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Madhavi – Vintage Tamil Actress

Updated on August 15, 2010

Madhavi Is one of very beautiful and romantic cinema actress in South Indian cinema. She is much famous in late 80s decade of South Indian cinema which is combination of Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam cinema. One of the most memorable film of is “Tik Tik Tik” action thriller which acted by Kamal Hasan and Madhavi. She is much popular due to her glamour’s performance and her hot appearance. She has acted so many Tamil films with legendary Tamil actors like RajaniKanth,Kamal Hasan and many more. She is very talented actress in Indian cinema. She is also famous in Hindi cinema and she has glorious popularity during several decades of Indian cinema.

She has started her film carrier in very young age and she acted heroin role at the age of 17.She is one of top class actress in Tamil cinema and she much privilege to perform more films with RajaniKanth, Kamal Hasan which non of other actress able to do. She is one of the most famous glamour icon in Tamil cinema at 70s and 80s decades. I have posted some sensual photograph collection of this wonderful actress and will plan to continue more beautiful pictures and articles of her. Hear are some greatest hit film collection of Madhavi

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    • ramram100 profile image

      ramram100 5 years ago

      very nice aunty... need more pls.