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George Miller: Mad Max Fury Road Sequel Put on Hold

Updated on January 10, 2016

George Miller's Magnum Opus


Patience can be a virtue

As outlined on a recent article, George Miller will not be focusing on the much anticipated Mad Max: Fury Road sequel as his next project.

The action packed extravaganza, which currently ranks at number 155 on IMDB with an 8.2/10 rating, has recently been nominated for two Golden Globs, after already winning well over 70 awards since being released. It has left just as big an impact as any other release this year (not named Star Wars) and managed to even turn a profit for Warner Bros. at the box office. What am I trying to say? Fury Road did fairly well.

In this day and age, when ever an action film is declared a success (be it with critics or, crucially, audiences) the studios instantly green light a sequel. They are constantly attempting to strike the iron while it is hot and often we end up with rushed projects like the Taken sequels. John Wick 2 is already in production will be released soon, while Marvel keep on releasing one sequel after another, trying to milk as much money out before the superhero genre goes bust.

It is refreshing to see a director like George Miller take a step back and say that NO the sequel will have to wait. Miller suggested that he will be turning his attention to a smaller projects, one that is performance based instead of insane stunt based. Although Miller is known mostly for the Mad Max franchise, he is one of the most versatile directors out there.


In the Age of Marvel Sequels, Variety is a rarity

Taking a quick peek at his filmography, we see stuff like The Witches of Eastwick, Lorenzo's Oil, Babe: Pig in the City and both the Happy Feet films. That is quite a range of genres and audiences that the Australian legend has dipped his toes into over his 30 year career.

Even between The Road Warrior and Mad Max: Thunderdome, Miller worked on smaller projects (including the Twilight Zone movie) while preparing for his big budget blockbuster. This is what he has always done and it results in the Mad Max films being a lot more than just a quick buck for the studio. When he does direct the eventual sequel, it will be because he is ready and dedicated to doing it. Miller will never release a A Good Day to Die Hard type disaster.

Besides, at 70 years of age, his next Mad Max will probably be his last. Therefore, please, take your time, George Miller, and blow us all away again. Until then, we can wait.


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