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MTV Dumps Farrah Abraham

Updated on May 7, 2014
Apparently, who Farrah Abraham "really" is, is a porn star.
Apparently, who Farrah Abraham "really" is, is a porn star. | Source

Rumors of Teen Mom Season 5

Fans were saddened to say goodbye to the original Teen Mom cast in August of 2012, but most had a feeling that MTV would keep up with the girls' lives. Sure enough fans got their wish with specials like Amber Behind Bars in October 2012, Being Maci in August 2013, and Being Farrah, Being Amber, and Being Catelynn airing in February 2014. The ratings for these specials were significant enough for MTV to seriously consider renewing the show for its 5th season.

This is an unusual move on MTV's part, because the previous seasons were all shown in consecutive years. Season 1 began in 2009, Season 2 in 2010, Season 3 in 2011, and Season 4 in 2012. Most fans believed that Teen Mom was truly over, with the exception of an occasional special - many speculated about a Catelynn and Tyler wedding special in July 2013, until the wedding was called off.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are currently trying to conceive a child. Fans would love to be able to see the pregnancy and/or birth in the 5th season of Teen Mom.
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are currently trying to conceive a child. Fans would love to be able to see the pregnancy and/or birth in the 5th season of Teen Mom. | Source

Farrah Abraham Reportedly Will Not Rejoin the Cast

Rumor has it that Maci, Catelynn, and Amber all agree that they do not want to be on the same show as Farrah Abraham. It seems that MTV approached the three girls to begin negotiating for Season 5, and that the network has decided to respect their wishes and not invite Farrah to rejoin the cast.

Farrah has yet to comment directly on the situation, but it's only a matter of time before she turns to websites like Twitter or Sulia to share her side of the story. From what fans have seen, she loves to play the victim. Examples of this include the way she victimized herself in regards to her sex tape and DUI in multiple interviews, including her television interview on Dr. Phil.

Farrah Abraham: Discussing Sex Tape and DUI on Dr. Phil

Catching Up With Amber, Catelynn, and Maci

Despite Farrah Abraham's poor decisions, many fans are still upset about the rumors that she will not be starring in Teen Mom Season 5. Thankfully, we can all still look forward to catching up with the other three mothers, all of which are now in their mid-20s.

Amber Portwood was released from the Rockville Correctional Facility in Indiana in November 2013. She's been staying out of the limelight ever since, with the exception of immediately filming Being Amber upon being released from prison. Her current life is clearly the most private of all four girls, because she does not interact with fans on social media. It would be interesting to find out how her relationship with Gary Shirley has been since Being Amber was filmed. Fans are also curious about the custody situation in regards to their daughter Leah, and if she has stayed clean upon rejoining society.

Catelynn Lowell recently announced that she and her fiance Tyler are planning on having a baby, and that she has been off of her birth control for several months. It would be unsurprising if Season 5 chronicled some of her pregnancy, and if fans finally get to see the longtime couple wed on screen. The two called off the July 2013 wedding after appearing on VH1's Couple's Therapy - Farrah Abraham also appeared on the VH1 series - which has led many fans to question their decision to conceive a child a year later.

Maci Bookout is currently dating a man named Taylor, who fans have yet to see on screen. They live in separate states, but fans would undoubtedly be excited to meet him in the 5th Season. One of the most interesting parts of Being Maci was her living situation with her son Bentley and a few of her friends. Bentley's father Ryan, and many viewers, questioned whether or not it was a good environment for a child. Fans are most likely curious to see if Maci has stayed put, or if she has moved yet again.

Farrah Abraham's Music Video Blowin'

What has been Farrah's biggest mistake (so far?)

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The Bottom Line

Catelynn, Maci, and Amber all agree that they don't want to be associated with Farrah, and they especially don't want their children on a show with her. Her choices in the past few years have been questionable at best and disgusting at worst, and no one can blame MTV for choosing not to invite her to rejoin the cast. Weigh in on the poll to the right to share your opinions regarding which of Farrah's decisions so far has been the worst.


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