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MICHAEL JACKSON (Got to Set History Straight)

Updated on February 11, 2010

I don't know what the dance style is called if there is a name for it but it's somewhere between spastic, robotic, and break dancing. In any event, Michael Jackson was extremely good at it but in his adult years, that's all he was good at. Absolutely nothing else!
I'm writing this because I've lived through many eras’s of music and to see this guy called "The King", revered by millions, and paid billions on top of billions, honestly...sickens me! If you want to see a video of "The Real King", go to my web site at www, and click on the Elvis box about half way down.

I have a musical background that started out somewhere in the mid fifties. I've played hundreds of all kinds of gigs mostly as a rhythm guitarist and vocalist. I know what good and decent music is and I know what works for people no matter what the era. At least for people that have a choice. I'm sorry to say, for the last thirty years or so there has been very little choice which is the sole reason why Michael Jackson became as popular as he did. I wonder what would happen if Jackson, Presley, and the Beatles were all to start out their careers today. Oh yeah, and no pyrotechnics, lasers, or other effects allowed, just music and performances. Jackson would become fairly popular to certain small groups that were into that sort of very limited bizarre garbage but that's about as far as he would have gotten with Presley and The Beatles appealing to everyone's musical preferences especially in a decent and respectful manner.

Here are a few thoughts you should consider before you order a 300 dollar color portrait for your living room. I can't personally prove many of these beliefs but 50 years of the same observations over and over and over tends to order up circumstantial conclusions on their own.

(One)...His music was extremely limited to the same spastic and robotic style throughout his adult career as opposed to performers like Presley that did every kind of music known to mankind that appealed to young and old alike.

(Two)...He had a relatively small handful of well done, memorable productions like Thriller but that was far from a solo act and from what I could see, most of the other dancers were just as good as he was.

(Three)...If great music is to be appreciated by the masses, they must be able to participate in it and relate to in one way or another. Singing, dancing, playing along with an instrument, or simply becoming emotionally touched by it. Almost none of Jackson's stuff over his adult years came close to affording any of those pleasures but what were the alternatives? Next to none since the seventies. Disco was about the last bastion of hope good and decent music entertained before it all went down hill dragging our children's culture along with it. From then on (in general) it's all been blasting distorted guitars, foul language, unbelievable violence, and disrespect for everyone and every thing, and let’s not forget our zero talent rappers and other gun wielding pillars of our entertainment community. And you know the worse part? There was no more great music. Gone!
Hell! Rappers even threw out the bands in exchange for some really weird looking dude dressed up in his 300 pound brother’s clothes with a sock hat pulled down over his ears while scratching a needle on what used to be a record.

(Four)...Think about it. Do you recall any of Michael Jackson's performances where he actually smiled at anyone? Nope, none at all that I'm familiar with. Just a "bad-ass" demeanor from beginning to end. I wonder what a child psychologist would have to say about that in respect to ten or fifteen years of that kind of adolescent hero worship.

(Five)...And I don't know where the hell most of you come from but grabbing your crotch and humping the audience is enough to get you blacklisted from any future engagements where I come from. Especially at a Super Bowl halftime show where half the civilized world is watching. Doesn't that by itself tell you anything at all? Or is that an accepted dance move these days? What's next twenty years from now?

(Six)...Was he honest with his millions of fans or did he lead you all astray with lies and one cover up after another. What about all the pedophile charges and innuendos over the years? No I have no proof but there's and old saying: "If it looks like a duck"...What about the 20 million dollar payoffs? At least one that I heard about. That's a lot of bread just to keep some kid quiet. Little boys sleeping with a grown man, wine, suggestive magazines, no obvious sexual alternative for this person at the time.
It turns out since his death that he's been covering up lots of nasty things over the years like his mainstream drug habit. (I know, that doesn't excuse Presley either but we all knew he was addicted. Jackson made one announcement after his hair problem that he was undergoing treatment for pain killers in Europe somewhere. That was all I even heard. It turns out his veins had collapsed, He was shooting up in his neck because there was no place else he could get into a vein. He allegedly shopped for doctors around the world to prescribe drugs in large quantities using false names. I mean come on. This guy was about as mainstream as it gets. I didn't know, did you? I also understand he used people simply to get anything and everything he wanted. If you refused, you were immediately banned from his entourage of friends, business associates, and even family from time to time.

(Seven)...He may have been a concerned, loving father in his eyes but from what I saw over the years, he was a lousy parent. Veils and masks over his kids face and quite often dressed them up like him, a high school band member that lost one of his gloves and never changed his clothes. If those kids grow up even close to normal, I'll be very surprised. The little one, Blanket, (great name for a kid don't you think?) still can't look anyone in the eye. No, Jackson wasn't a good parent no matter what his perception of himself was. Main stream drug addicts don't make good parents no matter what you've been obliged to believe over the years.

(Eight)...I could go on for quite some time but I'm not here to malign some very strange and bizarre black guy that all of a sudden became a white guy with a pointy nose. I simply wish you all to take a closer look at the man behind the spastic music you've learned to call your own over the years. Go back 30 years and listen to some really great, healthy music for a change if you've forgotten what it's like. You'll find a lot of it on my web site at And remember, human beings can easily be molded into believing and/or being absolutely anything their oppressors choose and just about overnight at that. You people had your great music, your respect, and your decency taken away from you over the last thirty years by people like Jackson and their promoters. Even Jackson himself. The Jackson Five was a pretty damn good, respectable group. On his own...well you were there, you tell me.

(Nine)...One more thing...In the event I croak and come back as a judge in a court of law, you damn well better not show up late in my court wearing pajama's, a black mask, and carrying an umbrella. I'll cite your disrespectful butt for contempt and throw you in the hoosegow faster than you could say "moon walk".

