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Ludo Kressh: Naga Sadow's Rival and Marka Ragnos' Apprentice

Updated on May 2, 2020
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Carreira is a Star Wars enthusiast who loves Star Wars lore, also owning Star Academy, a YouTube dedicated to Star Wars Animated Stories.

Ludo Kressh Origins and How the Rivalry With Naga Sadow Began

Today's story is on Ludo Kressh, one of the ancient Sith Lords and the apprentice to Marka Ragnos, one of the best Sith Blademasters to have ever existed.

Ludo Kressh was a descendant of both Human Dark Jedi and the Pureblood Sith Species.

He became a powerful Sith Lord, rival to another powerful Sith Lord you may know, Naga Sadow.

When the then Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos died, Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh fought for the mantle of the dark lord.

Ludo Kressh led the funeral procession of his Master Marka Ragnos, but Naga Sadow interrupted it, claiming the title of Dark Lord of the Sith was his and his alone.

Kressh wasn’t having it, and he attacked Sadow.

It was Marka Ragnos' ghost who stopped them both.

The Daragon Brothers: Ludo Kressh Fakes His Own Death

So, now the Sith stopped fighting, they started to refocus on the outside world again.

When this happened, they noticed two outsiders were in the middle of the funeral…. The Daragon brothers. Kressh was convinced this was a sign of invasion from the Republic, while Sadow thought these were the key to expand the Empire.

Sadow was anxious to start a war with the republic, and he even staged an attack on the Sith Empire.

Kressh was cautious and wanted to bolster the Empire’s defense.

Kressh wasn’t only strong, he was smart too, and he found out what Sadow was doing, so he attacked his fortress at Khar Delba.

Naga Sadow defeated Kressh, who was pushed to fake his own death by crashing his flagship onto Sadow’s citadel.

The End of Ludo Kressh: The Powerful Sith Lord is Killed

Naga Sadow was crowned the new Dark Lord of the Sith, and he launched the Great Hyperspace War against the Galactic Republic.

In the end, it seems Ludo Kressh was right, as Sadow was defeated and his fleet was severely diminished.

Ludo Kressh took the opportunity to return, and he battled the Dark Lord over Korriban. Their ships fired upon each other and, when Kressh was about to win, Sadow managed to have one of his ships Kamikaze into Kressh’s flagship, killing him in the resulting blast.

Ludo Kressh was a Powerful Sith Lord: Here's Why!

So, why is Ludo Kressh to be considered a powerful Sith Lord?

First of all, he was great at manipulating the Force using his Dark Side affinity for it.

He was also a proficient Sith Alchemist and Sith Sorcerer, even being able to protect Kressh the Younger, his son, with a device of his own design.

He used Battlemind, a rare power, and also amplified his speed, strength, and rage through the use of the Dark Side of the Force.

He didn’t use a lightsaber, but a Sword embued with Force power.

The way Ludo Kressh’s story seems to be a bit lackluster isn’t because he lacked power, as he was one of the strongest Sith, definitely in the Top 25, but due to Naga Sadow also being a powerhouse and the circumstances of his own life.

You can visit his tomb in the Knights of the Old Republic II game, where you can witness his schemes and traps to make the ones entering the tomb fall to the Dark Side.

It’s a good archaeological journey, and one you should definitely take.

Ludo Kressh's Tomb: A Dark Side Tool Used to Corrupt

Something you should also bear in mind is that Ludo Kressh's tomb was also designed to be a tool to convert people to the dark side.

As stated earlier, you can tour it in the KOTOR II PC Game, and discover the illusions it creates about someone's past, present and future with the clear bias of making them turn to the dark side.

Below this paragraph, there's a bonus section in which I include Ludo Kressh's animated story and some more pointers and even a clip of his tomb.

Watch it if you want to learn more.

Thank you for reading.

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Ludo Kressh Animated Story: Star Wars Lore Story


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