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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Review

Updated on February 2, 2017
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reviews
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reviews

Reality Show - Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Review

The new Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast members are: Lil Scrappy (Rapper), Stevie J (Known Music Producer), Erica (Lil Scrappy's daughters-mother), Mimi Faust (Stevie J's baby moma/Business Owner), Moma Dee (Lil Scrappy's Mother), Rasheeda (Music Artist), Karlie Redd (Singer), Joseline (Ex-Stripper), Shay (Former member on VH1's Flavor of Love), D-Low (Music Producer/Rasheeda's Husband), K Michelle (Singer), Benzino (Rapper), Waka Flaka Flame (Rapper), Big Deb (Waka mom), Yung Joc, Remi Ma (Rapper/Papoose wife), Papoose (Rapper), Mariah Lynn (Rapper), Diamond Strawberry (Ex-Baseball Player's daughter (Darryl Strawberry), Cisko (Music Producer). Each new season of Love & Hip Hop they add new cast members, and they drop cast members. So far there's Love & Hip Hop New York, Hollywood, and Atlanta.

Love and Hip Hop New York with cast members; Jim Jones (Rapper), Olivia (Singer), Yandy (Music Career Manager), Mendeecees Harris (Yandy husband), Kimbella (Juelz baby moms), Juelz Santana (Rapper), Emily (Fabolous the Rapper - baby moms), Chrissy (Jim Jones Wife), and other cast members.

This reality show has drama, romance, scandal, strong Black women, Hip Hop Artists, and more. Although this reality show has showed its season finale, the viewers are still interested in knowing more about it, and wanting to know what the viewers may think about the show after watching it.

People may learn new things about their own life after watching a reality show. In this article you will read about reviews of some cast members of this show. This reality show "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" was produced by Mona Scott, which also is the producer of the first Love and Hip Hop reality show.

Stevie J Review of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reality Show

Many viewers may see Stevie J as quite a character, besides that he is a successful music producer that has not been in the spot as much. He has worked and is still working with many famous music artists such as Trey Songz, P Diddy, Faith Evans, Notorious B.I.G. and many others. He also used to date the famous Female Rapper "Eve," back in the day when her career began to rise. Stevie J has a daughter with Mimi Faust another cast member of this show, whom he was with for about 15 years. But rumors and facts have shown that Stevie J has been dating and sleeping with many of his female musical artist.

Some of the viewers of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta are thinking "why is it that Stevie J has to sleep with most of his female musical artist?" Stevie J probably should consider sacrificing on taking a break from having sex with his female music artists, and work with more male artists instead. He is putting too much of his time into sleeping with those women, when he can be spending that time with his daughter and/or producing more music.

Some viewers may think that Stevie J is full of himself, he want women to accept his cheating ways while he help give them a career or a child. Stevie J wasn't raised with his mother around when he was growing up, it's sad, but he don't have to take it out on all women. He says slick threats about and to women on the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Drama

This business woman owns her own cleaning company, she also has put up with much of Stevie J's cheating ways on and off the show. Mimi just like most women wants to make their relationship workout with the father of their child. Mimi seems she has been through a lot with her daughter's father - Stevie J, and in the process of Mimi wanting him change for the better it didn't happen. Stevie J seems to have a track record of wanting to keep company with strippers and slutty women. Not sure how he got a classy boss lady such as Mimi Faust, he will realize one day that she was a "keeper" compared to the needy women he sleeps with.

Mimi has changed her views and hopes for wanting to stay and stick around with Stevie J and his mega drama. Many young girls and women are looking at Mimi like "that's right do your thing and move on," (the restraining order and the whole nine looking sophisticated next to a piano, while Stevie J cries inside himself)." Mimi can have any man she wants, but I'm sure Stevie J gave Hip Hop Producers a bad name in her eyes.

Alright, Mimi allowed Nikko to turn her out. She went from people calling her a Maid to now calling her a Porn Star, many women would probably rather be called a Maid then a Porn Star especially if you have children. Mimi Faust didn't want to join Scientology when her mother asked her to, but she signed a contract to be a slave for the Pornography industry. A lot of people respect Mimi for not joining Scientology when her mother was alive, but there is no integrity in being a porn-slave either. Mimi has allow one lust to bring in more lusts, now she's having sex with Joseline and Stevie at the same time. People in the entertainment industry know it's a bad idea to sign contracts that same week, first you would need an attorney, a lawyer, and/or Jesus Christ to help you decide. You become a slave to any contract you sign!

Lil Scrappy Review of Love Hip Hop Atlanta

Lil Scrappy is a famous Rapper, he's collaborated songs with Lil John and other music artists. He has a daughter with Erica, another cast member of the show. Erica has gotten fed up with Lil Scrappy's cheating ways; Erica says he cheated on her before the show and now during the show as well. Lil Scrappy is cheating on Erica with Shay a.k.a Bucky from the show VH1's Flavor of Love with former rapper Flava-Flav.

Lil Scrappy is taking weird advice from his mother Moma-Dee, she is giving him advice that can set him back 2 or more steps. He got out of jail recently and he needs good advice instead of bad advice. But Moma Dee is giving her son the best advice that she know how, because she used to be a pimp and a drug dealer back in the day. That further lets everyone know that Shay (Lil Scrappy's girlfriend) might need to keep her eyes on Momma Dee before she get pimped by Momma Dee.

