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Guitars Made in America:

Updated on March 28, 2014

Guitars are still made IN America?

It's often said that manufacturing is dead in America. Fortunately, that's not true in the custom electric and acoustic guitar markets! We have many luthiers of high-quality instruments in the United States...independent artists, making guitars with unique designs or graphics. Some makers include all American-made hardware or native woods in construction with a vast selection of finishes and colors to choose.  A few American guitar luthiers are making one-of-a-kind folk art out of guitars, showing our creativity.  It's a wonderful thing to see what native guitar designers and luthiers can do. 

What's even more exciting is that some of the biggest names in the music business buy and play American-made guitars, showing the world that we produce high-quality instruments that are world-class and fun to play.  So if you're looking for a new, custom-designed, beautiful American-made guitar, you've come to the right place. Check out the state by state table at the end of the listing and rock on!

A.C.E. Guitars

 Custom acoustic classic electric guitars made in Dover, New Hampshire.  Contact A.C.E. at or call 603-742-1160.  You can also visit the website.

Aerie Guitars

Guitars lovingly handcrafted by Eben Atwater in Fort Worth, Texas in both acoustic and electric. Base price for an acoustic guitar by Aerie is $1,750 with electric costs not too far beyond this figure, depending on what you need. Contact Eben at .

Alembic Guitars

 Hand-built premium bass as well as electric guitars made in Santa Rosa, California.  Base prices start at $5,500.  Visit the website for a custom quote.

Alien Guitars

 These custom electric guitars are some of the coolest I've ever seen.  Based in Valencia, California, each Alien is a unique creation with unusual graphics and artwork that's sure to please.  To order, contact Alien direct at 661-312-5068.

Allen Guitars and Luthier Supplies

 Randy Allen will create a custom acoustic or resophonic guitar to meet your needs.  Built in Colfax, California, Allen Guitars has a 24 hour fax order line at 530-346-6590 or you can call their 800 number at 1-800-953-3035.  For more information, visit the website.

Rob Allen Guitars

 Rob Allen is a custom electric bass expert located in Gardena, California.  Base guitar prices start at $2,000.  To check out his current models or to ask a question, go to the website.

Andersen Stringed Instruments

 Steve Andersen creates archtop and flattop guitars one at a time in his shop located in Seattle, Washington.  All guitar models can be customized.  You can contact Steve at or call 206-782-8630.  You can also visit the website to view current models available.

Craig Anderson Guitars

 Located in Burlington, Vermont, Craig builds high-quality acoustic guitars.  Prices start at $5,200.  To contact Craig, send a message to or call 802-865-0028.  You can also visit the website to view Craig's work.

Tom Anderson Guitar Works

 Tom Anderson is a well-known luthier who creates custom electrics in his shop located in Newbury Park, California.  Guitars by Tom Anderson have been played by Bob Seger, Brad Whitford of Aerosmith and Carlos Santana.  To purchase a guitar, contact Tom at .  You can also visit the website to see models and view more information.

Andrews Creations

 Located in the wilds of the Alaskan wilderness in Kasilof, luthier Andrew Hanrahan builds custom acoustic and solid body electric guitars out of Alaskan birch, lutz and white spruce woods.  To contact, visit the website and check out Andrew's music!

Andrews Guitars

Aaron Andrews works out of Seattle, Washington creating high-end acoustic guitars by hand. You can contact Aaron at or call 206-295-4821. To view more information, visit the website.

Angella Guitar Company

 Makers of handmade classical and flamenco guitars located in Concord, California, this company bears the name of luthier Randy Angella, who has been making custom guitars since 1975.  To contact Randy, call 925-680-1287 or write  You can also view the website.

Arc Guitar

 Owned and operated by luthier Al Calderone in Winters, California, the company focuses on building quality acoustic guitars in the $1,500 price range.  To order an Arc guitar, call Al at 530-975-1795 or write for a quote.  You can also visit the website for more information.

Archer Guitars

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin isn't just known for its beer.  It's also known for the custom acoustic, electric and bass guitars Archer produces.  Check out the website for more information.

Arpeggio Music, Inc.

 Makers of the Arpeggio Korina guitar designed by Ron Kayfield, this electric guitar manufacturer is based in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.  They also have a one-of-a-kind Star Trek inspired guitar collection for sale!  To get a quote, write Ron at or view the starrific webpage.

Artinger Custom Guitars

Youthful luthier Matthew J. Artinger creates beautiful electric guitars for rockers like Rudy Sarzo and Carl Bell.  Located in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Artinger can create the perfect American-made guitar for you.  To get a quote, call 610-965-0437 or visit the website.

Asher Guitars and Lap Steels

Luthier Bill Asher's reputation is legendary. He works in Venice, California, handcrafting electric and acoustic guitars for some of the biggest names in music including Peter Frampton, Axel Rose, Steven Stills and Don Henley. To order or get a custom quote, call 310-821-2888 or email .

Atomic Custom Guitars

 This radioactive firm based in Peoria, Arizona, creates custom classical and electric guitars built to your specifications.  To get a quote, email or call 623-878-4127.  For more information, check out the website.

Axtra Guitars

 This small luthier is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  They appear to specialize in custom electric guitars which are 100% American-made.  For more information visit the website at .

B & B Resophonic Guitars

Luthier Dan Brooks specializes in resophonic guitars with amazing sound in Albany, Ohio. Base guitar price is $2,500. To order, call 740-591-2415. To see his work or order a free sample CD, including sound clips, go to the website.

B Instruments

 Jeffrey Bruckwicki creates handmade electrics and basses for your playing pleasure.  Located in Walled Lake, Michigan, Jeffrey makes each instrument himself in his shop.  To contact, visit Jeffrey's My Space page.

Babicz Guitars USA

 Custom designed by master luthier Jeff Babicz, Babicz acoustics are known for their extra-long strings and spider-like appearance.  Babicz guitars have been played by rock guitarists Todd Rundgren and Michael Wilton of Queensryche.  To view a Jeff's work in Poughkeepsie, New York, view his comprehensive website.

