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Mad about Strictly Come Dancing

Updated on July 24, 2012

My favourite Celeb dancers

Strictly come dancing
Strictly come dancing | Source
Series 4. fourth place
Series 4. fourth place | Source
Series 5 Winner
Series 5 Winner | Source
Series 6 Runner up
Series 6 Runner up | Source
Series 9 Runner up
Series 9 Runner up | Source

Celebs come Dancing

"Its nice to see you.. to see you nice" the famous memorable quote of Bruce Forsyth when strictly come dancing airs on Saturday and Sundays. When i first heard about strictly come dancing it was series one in 2005 i got so in to after the 2nd series. i enjoyed series 4 to 6 as some of my favourite actors and singers took part.I love dancing it is a good way of keeping yourself fit and healthy and it is one my hobbies too. Strictly come dancing is one of my favourite entertainment program on Saturday night as it a entertaining program to watch making you laugh and enjoying the new dances that the couples take on. The fun bit about the program is voting for your favourite couple and keeping them in until the end, sometime it is upsetting when your favourite couple loses out in the semi final or final or they dont make it that far at all.

My favourite couple of series 6 in the united kingdom was Rachel and Vincent by far because she was in to the dancing and also Vincent is such a charmer and i like that about him. He is a professional dancer and is very entertaining and maybe because he is Italian that what make him more popular.They were very popular with the judges getting top marks nearly every week, especially after they performed the rumba since then their marks has been blooming getting the perfect 40 once or twice. Despite getting top marks they were in the bottom two twice but were saved twice. During the heated final they lost out to Tom and Camilla i was very upset as i was rooting for them as i thought they truly deserved it but i enjoyed tom and Camilla's show dance and it has a comedy feel to it. But oh well that the joy of these voting show they want you to go crazy over your favourite couple and fight over it.

My favourite part of the show has to be when all the professional dancers do a show dance on each show; my favourite professional dance has to be the Argentine tango performed by Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone it was very enticing and good to watch, i love the quick flicks and kicks it is a truly romantic dance. My most memorable moment has to be when in 2007 Alesha Dixon won the strictly come dancing series 5, she deserved to win she was very entertaining and her infectious personality and laughter draws you in as well as her dances. Alesha Dixon Cha cha cha was fab-u-lous in the words judge craig revelhorwood,it waqs very good and fast she was like a professional dancing to the tune of Beyonce "crazy in love".

There are many different version in other conutries such as USA called "Dancing With The Stars",india and many other countries. well am looking forward to this years series and many more years to come and well until then all i can say now is "Keep Dancing!!!!"


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