is terrible. I decided to stay up to catch an episode because I missed the first one. I ended up google searching blogs somewhere just to say THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLE!!!!

    • profile image

      courtney 6 years ago

      yeah this show sucks the most worst ever ! this is the best they can come up with .the show is boring and the jokes are dry and lame as hell

    • profile image

      Peacetodee 7 years ago

      Thank you for "calling this show out" Uuugg. The father's secretary is horrible. The one thing Martin Lawrence contributed is that character. She is exactly like the one, Keylolo,from his show. Overacting, no acting, a hot darn mess.

    • profile image

      Sami 7 years ago

      I've been wondering when someone would call this show out as well. If a white person had written/directed/produced this SAME show, we (I'm a black woman) would be protesting it and screaming buffoonery! I feel like what the writers are trying to do is give the SAME lines he/she wrote for Martin and let the brother Latrell use them -- but it just does not work b/c Martin was cool and funny; Latrell is just a straight up cornball. And ImUnique--I won't even get started.

      It's a hot mess, and I think rather than black producers expect black people to just accept and support everything black -- they need to give us some quality stuff to support.

    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Yeah you're right illyphilly i did mix up those two characters but the show wont survive unless there are drastic changes like replacing a few of the characters.

    • profile image

      illyphilly 7 years ago

      I don't think you went overboard. I was wondering when someone was going to call this show out. I think you may be confusing characters, though. Nefertiti is kind of a positive sista, though a really bland personality. It's ImUnique that comes running straight out of a Tyler Perry stage play. I think the guy who plays the brother has potential. I'll still give the show a chance because, well, it's Tatyana Ali.

    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Harvey you think I went overboard? lol

    • Harvey Stelman profile image

      Harvey Stelman 7 years ago from Illinois

      But how do you really feel about it? H