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Lullacry "Be My God" the great second album by this Finnish heavy rock band and the last one to have Tanya on vocals

Updated on August 17, 2017
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Picture of Vocalist Tanya Kemppainen


Be My God is one of those albums that you will love if you give it a chance

Finnish hard rockers Lullacry return with another solid release with Be My God. The album is the last one to feature Tanya Kemppainen on vocals before her departure due to musical differences. Tanja Lainio would take over the vocal duties for the band’s next album. The album has 11 songs for just over 43 minutes in length. This is the follow-up album to their debut called Sweet Desire which has been out of print for a long time. This is one of those albums that should and will be in your CD player for a while. If you need any more proof that in fact women can sing very well too make sure to give this album a very good listen. For those of you that enjoyed reading the review of the album by Fairyland, you will really like this one too. The band’s lineup was pretty much consistent throughout their career. Lullacry disbanded in 2014 after more than two decades of playing and touring.

The opening song Embrace Me

From the opening song called Embrace Me you know this album is going to be special. This is probably a cliché but Lullacry just knew how to play heavy, exciting hard rock. The first song talks about a love that is so strong that the woman wants her man to embrace her. She would rather be alive than dead in heaven.

What makes Be My God such a great album?

The album contains the essential elements and style of Lullacry. These include powerful vocals, thunderous, pounding drum beats and really high quality songwriting. The title track is an example of this as Tanya shows that her soft vocals are even nice to listen to. There really isn’t a bad song on this album. The next really great song is the one called Trust. I’m sure everyone can relate to the lyrics on this one. The song describes stages of a not so good relationship as the amount of lies turn to hate and lust where the person that is hurt does not want to deal with the person that hurt and betrayed them. The song has a great rhythm to it and is one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. The drums on this song are really awesome too.

Bonfires of Time show the melodic nature of Tanya’s vocals. It is never too late to put out the fires of deception, hurt, and betrayal and restore the trust in your love for the other person. That is the message in this catchy rock song.

Tanya Kemppainen


The song called Be My God

The main lyrical themes of the album and the greatness of the album

In fact several of the songs on this album deal with depression or dysfunctional and broken relationships. Pain Walk With Me is about someone who is so depressed that they want to end their life. They are in such shock that they can’t believe that their life has turned out like this. But the songs are really good. The song after that is called I Don’t Mind. This one deals with the fact that in a relationship when you give your heart and soul to the person you love only to be hurt and taken advantage of, you are left wondering what to do. You are left wondering whether what you did was good enough or not. This one is a sad song but it is a good one for sure. The last song Firequeen is a great song to end the album. Tanya shows her vocal prowess again as she is able to really make the listener excited with her soft, romantic vocals. There is also a very catchy guitar solo that you would love to play over and over again. Be My God is a fantastic release from a great band and it is highly recommended.

The rating for this album was 80 out of 100 points the first time that it was reviewed. However, the appreciation for this album has seen a steady rise therefore, we will give it a solid 90 out of 100 points. There are no bad songs on Lullacry’s second album and this one is the highlight of Tanya’s career with the band.

Lullacry got even better as a band after this album

Following the release of Be My God, Lullacry would soar to even greater awesomeness as a band with 2003’s Crucify My Heart album. I would say that Lullacry was a much better band than Lacuna Coil is. Lullacry stuck to their roots and wrote music that they enjoyed writing and they did not care about what the trends were. Lacuna Coil got heavier in order to get more popular. The popular bands are not always the best ones. Lullacry clearly are one of my favorite bands from Finland and I love the vocals of both Tanya Kemppainen and Tanja Lainio.

Tanya vs. Tanja

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The great song called Trust

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The great song called Firequeen

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