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5 Musicians Who Died Whiles Performing on Stage

Updated on April 27, 2016

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim with a guitar
Tiny Tim with a guitar

Musicians who died on stage

The lives of musicians are not all the time as glamorous as you might think it is. Their job is that of entertainers and they are paid to entertain and bring joy to the faces of people, hence they also need to work very hard in order to make sure that their fans have the best of entertainment. Musicians perform on stage in front of thousands of people and they do a lot on the stage in order to make fans happy, when it comes to dancing, singing and even playing of musical instruments musicians use a lot of energy. We would be looking at musicians who died on the stage trying to entertain their fans.

  1. Tiny Tim
    The first musician on our list is a famous American musician called Tiny Tim. He was very talented in his art as a musician and player of ukulele and performed in front of thousands when on stage. Tiny Tim was born in the United States in the year 1932 in the month of April on day 12 in Manhattan, New York City. His song “Tip toe through the Tulips with me” would go down in the memories of his fans as one of his greatest songs. In the year 1996 on day 30 in the month of November, Tiny Tim kicked the bucket after suffering a severe heart attack wiles performing on the stage in Minneapolis (Source; Wikipedia).

    2. Judge Dread
    Another musician on our list of musicians who died on stage is a celebrated musician from England called Judge Dread; he was born in the year 1945 on the 2nd of May. Judge dread is credited for producing many hit songs in reggae and Ska in the 1970’s, of which some of them were banned by BBC due to its high content of sexual slur. Just like Tiny Tim, Judge Dread’s demise occurred whiles performing on the stage in Canterbury in England. He also suffered a fatal heart attack whiles performing on the stage, an event which occurred on the 13th of March 1998 (Source; What Culture).

    3. Lil Hardin Armstrong
    The first female musician on our list is a celebrated female artist named Lil Hardin Armstrong, who is renowned for her songs in jazz music back in the 1920’s. She was born in Tennessee in the United States of America, on the 3rd of February 1898. Lil Hardin died on the stage whiles performing in a concert for the remembrance of her late companion Mr. Armstrong who had passed away a month before. She like Tiny Tim and Judge also suffered from a heart attack whiles performing on the stage. Her sad demise occurred on the 27th of August 1971 in Chicago, United Sates (Source; Wikipedia).

    4. Lesley Harvey belonged to many Scottish bands as he was very familiar with the guitar as he played as he was a guitarist for these bands. But the band of note in which Lesley Harvey belonged to was the Stone the Crows band. He was born in Scotland in the City called Glasgow on the 13th day of the month September 1944. Lesley’s death occurred at the age when he was just 27 years old from being electrocuted on the stage. He was performing on stage in Swansea City in the United Kingdom on the 3rd of May 1972. Lesley died during sound check when he got electrocuted from his microphone after the grounding was not correctly grounded (Source; Wikipedia).

    5. Leonard Warren
    The final musician on our list of musicians who died on the stage is American Opera singer Leonard Warren who was born on the 21st of April 1911 in Bronx, in the City of New York in America. Leonard Warren died in the year 1960 on the 4th of March whiles performing on the stage in a performance with Simon Reneta Telbaldi (Source; Wikipedia).

One thing very common with these famous musicians who died on stage is the fact that majority of them died from heart attack. Out of the five musicians we named on the list those who died on the stage as a result of heart attack include; Tiny Tim, judge Dread and Lil Hardin Armstrong.

The reason for the high rate of death resulting from heart attack can be possibly attributed to the energy these musicians put whiles performing on the stage. So I would suggest to fans to always support their musician stars and celebrities, as they really put in a lot to make sure that their fans are really happy and satisfied as well.

The source for this information is from whatculture and Wikipedia.

Image of Judge Dread before he died

Judge Dread
Judge Dread | Source


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