J. Backlund Design

 Retro and futuristic electric guitars that scream to be noticed made by master luthier Bruce Bennett from the designs of John Backlund.  Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, these artists have sold their guitars to Eagles member and rock legend Joe Walsh.  To order, call 423-643-4999 or write .  You can also visit the website to see these awesome guitars!

The Bacorn Company

 Makers of 100% American archtop, acoustic and electric guitars by luthier Roger Bacorn in his shop located in Nichols, New York.  Each guitar is lovingly handcrafted which is shown on the website. To get a quote, call  607-699-3094 or write .

Bad Alien Designs

Custom guitar manufacturer based in Michigan, creating electric and acoustic guitar designs. Custom guitar prices start at $750. To order your Bad Alien, visit the company's website.

Baden Guitars

 Made in Escondido, California by maker J.T. Baden, Baden Guitars makes custom electric, acoustic and steel guitars.  All guitars are 100% handmade.  To contact, visit the company's Facebook page.

James R. Baker Strung Instruments

 Made in Shoreham, New York, James R. Baker focuses his talents on producing archtop, flattop, bass, romantic and parlor guitars for the fine art and high performance markets.  To get a quote on James' guitars, contact or call 631-821-6935.

Victor Baker Guitars NYC

 Victor Baker is not only a guitarist, but a master luthier, creating breathtaking archtops of rare quality.  Made in Brooklyn, New York, Victor can be contacted at 215-327-1708 or write for a quote.  To view his work, visit the website.

Ballurio Guitars

 You've never seen guitars like these.  Handmade of beautiful native tonal woods in Manassas, Virginia, these electrics are gorgeous. For a quote or to see these cool guitars, view the company website.  

Baranik Guitars

 Acoustic guitars lovingly made by luthier Mike Baranik in Templeton, California.  To view a Baranik guitar, go to the website or contact Mike at .

Baratto Guitars

 Matty Baratto learned guitar-making at the venerable Hoshino, U.S.A. Ibanez Custom Shop.  Since then, he's struck out on his own, making custom electrics and cigar-box guitars in his shop located in Los Angeles, California.  Matty has made instruments for Cypress Hill in the past.  To contact, call 818-761-3370 or write for a quote.

Carl Barney Guitars

 Luthier Carl Barney will handmake your classic or archtop acoustic guitar in his shop located in Southbury, Connecticut.  For a quote, write Carl at or call 203-264-9207. 

Barbarossa Guitars

 This company's website was not fully functional when I checked it, but it appears that they make custom acoustic guitars.  Barbarossa is located in Shoreview, Minnesota by Jim Blilie.  To contact for a quote, call Jim at 651-766-8757 or write for more information.

Barthell Guitars

 Built by master luthier Pete Barthell to your custom specifications, this classic acoustic guitar maker produces all his own guitars in his shop in Washington state.  Every part of your Barthell guitar will be made by Pete except the tuners and strings!  You can only contact Pete through his website.

Bashkin Guitars

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Michael Bashkin is a luthier of high-quality handmade acoustic guitars.  Bashkin guitars display workmanship unlike many others.  To view his work, go to the website or contact Michael at

Bastin Guitar Company

 Although I was unable to find out who makes these aluminum-neck electric guitars in Somerset, Kentucky, their guitars are truly unique in design.  Contact for the company is only available through the company's website

Batson Guitar Company

 Based in Nashville, Tennessee, by luthier brothers Cory and Grant Batson, this acoustic guitar maker has many unique design features which are eyecatching.  Batson guitars have been purchased by guitarists Phil Keaggy and Don Ross.  To view these unusual guitars, view the website or contact Batson at or call 615-649-0033.

Baxendale Guitars

 Owned and operated by luthier Scott Baxendale in Athens, Georgia, Scott has many decades of experience behind him and his work includes both acoustic and electric guitars.  While the company's website appears to be under construction, Scott can be reached at or call 706-546-1116 for more information.

Bazzolo Guitarworks

 Classical acoustic and steel-string guitar maker, luthier Thomas Bazzolo will handcraft your guitar in his shop located in faraway Sullivan, Maine.  To get a quote, call Thomas at 207-422-6274 or write .

Bear Creek Guitars

 Highly specialized luthier creating Hawaiian Koa Weissenborn guitars as well as lap steels, courtesy of Bill Hardin on the isle of Maui.    Each instrument is a work of art.  To view these guitars, go to the website or contact Bill at 808-264-2770 or write .

Beard Guitars

 These resophonic and goldtone guitar luthiers have quite a following in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Master luthier Paul E. Beard makes both square-neck and round-neck guitars to your specifications.  Beard guitars have been played by such legends as Vince Gill and John Fogerty.  View the comprehensive website for more information.

Ken Bebensee Stringed Instruments

 Located in the hills of San Juan, California, Ken will make any stringed instrument, electric or acoustic, to your exact specifications using all the knowledge he has amassed over decades of luthier experience.  Ken's work on basses is especially sought-after.  To view Ken's work, go to the website or contact Ken directly at .

Beck's Guitar Specialty Services

Although the majority of Rich Beck's work focuses on expert guitar repairs, as a master luthier with over thirty years of experience he also builds custom acoustic guitars. Rich's shop is located in Tempe, Arizona.  For a quote or to see his work, view the comprehensive website.

Bedell Guitars

Master Luthier Tom Bedell and his wife Molly have been making quality acoustics for a long time in Spirit Lake, Iowa. One of his talented design staff members, Amanda Dunbar, has bedecked some Bedell guitars with hundreds of crystals for a new girly look. To view Tom and Molly's work, view the website or call 877-264-3356.

Thomas Beltran Guitars

 Santa Monica, California luthier Thomas Beltran focuses on building classical acoustic guitars in the Ramirez tradition of guitar craftsmanship.  To view Thomas' work, view the simple website or write for more information. 

