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Updated on July 9, 2015


Here is the Kurt Cobain Look-a-like doing his Thing!



When did you know that being Kurt Cobain as Matt Bowen was something for you?

Well I never really knew that at all, because I was living my life as myself all those years. It was other people making comments about my appearance that got all this commotion started. There are many similarities I’ve heard about or witnessed between me and Kurt. At first I enjoyed getting compliments from people, then people started to call me Kurt and that started to annoy me, and then the obsessive weirdos came out of the closet and that was scary. I was just trying to make some music and live my life. I thought drama ended in high school. I do admit there is resemblance between us though and I can sing many of his songs like him.

Even though Cobain had all sorts of mental problems and drug addictions what is it about him that fascinates you?

Well in fact, I have a mental condition called Bi-Polar disorder. I treat it with medications, and to my knowledge Kurt also was manic depressive (Bipolar). I also had my fair share of drug addiction. That weed gateway thing is a myth for companies to keep their foothold in things, by the way. I had more addictions to Psychedelics and mainly Opiates. Sadly, Kurt and I were both Heroin uses (I quit after a couple years). What really fascinates me about Kurt is that when I hear his voice or see a picture of him, I see this little kid in a grown-up body that has so much passion and creativity. I guess I just relate to how he felt when he sang or how he felt, you can tell a lot by someone’s eyes and I was reading books in his.

Would you consider being a look alike but not playing any music, just going to meet and greet as Cobain for parties or whatever?

I don’t want to be a meet and greet Kurt look-alike even though I probably could make some cash, I’d feel a void in myself though. I would however love to grow my hair longer again and I suppose that makes me look more like the Kurt. Everyone knows this, and I would also play a set of Nirvana songs. I’ll play with any musician, but my dream would to have Dave, Pat, and Krist all up there jamming with me (maybe even switch between former drummers between songs like Aaron Burckhard, Dan Peters, and Chad Channing).

Is there competition with being Cobain from other guys that look like him and do you ever have a problem doing his music and sounding like him, or is it like a second nature to you?

There’s no competition, we’re all trying to survive and I suggest help each other out in this life. I personally will never bill myself as Kurt Cobain because that is not right in my soul. Maybe “Matt Bowen Kurt Cobain Power Twin” or something ha-ha. Anyway, I hope no one feels threatened by me in that community because I like some of their covers. I’ve never had a problem doing Kurt’s voice. I’ve been asked to mimic it so many times like a parlor trick and everyone present said I nailed it or that it sent chills through their spines. I learned his music relatively fast too but since Nirvana has a punk rock aesthetic it was simpler in nature to pick up (note: About a Girl). So yes, it’s second nature.

Do you believe Cobain is morphing through you, his spiritual essence and if so, when did you realize this?

This is my first spiritual/religious question ever. I believe that spirits do exist and there are certain people, called Indigos that have many supernatural gifts. I believe that it’s entirely possible that Kurt could’ve channeled through me at times. I did recognize his voice at an early age, I have so many similarities to him, and some might think this is fiction but I swear on everything I hold holy and dear that this is true. I was having a bad day one day sitting on my deck having a smoke and talking out loud about my frustrations with people not seeing me for and seeing him instead. So I turned around to pick up my drink and I see Kurt sitting next to me with this huge goofy grin and did like I’m away now motion with his fingers and he disappeared. Since then I’ve seen him again, just less frequently. It’s something I didn’t know if I’d share so please don’t throw stones at me for my spirituality because you will look like the evil ones because that is wrong.

How does this work; do you join other musicians or do it alone, or is it collaboration?

I don’t understand what you mean completely, I’ve performed Nirvana songs with people before and it’s always been a blast to jam. So many people, especially my best friend Derek who passed on, were fun to play Nirvana songs with.

How can you use your status of resembling Cobain to A: doing gigs B. appearing as him C: singing like him/looking like him

For one, I would love to be playing gigs period. Also, I am very open to playing with other musicians so that would be cool to have a band again. I’m ok doing it all on my own though because I can still make a live show work either way. As far as recording with other musicians, making collaborations, I love doing it because you get a twist of one person and the feel of another. I think it’s really fun to collaborate, I did that with my friend Sam Akins from England, Katie Quider, etc. etc. I’ve lost count of how many collaborations I’ve done ha-ha. I’m always game for more though

Do you think you will ever meet Courtney Love and what do you think (if you did) she would think of you?

I believe that if I’m where I would like to be as far as being on the music scene and whatnot, our paths will most likely cross at some point. Not to mention the whole resemblance thing. I would rather meet with Frances instead because she seems nice, more approachable and more like her dad. Good soul.” I’m not sure what Courtney would think of me, I wish her no ill will. I actually made a song that goes like “I want a hug, from Courtney Love”, one I haven’t put out there yet. I don’t want to have drama with anyone so peace Courtney.


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