The reality show fans give Lil Scrappy props for letting Stevie J know that it is not cool to be mouthing off at females he don't, and calling them Bitches and whatnot. In Lil Scrappy's own words he said that "you never know who the woman is friends with while you're calling her a Bitch (something to that affect)."

Benzino Review of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Benzino is a rapper that was dating Karlie Redd on the show. Benzino was giving Stevie J advice on the show about dating and women, but Benzino ended up proposing marriage to a woman (Karlie Redd) that is too friendly with male music producers. Although Karlie Redd has a unique and great sounding music talent of her own, she dates nearly all of her male producers. Some viewers don't believe Karlie Redd was thinking clearing, it doesn't matter who she works with, they are all going to want sex from her, because half of them heard that she gets around with men in the music industry. Maybe she should've let Benzino "Put a Ring on It" when he still had loving feelings for her, now she's just another easy-lay to him.

Many of the viewers and fans of the show believe that she should've stayed with Benzino; at least he's an experienced man in the music industry that can help her out as he rises again as well. And the plus side to that is Benzino wanted to make Karlie Redd his wife, those other guys that she works with will not want to marry her. She will just be another desperate woman in the music studio doing whatever it takes to get that CD out to the world.

This show is entertaining, drama filled, romantic, shocking, weird, and educational in its own little way. Many of the fans of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" seasons 1 and 2 will being sticking around to watch out for more seasons as well.

Season 3 again is ratchetness, Lil Scrappy seems to be emulating Stevie J, viewers don't want copy-cats, we want originals. Lil Scrappy was asked in an interview if he would rather continue as a Famous Rapper or keep doing reality TV. Yes, you guessed it, this known-Rapper said he would rather keep doing reality TV because of the money. Every guy on reality television can't go down in history as a Drama-King (but maybe Stevie J can though).

Watch - Karlie Redd Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Interview

Season 2 Turned-Up "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta"

Kirk Frost is one of the most "turned up" members in season 2 of Love and Hip Hip Atlanta. He was told by Rasheeda his wife that they both are due to have a baby, and he basically told her to get rid of the baby and think about her rapping career. Instead, Kirk decides to spend time with Benzino on vacation with lusty-spirited women, and leaves his wife Rasheeda pregnant and dealing with situations by herself.

Kirk (D-Low Record Producer) didn't stand up to Debra (Record Producer - Waka Flaka's Mom), didn't stand up to Rasheeda's Mom, and really didn't stand up to K-Michelle when she insinuated that he was gay. But Kirk rather display his manhood by committing adultery against his wife Rasheeda, plain and simple "he's a cheater" this is one reason why season 2 is so turned up.

In season 1 Kirk wanted to be known as his producer name "D Low" now no one is mentioning his nickname anymore, I wonder why . . . hummm. What does the name D-Low stands for anyway? Maybe D-Low is just a hood name like C-Low or J-Low.

Kirk is not really supporting his wife in season 2 for some dumb reason, maybe he's hating on all the attention his wife is getting and now he wants attention and cameras following him. Many women-viewers are not liking Kirk anymore and maybe that's the way he wants it, hey this cheating behavior got Stevie J more famous and Lil Scrappy; sad but true. Even Nicki Minaj had something to say to Kirk Frost (D Low) on twitter about what she felt about the situation of his cheating ways; looks like Nicki Minaj is a fan of Love and Hip Hip Atlanta also.

This season gave Kirk too much camera time, most of that camera time should've went to the Boss Lady Traci Steele. I know the viewers this season got to admit that Traci is doing it big, much respect to DJ Traci Steele. But not sure if she gets credit for her dating choices, hmmm. ... that muscle-guy had a criminal past which was exposed after Tracie's baby daddy did a back-ground check on her new guy friend.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cast

  • Teairra Mari
  • Rich Dollaz
  • Soulja Boy
  • Ray J
  • Omarion
  • Hazel-E
  • Fizz
  • Miles Brock aka "Siir Brock"
  • Milan Christopher
  • Yung Berg
  • Willie Taylor
  • Shanda Denyce Taylor
  • Nia Riley
  • Nikki Mudarris
  • Princess Love
  • Brock"Cast Member
  • Moniece "Kali" Slaughter
  • Morgan Hardman
  • Masika Kalysha
  • Max Boyd aka Max Lux
  • Brandi Boyd
  • Apryl Jones
  • Amber Hunter aka "Fabb Abb"
  • Amanda Secor

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Poll

Do you think Stevie J is Bi-Sexual?

See results

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 2016

The producers of this reality show isn't going to be satisfied until all the cast members are bi-sexual, and the men on the show are exposed of their child-support problems. Most of the guys on this reality show are all living the life of Stevie J. The men on the show need to have their own story-line that's not a cutter-cutter or carbon copy of Stevie J's lifestyle. This is why other people don't really show much respect for Blacks because of images like some of these reality shows.

Is there anyone on Love & Hip Hop that we can see as at least a half-decent person?

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