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Music: A Groovy Kind Of Love

Updated on September 16, 2012

another note

ever since i got my new computer, i have been listening to internet radio (one or two months now, i can't remember) non stop. when it buffers sometimes in the middle of the night, the sudden silence will wake me up. i listen to a mixture of chill, trance, ambient, new age...but i have even heard depeche mode on there, albiet remixed. to me, it does not matter what they call it it is simply instrumental music with sometimes vocals. mostly it is incredibly beautiful music that sometimes surpasses that and goes beyond incredible to indescribable. it has had a curious effect on me. i dont wish to be without it now. so much so that i have bought me a player and made up some cd's with my favorite music so that whenever i am away from home i can take the music with me. i need the music. the need has inspired me to play again (i havent played since i took piano in school). so i began to consider what instrument i would like to learn. to this end i started studying different instruments and the sounds they make. as i did this i noticed as i listened to the music i could pick those instruments out of the music. this caused me to listen to the music even closer, which had the effect of taking me to a whole new level of music appreciation. i began to consider the skill involved to play each instrument, the creativity in composing the music, the abilities of the players to work together to bring the whole piece into such beautiful harmony. (i do know that sometimes certain pieces are no more than one musician on one synthesizer, but i still appreciate their composing and the music that comes from within them...and sometimes one musician works with three and sometimes four keyboards at once, and i think that is impressive!) and as i considered all these things i slipped into another level of music appreciation. and quite without realizing it, somewhere, i began to find beauty in music that i had not heard it before, and in voices that i had not liked before. now, the only pieces i do not find beauty in is chaotic stuff, where it is all crashes and jangles, that to me sound more like toddlers with pots and pans and wooden spoons and synthesizers...all the toddlers are just slamming and banging...not making music, just loud noise.


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