Benavente Guitars

 Chris Benavente is a fairly young luthier from Oregon who builds beautiful electric and bass guitars which range in price from $2,300 to $5,000 or more, depending on your customization requirements.  Chris' guitars are gorgeous, from design to finish and his basses are known for their quality.  To contact, write or call 615-691-0110.  You may also view Chris' work at his company's website.

Benedetto Guitars

 Luthier Robert Benedetto has built quite the reputation for producing some of the best archtop guitars in America.  Robert's shop is located in Savannah, Georgia, and has produced instruments with Fender and Howard Paul without compromising his standards for quality.  To view the work of this accomplished master, view the website

Benedict Guitar Company

 Founded by legendary luthier Roger Benedict in 1974, the company has continued since Roger's death in 1994 under his apprentice, Bill Hager in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Bill makes custom electric, acoustic and bass guitars and has developed a model line based on Roger's famous designs.  Guitar gods who have owned Benedict guitars include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jackson Browne and Jimmy Stafford.  To get your Benedict guitar, view the website or email .

Berck Guitars

 Luthier Dennis Berck doesn't appear to have a website for his work, which is unfortunate, but he is well-known in Eugene, Oregon as a person who knows his business.  To contact Dennis, call 541-686-5007.

Bergeron Aluminum Guitars

 Barry Bergeron makes aluminum electrics that are something to behold.  The clean lines and gorgeous finishes make the Bergeron stand out.  Lovingly made in Norman, Oaklahoma, you can view Bergeron guitars on their website or call 405-694-3059 for more information.

Berkowitz Guitars

 Luthier David D. Berkowitz labors in his shop located in Washington, D.C. to produce the best classical acoustic and bass acoustic guitars in traditional forms.  David has been building guitars for this highly specialized market for over a decade.  To contact David, write or view the comprehensive website.

Mark Berry Guitars

 Luthier Mark Berry specializes in classical and flamenco guitars made in the tradition of Spanish guitarmaking. While he's a relatively new luthier working in his shop located in Sonoma County, California, he has developed quite a following due to his years of experience in wood (he was a furniture craftsman for many years). Base prices begin at $2,800 and rise to $3,600. To view, go to the website or contact Mark directly at

Bertoncini Guitars

 Dave Bertoncini is a highly experienced luthier out of Olympia, Washington.  He builds custom electrics, acoustics, archtops, flattops and John Standefer signature guitars.  Each guitar is handcrafted by Dave in his one-person shop.  To contact, write Dave at or check out the simple website.

Beyond the Trees

 You have never seen such graceful and flowing guitar designs as those coming from the workshop of Fred Carlson.  Fred has pretty much stopped building custom-ordered guitars, much to the disappointment of many to focus his time on making creations he is interested in building.  Guitars made by Fred are very sought-after and rarely come up for sale.  To view this artisan's work, go to the website and prepare to be blown away!

Birdsong Guitars

 Luthier Scott Beckwith has a create the best custom electric short-scale bass guitars imaginable in Wimberley, Texas.  The website for the company is pretty comprehensive and you can call Scott at the workshop anytime at 512-392-4400.

Bischoff Guitars

In the wilds of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, master luthier Gordon "Gordy" Bischoff builds high-quality acoustics and electric acoustics in his shop as he has since the mid 1970s. All guitars are custom-made to your specifications with hand selected tonewoods. To see his work, write .

Blackbird Guitars

Blackbirds are acoustic guitars made of darn near indestructible carbon fibers which are, well, black. Designers Joe Luttwak and Kyle Wolfe began creating these unusual guitars because of an inability to find a good sounding compact travel guitar. Made in San Francisco, California, these guitars are unlike most and are truly unique. To view, go to the website or write .

Dave Blackshear Guitars

Built by luthier Dave Blackshear in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota, these custom electrics and acoustics just scream quality! Dave also makes a guitar shaped like the United States in red, white and blue, so if you're a patriot, this luthier is for you. Check out the website or call Dave at 651-329-6449.

Tom Blackshear Guitars

 The name of master luthier Tom Blackshear is legendary among domestic guitar mavens.  His shop is located in San Antonio, Texas.  Focusing on quality flamenco and classical acoustics, his guitars are highly sought-after.  To see his work, view the website .

Blanchard Guitars

 Luthier Mark Blanchard custom-builds archtops, flattops and nylon string acoustics in his shop located in Los Gatos, California.  Mark is open to anything you request in terms of customization, but as a one man operation your Blanchard will take some time to be created.  To view, go to the website or write Mark at .

Ken Blount Guitars

 Luthier Ken Blount makes pretty acoustic guitars with abalone details you just can't find among many luthiers.  Located in Sebring, Florida, Ken will build you a guitar that reflects your personality.  To see his work, view the website or write Ken at for a quote. 

Blue Lion Dulcimers and Guitars

 Blue Lion makes quality steel string acoustics.  Made in Santa Margarita, California by luthier Robert Baker, Blue Lion instruments have been around since the 1970's.  To view, go to the website or write .

Blue Star Guitars

 Made by luthier Bruce Herron, in Paw Paw, Michigan, these electric, lapsteel and acoustic guitars are made to rock.  Blue Star doesn't appear to have a website, but you can call Bruce at 269-657-7696.

J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars

Master luthier John Bogdanovich is known for building quality classical acoustic guitars. His shop is located in Asheville, North Carolina. To get a quote, write John at .

Bolin Guitars

 Master luthier John Bolin caters to some of the greatest guitar gods that have ever lived, including Keith Richards, Billy F. Gibbons, Steve Miller, Jimmy Page, Bo Diddley and Joe Perry, just to name a few.  John's acoustics and electrics look good and sound better.  Built in his shop located in Boise, Idaho these axes are real cool.  To contact John, write and don't forget to check out the website. Way cool!

