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Love in all forms

Updated on August 4, 2017
 How to show love
How to show love

What do you Love?

Love is limitless it can come in different forms. Which is what makes it limitless because the forms it can come in can be limitless depending on the person. The question is what is love? and what can be loved? These questions can bring about different answers.Most people don’t just love one thing they love multiple things, for example, food, material things, animals, friends, and family. There are many other things that you might love but they most likely fall under the material things that people love. What about the family aspect, like going to a party with your entire family and I mean the family that you don’t see often, isn’t that something to love?

If you ask people what they love, their answers are all going to be limitless and different. There are many different things that people love, what is it that you love and how do you show it? I am going to use myself as an example, I love a number of different things. I love animals, dogs mostly. I love to read and write, I also love listening to music. Those are just a few of the things that I love, there are more and I could go on for hours but I don’t think you want to read all about what I love.

What is it that you love? Why do you love what you love? These are the types of questions I know everyone asks themselves when they say that they love something or even when they say that they love someone. A lot of people don’t think about it because what is there to think about if you love someone or something you just do, there shouldn’t need to be a reason for everything right? Although everyone, wants there to be a reason for everything sometimes there just isn’t. For example, why someone loves reading or books, they might have a reason and it might be because they love being involved in a story in someone else’s world. Some people like that, but others might not think that that is a good reason to love reading. Or some might love something because it relaxes them but someone else might love it for another reason.

Your reason for loving something doesn’t have to be the same as someone else’s because if it the same as someone else’s then what? We wouldn’t be unique. Don’t you love having uniqueness? I sure do, I love having those things that only the people very close to you understand or the things that you just understand about yourself. Here is an example of a few things that I love and why I love them, I love writing and reading, the reason why I love both of these things, is because you can get lost in what you are writing like become a completely different person, or be more open minded and less guarded, with reading you get lost in someone else’s world and forget about your troubles for as long as it takes to read the chapter or the book.

Love can be anything
Love can be anything

What do people Love?

I am a girl so many people might think that I love shopping and spending time with people, but I am more of a homebody I love to spend time by myself as I mentioned before reading and writing. I do love the occasional chick flick or even the occasional movie with people because then I get to get out of my house and see a bit of the outside world. Mostly what I love is being by myself reading and writing though it gives me a sense of peace and I can be myself and I don’t have to answer to anyone but my own set deadlines. This might not be what someone else, loves but everyone is different and we all have to accept that, and when we accept that what everyone loves can be different our lives will be a lot happier and a lot more limitless because we won’t be setting so many limits for ourselves, since we are following in what we love rather than what someone else does. If you love something how do you show that you love it? I know that everyone has their own way of showing that they love something but what is your way of showing that you love something?

The forms of love are limitless because you can love anything even if it is something that you touch. You can still love it, maybe not in the way of kissing said thing but if you use something all the time that would be considered love right? I think so, don't you? The big question with the easiest answer is Why can love be limitless? The reason why love can be limitless is that it is never ending. It is something that will always be there for people and things depending on what it is that you want to love.

Love forms are limitless as I have mentioned but why are they limitless? they are limitless because love can be shown with a limitless number of different things, which is why it is hard for some people to choose things that they love. There is always limitless things that people love because whatever they love relates to them in some way, have you ever realized that because something related to you in some way that was why you loved it unconditionally or limitlessly?

I love a limitless number of things because they bring me joy, for example, my dog or a stuffed animal that I have, my family just to name a few. But love can be found anywhere, for anything in limitless amounts. That is why love can come in many forms because it is so limitless that there could never just be one form of it. Have you ever thought of love as something limitless? What about different forms of love, have you thought of those as something limitless? I have and that is why I have many things that I love and they are not all people and animals.

Learn to Love
Learn to Love

Love and Limitlessness

Why can love be limitless? The reason why love can be limitless is there are many things that people can love in limitless amounts. The question is why do you think that love is limitless?

Can there be different forms of love and can they be limitless and shown in different forms? Let's Discuss

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