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Lucille Ball's Soul Still Lives On In Beverly Hills

Updated on December 23, 2016

Lucille Ball, the fiery redhead we have all come to love by watching her on television in the show, "I love Lucy," began her career as a model in 1929. From there, Ms. Ball moved on to Broadway and also played the part of a choir girl. It wasn't until 1951 when Lucille and her husband, Desi Arnaz created the fun loving sitcom," I Love Lucy." This comedy was the most watched sitcom in the United States and by the end of its contract the show received the highest ratings. Sadly, Lucille passed away in April of 1989 from a ruptured aorta. Since her death, there have been reports of haunted happenings occurring at her home, located at 1000 Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, California. The original home was destroyed and replaced with another, but this doesn't seem to matter to Lucille, she has been known to still haunt the current home and property.

It all began when a former friend of Lucy's drove past the home before it was completely destroyed. They had reported that they seen Lucille looking at him from inside the property through a fence. Apparently, Ms. Ball was not happy, as it was stated the look on her face was distraught. Could it be because she was not appreciating what they were doing with her home? She may have been upset due to the fact they were demolishing the place she loved, but there wasn't anything that could have been done about it, as her current husband at the time, Gary Morton had decided to sell the home just a few years after her passing. It was the current owners who decided to tear down the home and rebuild.

The current home owners began to experience strange incidents happening throughout the home. From the occasional bumps and bangs, to loud laughter and music sounds coming from the attic. However; it didn't stop there, the owners had claimed a few of their personal belongings began to disappear in the home. It seems although her former home was destroyed, Lucille doesn't want to leave her property, she seems to be comfortable residing in the attic of the new home. Lucille Ball will forever remain on Roxbury Drive.

In addition to Lucille Ball's home, the studio where the "I Love Lucy" sitcom was filmed is known to be haunted with her soul as well. The overnight caretaker has reportedly heard strange, unknown noises coming from Lucy's dressing room, the occasional smell of flower perfume and certain furniture and other items moved from one location to another.

Tidbits & Facts

  • In 1960, Lucille Ball was awarded with not one, but two stars on the Hollywood walk of fame.
  • Lucy- A-Tribute was opened at Universal Studios Florida in June of 1990. This attraction allows fans to take a walk through of Lucille Ball's life and the accomplishments she has made.
  • In Lucille hometown of Jamestown, NY, fans can visit the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center. This museum houses a comedy club and special artifacts from Lucille Ball's life and career.
  • While working as a model in her early career, Lucille went by the name of Diane Belmont.
  • At the tender age of 15, Lucille attended acting school. Her teacher told her she would never make a career out of acting and told her the best thing to do was to go home.
  • "I Love Lucy " was filmed in California, but the show was depicted from New York.

Lucille Ball and the "I Love Lucy" sitcom will forever live on in the hearts and minds of all her fans. With all the encounters of her spirit on her property and her studio, it seems Lucy is still with us and wants to let her fans know she will forever be the "Queen of Comedy."


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