Bombshell/Mayes Guitars

 Luthier John Mayes creates some of the cleanest electric and acoustic guitars you've ever laid eyes on.  Classic lines, period colors and beautiful finishing make these guitars special and valued by their owners.  I'm a little unclear if John changed the name of his business from Bombshell to Mayes or if he dropped the Bombshell name altogether as the Bombshell Guitars website is nonfunctional, but he's still located in Norman, Oklahoma.  To contact, go to the Mayes website

Bond Guitars

 Located in Austin, Texas, Mike Bond builds his acoustic and occasional electric guitars out in the open.  A master craftsman, he lovingly creates each guitar by hand built to your specifications.  To view his work, go to the website or email

Boogie Bodies

 If you're inclined to be a do-it-yourself kind of individual, Boogie Bodies makes the parts for your new guitar.  Everything you need to put together your own custom guitar is available.  Made in the U.S.A. from their factory in Newtown, Pennsylvania, you can get a 100% American-made guitar that you create yourself to your standards.  View the catalog and think of the possibilities!

Julius Borges Guitars

 A luthier of custom vintage classical acoustic guitars, Julius' workmanship is clearly evident.  His clients include Emmylou Harris and Buddy Miller.  To get a quote, write or view the website for more information.

Born to Rock Design

With a name like Born to Rock, these high-tech aluminum electric and bass guitars are skeletal in appearance and are definitely a conversation piece. There's a lot of information on the website, including how it works, how to maintain your guitar and what the concept is designed to accomplish for yourself as a player.

JC Boyce Guitars

 Luthier James C. Boyce creates custom acoustics in his shop located in North Falmouth, Massachusetts.  James is a traditionalist and creates each guitar by hand himself.  To view his work or get a quote, write James at .

Breedlove Guitars

 Breedlove makes some truly outstanding acoustic and bass guitars that are highly detailed and just downright beautiful.  Made in Bend, Oregon, they've obviously got a good thing going.  View the stunning website for more information.

Briggs Guitars

 Jack Briggs loves what he's doing...creating gorgeous electrics in Raleigh, North Carolina.  You need to see these axes!  To view, go to the website or write Jack at .

Fletcher Brock Stringed Instruments

 While this luthier is primarily known for making top-quality mandolins, Fletcher Brock also makes archtop and flattop guitars in his shop located in Seattle, Washington.  The great Arlo Guthrie has purchased Brock's work in the past.  For a quote, call 206-547-2168. 

Laurent Brondel

 Brondel's experience included working with venerable master luthier Dana Bourgeois until he struck out on his own.  A French-trained classical luthier, Laurent specializes in creating steel-string acoustics in his shop located in West Paris, Maine.  To view his work, go to the website or write Laurent at for a quote.

Brown's Guitar Factory

 Located in the wilds of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, luthier John Brown creates electric basses that are awe-inspiring, although he does produce the occasional rock guitar.  Check out the bass intro on his website!  For a quote, write John at . 

Brubaker Musical Instruments

Luthier Kevin Brubaker makes some of the most beautiful electric guitars and basses you've ever seen in the state of Maryland. Utilizing the natural beauty of the woods in his work, he creates guitars that look sculpted rather than made.

Bunker Guitars

 Master luthier Dave Bunker has rethought electric and bass guitar building in his work.  He's also the inventor of the Touch guitar...which is really strange-looking if you haven't seen one before.  Dave has built bass guitars for Ibanez, so clearly he knows what he's doing.  Built in the state of Washington, you need to check these out. Go to the website and be inspired!

Burch Guitars

 Josh Burch makes some eye-catching electrics, acoustics and lapsteels in his shop located in Waxhaw, North Carolina.  All of his guitars are one-of-a-kind...there's no production lines for his work.  To view, go to the website or write Josh at .

J. Burda Guitars

Located in Berrien Springs, Michigan, Jan Burda does what he does best: create stringed instruments that are made by a master luthier with over four decades of experience.

Burly Guitars

Luthier Jeff Ayers in Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin makes some of the most beautiful hand-carved electrics you've ever seen with an internal resonance system that enhances the sound of your guitar.  Dewey Bunnell of the band America owns a Burly.  Jeff wants to build your dream guitar.  To view, go the the website or write Jeff at for a quote. 

Burrell Guitars

 Leo L. Burrell is not your average luthier.  A degreed nuclear engineer, Leo invented a 'twisted neck' guitar...a guitar that is ergonomically suited to the player.  Leo's electric and acoustic guitars are unique because of their innovative designs that make the guitar easier to play.  Burrell Guitars is located in Huntington, West Virginia.  Visit the website (with more of his inventions!) and prepare to be wowed.

Buscarino Guitars

 John Buscarino is a legendary master luthier and one of the top artists making archtop jazz guitars.  He also makes premium steel and nylon string acoustics and has an electric model in his lineup.  Made in Franklin, North Carolina, John has sold guitars to some of the biggest names in jazz, including George Benson, Jeff Watson of Nightranger and Steve Stone of Atlanta Rhythm Section.  To see and hear his work, go to the website or write John at  for a quote.

Gregory Byers Classic Guitars

Master luthier Greg Byers has been working in his shop in Willits, California for years now, making great classical  and flamenco acoustic guitars.  Each guitar is made lovingly by his hands and are lattice-braced.  To see his work, visit the website or call Greg at 707-459-4068.

Byrd Musical Instrument Company

 James Byrd's work from the state of Washington is legendary and sought-after by guitarists worldwide.  His innovations, like the balance compensated wing on the Super Avianti model, are appreciated by players in addition to the kicking design of his electric axes. To view, go to the website.

Caldwell Guitars

 Luthier Jimmy Caldwell of Texas makes handcrafted steel string acoutics or vintage reproduction guitars for your enjoyment.  To get a quote, write Jimmy at .

Campbell American Guitars

 Luthier Dean Campbell is proud to be an American and it starts with the name of his company!  Dean has new ideas which are expressed in his electric and bass guitars which have that all-American rock-n-roll feel.  Made in Westwood, Massachusetts, these axes are the ones to grind.  Go the the website or call Dean at 401-335-3101.

