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Updated on September 24, 2016

He's Baaack

Way back in the day when I was a youngster, there was a show that taught me how to use aluminum foil or bubble gum wrapper if I had a blown fuse. This show taught me the importance of always having a paperclip in your pocket and an out of the box way of thinking. And to my delight MacGyver has returned.

In the 90's MacGyver was a show about the life of a secret agent who never used guns nor cashed any of his paychecks and always had time to lend a helping hand. MacGyver would always look for a scientific solution to a problem no matter what it was and when it felt like all was lost, he found a way out.

New and Old

Now there is a new MacGyver show that aired and I was pumped for it. My wife was out of town so I figured my son and I would chill and eat popcorn and watch it. I knew that this new show would not be the same guy and I figured that the show would be more modernized but within the first minutes of it I said. I wanted to turn the TV off but due to some nostalgia or something I watched it to the end. I felt that while the writers of producers or whoever tried to add a little something to the story it did not feel real to me, it did not leave up the the hype I had made it out to be. I tried to watch it as unbiased as possible and not let the old MacGyver scenes creep in but I couldn't. I watched the entire segment but I feel that sometimes old is better than new and I am pretty sure that this MacGyver will not be able to use a paper clip or anything else to avoid getting the axe.

Did you watch MacGyver in the late 80's and 90's?

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Did you watch the new MacGyver?

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