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MUSIC REVIEW: You Got Class by Shirley King (Daughter of the Blues)

Updated on February 9, 2017

You got so much, class! Mmm yes, this song does. The second single King has released on REVERBNATION in a tease that is sure to be on her new upcoming CD release. It’s the return of the Blues queen and she is not holding back. The moment the music starts your body can help but start to groove as Kings vocals then hit hard into this soulful jazz R&B ditty that won’t get out of your head, you won’t want it too as Kings music just uplifts your mind and soul taking you to a place where hate and bigotry does not exist.

Now let’s talk about King's vocals. Her soulful power vocals shine in this bluesy R&B tune setting up an image in your mind of being in a little Blues nightclub down in Mississippi where they play till 3 am.

Personally, I love this song. This is now my go-to song now whenever I start feeling down. Mrs. King takes the blues infusing it with R&B and Jazz and a high dose of feel good. This song got me grooving right away even before King started singing. Once her vocals hit I was lost to this tune. Thanks to Mrs. King she is keeping her father’s legacy and the Blues still alive. She is back to share with a new generation to show that the Blues still got class! Sing it, Shirley, now!

LISTEN To You Got Class!

About Shirley King

Shirley King, also known as the Daughter of the Blues, is the eldest daughter of Blues legend B.B. King and the only one of his children to grow up with the King family. She began singing in the church choir at age 9 and met her role model Etta James at 13. She was always in awe of her father and eventually followed him into show business. She often performed onstage with him and they shared a close relationship during her adult years.

After moving to Chicago as a teenager, she began dancing in downtown clubs as the city grew into a mecca for Blues performers. She appeared in several local productions and a movie called The Human Tornado. She became the top dancer in the city and worked with hundreds of singers and musicians.

Shirley began singing professionally in 1990 and became a regular performer at the legendary Kingston Mines club. Two years later she released her first CD “Jump through My Keyhole” on the Japanese GBW label. She has toured extensively in the US and overseas. While she is creating her own act, she often performs at tributes and festivals dedicated to her father. She has become known for her energetic and humorous onstage persona, and her overseas bookings are usually attended by thousands of Blues fans.

She is currently touring, working on a new CD, and getting ready for her book to come out in late 2017.

Want to see Shirley live? Go to for upcoming events and ticket information.


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