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Updated on June 14, 2015

The summer blockbuster is back!

This is the ultimate road trip movie. Mad Max is back in glorious fashion and this is the most fun I have had in a long time at the movies during the summer season. Our titled character doesn't say much as he is a man of a few words, and in fact some may argue if he is the main character at all, but nevertheless the story is compelling enough in an action flick to keep things interesting even though you just expect to see some things get blown up. As we begin in the post-apocalyptic world, which a lot of movies are set in these days but Mad Max was one of the first back in 1979 with Mel Gibson, we follow a crazed Max as he is living in a desolate world without water and haunted by past mistakes that has left him out of sorts, bearded and insane, but still has enough grit to survive in such a terrifying place.

He is captured and taken by mutants who are ruled by a grotesque figure known as Immortan Joe that preys on the weak as he hoards a vast supply of crops and fresh water all to himself, occasionally tempting the public with fresh water for only a short amount of time before shutting it off and leaving the crowd to fight among themselves for the precious resource that they have collected. The movie is kicked started when this evil ruler has his most valuable slaved women that he uses as breeders for his children, stolen from him under his very nose by one of his generals named Furiosa as she takes pity on the women and embarks on a journey to take the enslaved wives of Joe to a better land known as the Green Place from where she is and was taken from as a child. During this time an armada is sent after them to retrieve the breeders for more impregnation, Furiosa teams up with Max who escapes his captors and though at first he is reluctant to help them he quickly figures that he needs them as much as they need him in what becomes an exciting chase through a vast desert filled with great choreography, beautiful visuals and terrific sound mixing all blended into a great spectral that almost plays as a tragic opera as even the score is a mixture of Star Wars and Les Miserables providing a haunting soundtrack to go with the films explosiveness and tender moments. The action is also carefully constructed, providing great pace while never treading into Michael Bay territory. (Sorry Michael Bay fans).

I watched the movie clenching my toes from within my shoes and I knew the film had done it's job. It left me a nervous wreck as I prayed for our main characters to escape danger unharmed, and for a brief moment I felt like a kid again at the movies, leaving with a sense of wonder and adrenaline that I diffidently want to experience again. This movie goer will be going back for a second viewing and if that is any good indicator I would say you should go right now to watch it for yourself.


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      3 years ago

      Great write up. Loved it so much I watched it twice in theaters.


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