Once again, I'm not out to malign the man especially after his demise but It would be nice to know that you blind, music less followers at least considered the truth and thought twice about reinstating great music in your lives. The huge, negative changes in your lives over the last thirty years are largely attributed to your changing musical culture. You are what you eat my friends. You can still trade in your bizarre garbage for great, fun and decent music. All you have to do is know it exists and keep your coins in your pocket until you get what you want and deserve. If you don't, I shudder to think what the next era of bizarre garbage will bring to your children...


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    • Craig Suits profile imageAUTHOR

      Craig Suits 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Very good point about the two genre's. OK, I'll give you that. MJ was the king of modern day pop.

      As far as writing his own music is concerned, I've been a musician all my life and writing melodyless garbage like jackson wrote is a piece of cake compaired to real music with harmony, melody, unique chord structure and storyline. That's not easy. So maybe Presley didn't write much of his music, he was still the greatest all around performer I've known in 70 odd years and there were lots of great performers but none even close to and deversified as Elvis Presley. Lets color him the King Of Kings shall we?

    • intriguewriter profile image


      6 years ago from worldwide

      This is opinion and not fact so really it is up to you what you think. I do not agree with this because at the end of the day Michael Jackson worked very hard to achieve what he achieved. One thing you need to remember is that the person you call the king did not write many of his songs. Most of his songs were written by black song writers and producers who simply sold the songs to his record label. He sang them and thats it really. Michael Jackson actually wrote songs, composed songs, and arranged everything...well most of what he released. He worked very very hard. I had the pleasure of interviewing MJ years ago and he was one of the most hard working artists out there. So can understand you have an opinion but it should not shock you or sicken you that he was called the king of pop. Which means the king of popular music. Elvis was the king of rock and roll because he brought it to the forefront. Two totally different genres of music, so it should not annoy you that he was called the king of pop. To say his dance style is spastic is quite frankly rude. He worked very hard on his dancing and it is a dance style so really I think you need to just focus on Elvis being the king of rock and roll and nothing else. Even though he did not even write his songs like most rock and roll acts those days. MJ can still be credited with most of his songs because he was a songwriter as well as an artist. He wasnt just spoon fed.

    • perfectperception profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      LOL. You have some very strong opinions and I can appreciate your them. However, I guess we just have two different ones regarding Michael. Realistically, most of our opinions are influenced by media hype. None of us know the real person of none of the people you mentioned, only what others say and we are both aware that people can be money hungry. Though it is a fact that Michael was talented enough that he was famous not only in the US but China, Japan, Africa and the Philippines, to name a few, so he had something that a lot of people saw. And, yes I agree that Chuck Berry and Elvis had their own flavor, were influential in their own rights, and what they had was just as contagious but.....talent did not stop at them. Nonetheless, can appreciate your feelings. Guess I wish we judged people more on what we know than what we've heard.*****Peaceful Journeys

    • Craig Suits profile imageAUTHOR

      Craig Suits 

      6 years ago from Florida

      My mind is completely open. I've lived through the different genres of music and witnesed the decency and respect of our young people get dragged into the toilet by people like Jackson and other crotch grabbing sluts. I've also withnessed the decline and fall of young people simply having good clean fantastic fun as a result of great music in the fifties and sixties. that's all gone sadly and so is all the great music. Jacksons so called music wasn't music at all. Most of that crap was simply a demonstration of his so called dancing talents which he was damn good at but hey, Chuck Berry was great at what he did along with Presley. The difference is they did real fantastic music we all could get involved in. Jackson wouldn't have known great music if it bit him on the ass.

      You did a very good job above at stating your point without getting caustic. You sound like a gentle,decent human being. Man you would have love the fifties...

      Tnx for the comeback...

    • perfectperception profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Wow. Such strong opinions about the King of POP. Unfortunately, I cannot agree with a lot of what you said about Michael but understand that he is known as the king of pop, which should not sicken you but open your mind to the fact that there are different kings of different genres of music just like different countries have different kings and/or queens. While Elvis is admittedly a king to some he does not hold a candle to Michael to me but I am still not sickened by him. It is a fact that they were both kings to somebody. Open your mind some and don't be so negative.****Peaceful Journey's

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Make that "Planet". Geeze.....

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hiya Tatjana...

      The guy was damn good at what he did but everything was so limited to that spastic, almost music less style that real music got pushed aside over the years to the point where young people don't even know it exists anymore. That's about as sad as it gets. And your right, MJ was a good looking, decent kid when he was younger but I don't know, maybe it was the drugs, or maybe his old man. Something turned him into a nut case for sure. (if it wasn't his music)...

      Do me a personal favor, go to my site and about halfway down on the right click the Elvis "The Real King" button and watch the first short video. You tell me how anyone could be better looking (except The Dooman of course), how anyone could have a better costume and stage presents. And while your at it, how anyone could possibly write and perform better rock and roll fun music then that. Now compare what you see there with any of Jacksons spastic ramblings and you'll see why I am completely sad over what our yourg people have been forced to endure in the last 30 years. Is there a leaf I can suck on or an exotic herb drink I can consume to make the sadness go away? Remember now, we don't have any bats where I live in Florida...Take care. I'm putting YOU in charge of your side of the planel.

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image


      8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Hehe, Craig, MJ was not black guy who became white guy..he looked like white woman on the end, actually he looked like white (female) doll... Sad. He was so talented, good looking and full of energy when he was young. This energy he had is reason for his extreme popularity.

      Something happened to him on psychological level so he started to destroy himself...

      Great Hub...BTW, you can use green arrow on the Hub boxes to move them up or down while editing the Hub, on that way you can put comments box below the text.


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