Campellone Guitars

 Luthier Mark Campellone has been working at his Greenville, Rhode Island shop for decades producing beautiful classic archtop guitars.  Mark makes each one by hand and prices range from $3,850 to $12,500 for one of his creations.  To view, go the the company website.

Candelas Guitars

 Over three generations of Candelas have become master guitar luthiers in California, making classical, flamenco, acoustic and mariachi guitars for the biggest names in music including Los Lobos, Eric Wilson of Sublime and Grupo Exterminador.  To understand how significant the history of these luthiers are, a Candelas guitar now rests in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington!  To view, go to the massive website or call 323-261-2011 for a quote.  

Carbonaro Guitars

Luthier Robert Carbonaro focuses on making handcrafted archtop and flattop guitars in Santa Barbara, California with his shop cat, Mina.  To view his work, go to the website or call Robert at 805-259-6115 for a quote.

Cardinal Instruments

Cardinal is an ecologically responsible 100% American-made guitar maker, reutilizing or using local tone woods for their electric, bass and lapsteel guitars.  All hardware is custom-made including pickups and the varnishes used for these uniquely-designed guitars is blended by hand.  Clearly, they're doing something right in Austin, Texas.  To view the impressive website, go here.

Gil Carnal Guitars

 Working in his small shop in Soquel, California, Gil Carnal creates handcrafted classical guitars with lattice-bracing as a master luthier.  To view his work, go to the website or contact Gil at for more information.

Chris Carrington Guitars

Luthier Chris Carrington isn't just a luthier, but a performer.  He builds classical and flamenco guitars for musicians with that innate understanding only a performer can understand.  Made in Rockwall, Texas, Chris makes each guitar by hand in his shop.  You can view the website to see his work and hear his playing or contact Chris at for more information.

Carter/Poulsen Guitars

 Master luthiers Willie Carter and Eric Poulsen combined their talents in 2009 In Santa Cruz, California, to create modern and classical guitars that are truly for the professional musician.  Guitarist Lance Konnerth owns a Carter/Poulsen.  To see their work, go to the website or contact the team on Facebook

Alan Carruth, Luthier

 Nestled on a farm in Newport, New Hampshire, is the shop of luthier Alan Carruth, whose been making classical and archtop acoustics for many years.  Alan's clearly a craftsman.  To contact, he requests that you email him.

Chandler Musical Instruments

 Paul and Adrian Chandler have a good thing going in Chico, California.  Makers of premium electric and lapsteel guitars, they've sold their work to legendary guitarists including Joe Bonamassa and Cheap Trick guitarists Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson.  To see their work, go to the website or write for more information.

Chantus Music

 Luthier William King crafts classical and flamenco guitars in his shop located in Austin, Texas.  Judging from the website, William appears to be a low-key guy.  For a quote, email William at

Chapin Guitars

 Luthier Bill Chapin creates ergonomic electrics and basses for those seeking a little comfort in their play time.  The website's a little hard to navigate, but you can see his work throughout.  He works in San Jose, California. 

Char Lutheries

Out in Portland, Oregon (home of some great bands), master luthier Kerry Char custom builds classical, steel string and flamenco guitars to your specifications.  He also has a unique specialty in harp guitar repair.  Check out Kerry's website or write for a quote.

Charis Guitars

Nestled in Bay City, Michigan, Bill Wise works in his shop making top-quality acoustics.  A former engineer, his craft is shown in exacting details and beautiful designs.  Charis guitars have been played by some of the biggest names in guitarist heaven including virtuoso Phil Keaggy!  Check out the website or write for a quote or a tour of his shop!

Chasson Guitars

Luthier Kent Chasson creates classic, parlor and modern acoustics in his shop in Bellingham, Washington.  Kent's been working for 15 years and the quality shows.  To see his work, visit the website or write for more information.

Chellee Guitars

 Whoa!  That's the reaction you'll have when you view master luthier Peter Taylor's work.  Peter makes electrics and basses you'll scream for.  Made in Orange City, Florida, Chellee guitars are made to rock.  To view, go to the website or write for a quote.

Chrysalis Guitar Company

Luthier Tim White in New Boston, New Hampshire has a new idea...make an electric/acoustic guitar with interchangable parts that can be easily disassembled for transportation and reassembled to fit your needs. While most Chrysalis guitars are made of graphite, the company has a wood soundboard to insert into your guitar for a more 'traditional' feel. These guitars look very different because of the grillwork which reminds one of a spider web or a dragonfly wing. The possibilities are endless! For more information or to get a quote, check out the website or write Tim at .

Cimarron Guitars

Luthiers John and Clayton Walsh have been making electric acoustic and acoustic guitars in their shop in Ridgeway, Colorado since 1978. All of their guitars are solid. To view, go to the website or contact John at 970-626-4464.

Cipolato Guitars

Master luthier Tony Cipolato creates classical and flamenco guitars in his shop located in Hollywood, California. His shop is a one-man operation, so production is limited to ten guitars a year. To view his work, go to the website.

Circa Guitars

In South Portland, Maine, luthier John Slobod makes guitars in the classic tradition of guitar craftsmanship. His acoustics are extremely well detailed and constructed with care. To view, go to the website or call 207-233-5625.

Citron Guitars

Luthier Harvey Citron does one thing and he does it right...craft handmade electric, electric acoustic and basses that rock! Located in historic Woodstock, New York, it's clear this guy gets instrument craftsmanship. To view his lush selection, go to the website or contact Harvey at .

Clinesmith Instruments

Luthier Todd Clinesmith is a perfectionist with a client list a mile long for his custom resonator, steel and hawaiian guitars. Made in his shop located in Glide, Oregon, the quality speaks for itself. To view, go to the website or contact Todd at for a quote.

Vinny Colletti Custom Stringed Instruments

With a name like Vinny, luthier Vinny Colletti had to be from New York state. Working in his shop in Oneonta, Vinny focuses on handcarved archtops and rockin basses in acoustic and electric models. He has a Corleone model of his work in honor of his grandfather who came from that world-famous town in Sicily. The website's a little rough and difficult to navigate, but the pics and sound samples are worth the trouble. You can contact Vinny directly at for inquiries.

