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Lucifer malayalam movie coming in 2013 – Mohanlal and Rajesh Pillai coming together

Updated on June 18, 2013

If you are a fan of Rajesh Pillai and Mohnalal, there is good news for you. Both these have joined together to make a malyalam movie named Lucifer. The actress for the movie has yet nor been confirmed. Actaully, Rajesh Pillai is currently busy with the movies Traffic and Gold. The movie traffic is being made in Hindi while the movie gold is in the pre production stage. The traffic movie was already a big super hit from Rajesh Pillai and thus people are eagerly waiting for Lucifer now. The movie is expected to come to theatres in 2013. This post provides detailed information about this upcoming movie, the current situation of Rajesh Pillai and Mohnalal and the expectations from this movie.

Earlier this year the 'Hrudayathil Sookshikkan' failed to achieve good response from the audience. However, with the launch of Traffic, he completely changed the scenario and recorder huge collections all over Kerala. The popularity of this movie gave a lot of recognition to Rajesh Pillai which fetched him a number of ambitious projects as well. Lucifer is one of those projects and is being talked a lot mainly because it has Mohanlal as the actor. At present, Rajesh is involved with the completion of Hindi version of his movie Traffic. It is almost in the final stage and once it is finished he is expected to start finalizing the crew for Lucifer movie too. He is also doing the pre production of the movie currently. The story for the Lucifer will be written by Murali Gopi, who has already impressed the people with the amazing script of the movie 'E Adutha Kalathu'. The movie will be produced by Antony Perumbavoor and it will be produced under the banner of Aashirvad Cinemas. Mohanlal is also currently working for the movie Run Baby Run and it is expected that he may start shooting for the movie Lucifer once the shooting of Run Baby Run is over. Mohanlal has already been continuing his success at the box office with the movies like Cassanova, Grandmaster and Spirit in 2012.

Earlier this year Traffic has already dominated the theaters in Kerala. It recorded a massive collection of 6.5 crores at the box office. Though the initial start of the movie was slow at the box office, it gained a good pace later. The movie also set a new dimension for the young directors and has encouraged them to come up with new ideas. The risk taken by the young director Rajesh Pillai was appreciated by one and all and it was one of the key factors that provided a lot of attention to the movie. It would be interesting to show how the young director utilizes the talent and experience of Mohanlal in the movie Lucifer. In brief we can say that the upcoming movie Lucifer in 2013 will certainly be a mega hit in the career of both Rajesh Pillai and Mohnalal.


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