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MMLP2 (Marshall Mathers LP 2) Facts

Updated on November 2, 2013
MMLP2 (This is the house Rap god spent most of his childhood in)
MMLP2 (This is the house Rap god spent most of his childhood in)

MMLP2 is the upcoming official studio album by Eminem, set to be released on November 5, 2013 along with Call of Duty: Ghosts. After 13 years, comes the sequel to the greatest album of Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP. The prequel has popular songs like Stan and The Real Slim Shady. Since the prequel was his greatest hit, people are expecting MMLP2 to become a bigger outcome. Though it’s a sequel, the story of all the songs hasn’t been continued and some songs will shock you and show you a loveable side of Eminem. Here are some facts I’ve collected:

- MMLP2 leaked on October 29, but it looks like the Stan’s won’t cheat him. Most of the fans have said that they will wait until the album’s released. The ones who downloaded the leak have also said that they will buy it to support Eminem. Somewhere on Facebook I found this: “Sorry Eminem, I downloaded because I couldn’t wait, but I will buy 3 copies of your album for that.” Well, I’m sorry too, ha ha!

- Eminem has released four singles from the album already. Two of them already have a music video and Eminem is currently working on the video for Rap God, a six-minute-long song from the guy.

- Eminem’s Rap God is fearless! On ‘I’m Back’ song from the Marshall Mathers LP, he had rapped some lines about the Columbine High School massacre and it became so controversial that even the explicit version of the song had those lines censored. But, on Rap God, he clearly says all the lines and then says that he will get away with it all, now that he’s not as popular as he was back then.

- The album has a song featuring Rihanna and it seems that it will be as popular as Love the Way You Lie. It’s ‘The Monster’ and the song is touchy, emotional and most of the people can relate to it.

- MMLP2 also has the longest Eminem song: Bad Guy, which is 7 minutes and 15 seconds long. It actually has two ‘parts’ (they call it beats) and it’s a sequel to Stan, which held the title with 6 minutes and 39 seconds of length. Beautiful is 6 minutes and 32 seconds long. People say rap is easy, but it’s just the opposite. The pop songs have a set of lines repeated twice to thrice, in addition to the chorus. But, these rap songs rarely have repeated lines, except for the hook.

- Only one rapper makes an appearance in the album, other than Eminem. This is quite weird because his previous albums had other guest rappers. It’s Kendrick Lamar and he features in Love Game, another humorous song.

- Rap God is a lyrical monster, with many rhymes. In the last verse, Eminem raps at ‘supersonic’ speed; in 16 seconds he plays with around 100 words (to be precise, it’s 97 words in 15 seconds.) As far as I can recall, Eminem had rapped around 50 words in 10 seconds in the solo version of All She Wrote. Yes, Eminem is a Rap god. Eminem can also be called the fastest rapper. The proof is a freestyle piece, ‘What Color is Soul’.

- On November 1, 2013, Eminem used the official Twitter account of YouTube for about an hour and made some tweets. It’s probably because he is a nominee of YouTube Music Awards. One tweet stated that he practiced all night for the second verse of The Monster, yodeling. I think it wasn’t Eminem actually tweeting but his manager or someone related because Eminem doesn’t know how to use a computer. He has said about this a couple of times before, but you will really believe it after you listen to one of the songs of the album.

- MMLP2 is the longest album so far by Eminem. The total length of the tracks (excluding the deluxe album tracks) is 78 minutes and 13 seconds. If the tracks from the deluxe album are included, the whole album becomes 102 minutes and 21 seconds long.

You will find all the information on many other sites and sources, but I’ve made it easier for the people by putting them all together. I hope you all enjoyed reading it. Also, I encourage the fans and other people to buy the album and support the legend. You might also want to know the list of top ten Eminem songs here. It's a list I've made myself and it may not satisfy others.

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