Collings Guitars

Located in the urban wilds of Austin, Texas, master luthier Bill Collings and his skilled team of luthiers create a wide range of acoustic, electric and archtop guitars. Every instrument is handmade and inspected by Bill for quality during the process. Artists who play Collings guitars include Patrick Matera of the Katy Perry Band, legendary musician Lyle Lovett and emerging group The Greencards. Check out the awesome website for more information!

Michael Collins Custom Guitars

Self-described guitarmaker Michael Collins labors in a converted horse barn to make beautiful classical, flamenco and small steel guitars. Located in Argyle, New York, it's obvious Michael is obsessed with fine details. To view, go to the website or call 518-638-6355.

Comins Guitars

Located in the big city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, luthier Bill Comins creates both traditional and modern archtop, solid body and semi-hollow guitar forms by hand. Bill's details are impeccable and lend a richness to every instrument. To view, go to the website or contact Bill at .

Composite Acoustics

Composite Acoustics sells just what the name implies...acoustic guitars made out of carbon fiber. Based in Layfayette, Louisiana, the company offers a lot of different designs for the travelling performer.

Michael Cone Classical Guitars

Michael Cone channels the native beauty of his current home on the island of Maui to create classical guitars in the Torres tradition. Made of high-quality tonewoods, these guitars are made for the professional musician. Michael has been constructing guitars since 1969, honing his craft to perfection. To view, go to the website.

Conklin Guitars

Luthier Bill Conklin is an inspired maker of solid electric and bass guitars that rock! Located in Springfield, Missouri, Bill knocks out guitars to hot artists such as Nick van Dyk of Redemption, Kelly Conlon and Rob van der Loo of Delain. Check out the uber-cool website or write for more information.

Connor Guitars

Classical guitar luthier Stephan Connor makes guitars in his shop located in Cataumet, Massachusetts for some the biggest professional guitar artists in the world. Among his listed clients are Angel Romero, Zaira Meneses and Eliot Fisk. For a decade, Stephan has created instruments that are highly-desirable because of their tone and power. To view, go to the website or contact Stephan at for a quote.

Darrell Cook Guitars

American luthier Darrell Cook focuses his talents on producing archtop and flattop guitars in Lafayette, Colorado. His website hasn't been updated in about three years, but his work on the site speaks for itself. To view, go to the website or contact Darrell at for more information.

J.S. Cooper, Luthier

Jeremy S. Cooper creates nature-inspired classical guitars that are beautifully finished inside and out. Made in Tucson, Arizona, Jeremy will make your guitar to your exacting specifications. To view, go to the website or write Jeremy at for more information.

Cornerstone Guitars

Luthier Peter Marreiros is a dedicated Christian maker of fine acoustic instruments for the discerning guitarist. The details on these handmade guitars are just incredible. Located in Westminster, California, Peter would be happy to make your dream instrument. To view, go to the website or contact Peter at 714-470-3120.

Emile Cos, Luthier

Emile Cos' skill as a master luthier making fine classical guitars is unquestioned. Made in the traditions of fine Spanish luthiery, each instrument is custom-designed and created for your enjoyment. Emile's shop is located in Santa Rosa, California. To contact, write Emile at for more information.

Covey's Acoustics

Luthier Nehemiah Covey focuses his craft on solid wood acoustic guitars. Based in Fairfield, Washington, his work is exquisite with details. Check out the carving and inlays! You can call Nehemiah at 509-283-2431 for a quote.

Crafters of Tennessee

You will never see finer quality than you will at Crafters of Tennessee. Master luthier Mark Taylor and the group make resophonic guitars, acoustics, electrics and art guitars, all with quality and the customer in mind. Take one look at the website and prepare to be astounded. These are NOT your run-of-the-mill guitar! Located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Taylor can make the instrument of your dreams. You can write him at with questions or to request a quote for the axe you've always wanted.

Creston Electric Instruments

Master luthier Creston Lea has been making his guitars since 2002 to an adoring crowd of electric guitar fans, looking for that something extra. Located in Burlington, Vermont, it's hard to get one made (the waiting list is about six months right now) but he's sold guitars to some of the bigger names in the music business. Check out the website! You can contact Creston there once you've seen what he can do.

Cripple Creek Guitars

Andy Bennett has a simple philosophy: make handcrafted guitars using old-world methods. Made in his shop in Manitou Springs, Colorado, his focus on producing fine acoustics in the American tradition is second to none. For a quote, call Andy at 719-685-9655.

Crook Custom Guitars

Bill Crook began life as a professional sound engineer before turning his talents to custom electric guitars. With clients like Brad Paisley, Bill can make it look and sound any way you want. He's not afraid to produce custom hybrid or basses, if that's more to your taste. Located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Crook's guitars are sought-after pieces of master guitar art. Check out the website with its awesome collection of paisley-finished guitars, then give Bill a call for your free quote 304-281-7372.

P.W. Crump Company

Phil Crump uses traditional methods in his shop located in Arcata, California, to create beautiful acoustic guitars as he has since 1975. The years have strengthened his considerable luthier skills to a point where the guitars he makes are perfection. The inlay work alone is worth checking out. Visit the website and appreciate the quality shown there. You won't be disappointed.

Cudney Guitars

Like many American luthiers, Russ Cudney operates a one-man shop, producing acoustics from recycled woods. Located in Oakley, California, Russ has been steadily making 20-30 guitars per year since the late 70's. You can contact him at for a quote.

William Cumpiano Guitars

Master luthier William Cumpiano has been working in his shop in Northampton, Massachusetts for over three decades, making masterful acoustics and teaching others how to make a guitar. He's a guitar expert. Every classic, steel string and Latin instruments are made entirely by hand. You can call William at 413-586-3730 for a quote after you see his work.

Curran Guitars

Located in Maine, master luthier Buck Curran (who has worked with such luthier notables as Dana Bourgeois) makes steel-string acoustic guitars. His entire focus is quality of sound. Visit the website or write Buck at for a quote.

