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Lovely Tamil Movie Actress Urvashi

Updated on June 14, 2013

Urvashi is a famous South Indian actress who is ultimately popular in 80s and 90s decade in South Indian region films (Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam). She is actually more famous in funny roles in films in recently and now she is doing some mature roles like mother of lead roles in cinema. She has acted so many numbers of Indian films and she is much famous in South Indian films specially Tamil and Telugu films. Personally I am more admiring her ability to perform funny and comedy seen and she is not only capable of performing some funny roles , She is also have the ability to act according to the role is given. Most of mature actresses like Urvashi are more like to perform in Television serial industry in India the above theory was more common to north and south Indian region.

 However she has the ability to do what ever role she wants to do even it was horror or romantic one. She is an award wining actress and she is also won National Film Awards for her performance. She was married to famous actor Manoj K. Jayan. She has played such diverse roles in her movies and has good performance ability.  Now she is presenting some television talk shows and acting in films too .l hear are some wonderful photo collection of this very beautiful actress Urvashi.



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