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#MadamSecretary: The disappointment

Updated on October 3, 2014

I have always believed (erroneous possibly) that Hollywood most times use TV shows and movies to show us its real life anticipations and lusts.

All the same, with that mindset, when I first saw the preview for the new CBS drama Series: “Madam Secretary,” I thought to myself, Here we go again. They were right showing us a Black president on 24, with Barack Obama eventually becoming the first American Black president. Now they want to show us a wonderful “Madam Secretary” since Hilary Clinton is a likely 2016 Presidential candidate and without a doubt they would want her in the Oval Office.


I read reviews on shows to watch out for, this fall season, it wasn’t included. Thus, I didn't bother getting to know more about it. And, in my myopic reasoning (I guess), I concluded and even told my wife it was going to be a colossal failure. I felt it was definitely written and been produced around Hilary’s profile. As clique as I thought that is, I wasn't ready for it and I felt may Americans will feel the same way. I concluded their tallies-man like gimmick won’t work this time.

Though I had this mindset towards it, I ironically waited for its premier. May be, to gloat over being right in my conclusion. I, however was hit with disappointment. A huge one that I had to swallow my words. The writers did well to keep my expected intent completely out, by making the Secretary of State character not a dramatized Hilary.


The real life Hillary started off as a lawyer, before becoming the first lady, a Senator and then Secretary of State. But the character in the show (Téa Leoni) was formally a CIA analyst, then a college professor, without no interest for politics before becoming “Madam Secretary”. In this, they got me and they got me real good. As my expectation was that it was going to be an absolute refection of everything about her. Now I wish I ignored my early biases towards the show and read something about it.

In all, I was utterly disappointed positively. Now, I am a #MadamSecretary fan. Kudos to the writers, director(s), producer(s) and casts of the show. I intend to continue watching. And I hope the fineness (my personal take to it though) of this first episode will be marinated through the life of the show.


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