D'Ambrosio Guitars

Located in Providence, Rhode Island, master luthier Otto D'Ambrosio makes classical and electric guitars that are clean, precise and well-constructed. Otto has a lot of pride in his work and it shows. Check out the website or call Otto at 401-454-8258.

Daily Guitars

Luthier David S. Daily has been making guitars for over thirty years in Sparks, Nevada. David focuses on the art of classical guitarmaking and his work is appreciated by artists of classical guitar. To contact, write David at or call 775-359-6370.

Daisy Rock Guitars

Tish and Nicole Ciravolo found a niche...create fun, lightweight, rockin guitars for all the girls out there who love to make music! Since 2000, they've been to go-to place to get electric, acoustic electric, acoustic and basses that sparkle, shimmer and just plain rock! Nicole also created the design of the signature Daisy, Butterfly and Star-shaped guitars which are hot sellers. Among fans of this brand are rock legends Joan Jett, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Lisa Loeb and even The Cure's own Robert Smith. Check out the fab website and find your cool girlie axe!

Nathan Dale Guitars

Luthier Nathan Dale of Escatawpa, Mississippi, has been making classical acoustics by hand for several years, having honed his craft by being both a guitarist and a luthier. He utilizes Spanish construction methods in the traditional forms, ensuring each one is made with superior workmanship. Every guitar is finished in shellac through the French polishing method. For a quote, write Nathan at

Dart Instruments

David Dart is a master luthier in Navarro, California, that specializes in lapsteels, acoustics and mandolins. His work is pretty amazing and the craftsmanship is just incredible. The attention to detail is wonderful. Check out the website of Dave's masterful work.

Davis Guitar Works

Larry Davis knows his work. Not only does he repair vintage instruments, but he also makes interesting designs based on old guitars from the 50's on up. His electrics, basses and twelve-strings are organic in a way few guitar makers explore. View the website and write Larry about your project

J. Thomas Davis Guitar Maker

J. Thomas Davis began his luthier career in the mid-1970s. Since then, the Columbus, Ohio master has created guitars for such notables as Arlo Guthrie, James Hetfield, and Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. J. Thomas makes both electric and acoustic guitars, with every instrument made entirely by hand. Archtop, Flattop, twelvestring and classical guitars are available. Check out the website to view his work, then call J. Thomas at 614-263-0264.

Owen Davidson Guitars

Making a name for himself since 1981, master luthier Owen Davidson has been working in his Amherst, Massachusetts shop making everything with strings, including ethnic instruments. Owen is an inlay specialist and has a real talent with manipulating abalone shell into pleasing and spectacular inlays that you won't find just anywhere. His website's not complete, but check it out!

DC Guitars

Based in the wilds of Commerce Township, Michigan, this manufacturer of quality 100% U.S. guitars is owned by Dave Coke. Dave crafts your guitar by hand. Every part from pickups to body is MADE IN AMERICA! Prices range from $1,500-$3,000 per custom guitar. To view the website, click here.

Dean Guitars

Luthier Dean Zelinsky is not your ordinary guitar maker. Starting at 18 in Chicago, this suave guitar artist has earned quite the reputation with guitar gods Dave Mustaine, Bret Michaels, Dave Murray, and many, many others. Dean has an impressive collection of electrics, basses, acoustics and even left-handed guitars that are obviously factory produced. I've had the opportunity to see some of his work and it's pretty killer. Check out the massive website and prepare'll be blown away.

Dearstone Mandolin Works

Although luthier Ray Dearstone prides himself on being a mandolin specialist, he also makes high-quality archtop, flattop, acoustic electric and a one-of-a-kind upright electric bass that I've never seen from any other guitar maker. Ray sells mostly to the bluegrass crowd, but if you want a guitar steeped in the tradition of Tennessee mountain instrument making, Ray is your source. View the website or contact Ray at 423-323-3173.

de Lisle Guitars

When most people think of de Lisle, they think of killer amps. A relative newcomer to the guitar and amp markets, de Lisle makes electric guitars that look well made. Based in Zionsville, Indiana, de Lisle is more than happy to customize your axe. To view and order, go to the website.

DeCava Guitars

James R. DeCava is a luthier that makes fine fretted instruments in his shop located in Stratford, Connecticut. DeCava's Jazz Acoustics and classic guitar designs are made with extreme care and craftsmanship. Check out the website or call James at 203-243-4036.

DeGennaro Custom Guitars

Located in the most modern city in Michigan, Grand Rapids, luthier William DeGennaro and his family produce only custom, handmade instruments. William makes acoustics, electrics and basses. He seems to play with both form and crazy inlays that are truly unique. To check it out, go to the website and prepare to be amazed at what this family can do.

Delgado Guitars

Three generations of Delgados have created luthier excellence. Current generation Manuel A. Delgado continues the tradition, making Spanish influenced classical, flamenco, steel string and bass guitars in his shop in Los Angeles, California. Every Delgado is one-of-a-kind, custom made by hand. You can see the beautiful work of Manuel's hand at the website.

Electrical Guitar Company

 Made by master luthier Kevin Burkett, these aluminum electrics are truly amazing.  Kevin's also developed some hybrid wood/aluminum instruments...for those who like wood design without an aluminum appearance.  Made in Pensacola, Florida, Kevin's guitars are works of art.  Go to the website for more information.

Aaron Green Guitars

 Aaron Green is a luthier located in Groton, Massachusetts who specializes in Spanish acoustic guitars.  Prices start at $6,000.  To order, send a message to  or call at 978-448-0006 or 617-458-9870.

Illusion Guitars

 If you love dragons, gargoyles, aliens or cars of the 1950s, luthier Jeff Scott can make your dreams come true!  Made in Fallbrook, California, these smokin hot art electrics are a statement without being played!  To see Jeff's work, go to the website or write for a quote.

Inspire Guitars

I have to say my jaw dropped when I saw the elegant sculpted pickgard on an Inspire electric. Handmade by luthier Mark Tatum somewhere in the United States, his guitars are lush and exciting. Email Mark at for a quote on your new axe.

Inteso Custom Guitars

 It's obvious that luthier Al Inteso loves folk music, so much so that he builds custom acoustic guitars.  He's also built some screaming electrics that you have to see.  Al loves his craft and it shows in the details on his guitars.  To view, go to the website or contact Al at his Mesa, Arizona shop at 480-227-2471.

John S. Kinnard Instruments

For over thirty years, Kinnard's been building guitars, including the Dell'Arte guitar, of which John was the master. John utilizes his master luthier experience to build high-quality classical, jazz, parlor and Selmer-style guitars. Dell'Arte stopped production in America in 2006, but it hasn't stopped Kinnard from producing guitars with his distinctive JSK brand. If you want a well-made guitar from a true luthier craftsman, go to John's website or visit him at his shop in Fallbrook, California.

O.C. Bear Custom Guitars

 Classical acoustic guitars made by luthier Clint Bear in Madison, Indiana.  All O.C. Bear guitars are custom ordered instruments.  To view Clint's work, view the website or call 812-988-1180.

Pacetti Instruments

 Acoustic, bass and resophonic guitars created by Greg Pacetti in Alaska. Many of the guitars he builds are unique designs.  For a quote or to purchase a guitar, contact Greg at or 907-479-3975.

Painter Archtops

 This Rockland, Maine guitar maker focuses on creating laminated archtop jazz guitars.  Tom Painter will custom-build a guitar to your specifications and has many models to choose from.  Base guitar price is $3,500.  For more information, check out his website.

Palen Archtops

 Nelson Palen is known among American luthiers as a man who knows his business.  Palen guitars have been bought by some of the biggest names in jazz.  Based in Beloit, Kansas, Nelson Palen has many models available and can customize any guitar.  To order a Palen guitar, you must submit a $1,000 deposit and contact Palen dealer Guitars n' Jazz Lou Del Rosso.  Guitars n' Jazz is located in New Jersey.  Call 908-403-3426 to order or get more information on available models.

Pantheon Guitars, Inc.

 Manufactured by Dana Bourgeois in an 1840s sawmill located in Lewiston, Maine, this acoustic guitar luthier is well known among country and bluegrass players.  A former PRS and Gibson guitar construction consultant, Dana has built guitars for Ricky Skaggs and Marshall Crenshaw.  To find a dealer or purchase a guitar, go to their website.

Pederson Custom Guitars (Abyss Guitar Company)

 Located in the nation's heartland of Forest City, Iowa, Kevin L. Pederson creates beautiful custom electric, acoustic, archtop or bass guitars just for you if you find his available stock doesn't meet your needs.  Visit the website for more information.

PRS Guitars

 Paul Reed Smith Guitars are made in Stevensville, Maryland of American part.

Rhinehart Guitars

 If you want an art electric guitar that looks like a fish or folk sculpture, this is the place to find it.  Self-taught luthier Billy Rhinehart's studio is located in Athens, Ohio.  These are truly works of art.  View the website for more information and to see these one-of-a-kind guitars!

X Ray Guitar Company

 Most famous for making the 3-D skull guitar played by George Lynch of Dokken, it's obvious this is a metal fan.  Luthier Dan Maier will create your heavy metal dream guitar in his small shop in Clare, Michigan.  To see his work, go to the website or write Dan at for a quote.

Zager Guitars

Denny Zager Jr. is focused on doing one thing and doing it well:  make an easy to play acoustic and electric acoustic guitar.  To do that, he's come up with new designs so that even amateurs can learn to play the guitar with ease.  He also makes child-size custom acoustics in his shop located in the heartland of Lincoln, Nebraska.  To view Denny's work, go to the website.   

Jamon Zeiler Guitars

 In Cincinnati, Ohio luthier Jamon (or Jamonn?) Zeiler has been handcrafting classical and steel-string guitars for decades.  His guitars are all custom ordered and made entirely by his hands in his shop from aged woods.  Consequently, it can take a while to get a Zeiler.  To view his work, visit the website or call Jamon at 812-290-4996.

Zero Guitars

 Zero makes beautiful aluminum semihollow electric and lapsteels that simply scream quality.  Made in Seattle, Washington, luthier Gene Nygaard makes each one by hand according to your specifications.  To see these guitars, go to the simple website or write Gene at

Zo's Guitars

 This custom electric and bass guitar luthier in Alexandria, Virginia builds every guitar by hand in his shop.  The luthier's name?  None other than Bill "Bonzo" White, who has been working for over 30 years making affordable customs that are eye-catching and display all the pride Bonzo brings to his work!  To view Bonzo's work, go to the website or contact him at .

Zon Guitars

 Joe Zon is a bass specialist.  This master luthier in Buffalo, New York, has sold his work to bass guitar god Robert Trujillo of Metallica fame as well as Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls. Want to see his work?  Go to the website and be blown away! 

Zimnicki Guitars

 Made in humble Allen Park, Michigan, master luthier Gary L. Zimnicki crafts archtop, steel string and classical guitars for the professional guitarist.  You can reach Gary for a quote at or call 313-381-2817.

Zion Guitar Technology

 These folks build a mean electric!  Made by master luthiers in Raleigh, North Carolina of American parts, these beautiful guitars have many models and finishes to choose from.  To view, go to the lush website or contact Zion at 919-754-9790.

Zolla Guitars

 Can you holla?  Bill Zolla electric guitars and basses are true works of art and he's the only luthier I've seen making a gun guitar!  To contact Bill in his shop located in beautiful San Diego, California, write or view his work on the website.

Gary Demos Guitars

Gary's a master luthier with two decades of experience in making classical, acoustic and vintage replicas in his shop in Hilliard, Ohio. His vintage work comprises guitars built in the mid-19th to the early 20th centuries. Gary also make electric acoustics that are downright pretty and have an art deco feel to them. To view, go to the website or call Gary directly at 614-565-6378.


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