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Madhuri Dixit - The Real Beauty | Madhuri Dixit Pictures , Galleries and Biography

Updated on February 20, 2014

Madhuri Dixit Biography

Madhuri Dixit made a humble beginning with the Rajshris. The film was called Abodh and had the then Tollywood (Calcutta) superstar Tapash Pal cast as her hero.

The film bombed and Madhuri's future in Bollywood did not seem too bright. Filmmaker Subhash Ghai wasn't detracted though. He always said that Madhuri had the potential to be the number one and maintained at that.

Ghai did not give up on the Maharashtrian beauty and re-introduced her in Ram Lakhan. The film succeeded in exposing Madhuri's beauty and people dubbed her as the reincarnation of Madhubala.

The film that cut the ice and established Madhuri in the big league was N Chandra's Tezaab. The film was a huge success and the Saroj Khan-choreographed 'Ek do teen' entered the hallmark of extremely popular dance numbers. The item with a liberal dose of jhatkas not only propelled Madhuri towards stardom, it also established Saroj Khan as a hot dance director.

After Tezaab, producers and directors waited for months to let Madhuri's dates coincide with Saroj's. Meanwhile, Subhash Ghai was still carving out a strategy to present Madhuri as the successor to the then reigning queen Sridevi. Khalnayak fulfilled his dream. Madhuri became the next super girl with 'Choli ke peeche'.

Madhuri still reins but marriage has made changes in her list of priorities. She has cut down on her assignments and spends more time with her medico husband based in Los Angeles.

Self Interview of Madhuri

Name ---------- Madhuri Dikshit

Date of Birth ---- May 15, 196?

Place of Birth ---- Maharashtra, India

Zodiac Sign ------ Taurus

Height ------------- 5'5

Parents ------------ Shankar and Snehlata Dixit

Siblings------------ Older Brother and Two Sisters

Address ----------- Madhuri DixitVijaydeep,

3rd Floor,Iris Park, Juhu, Mumbai 400-049 India

I love --------------- My parents, brother, sisters, nieces and nephews.

I hate ------------- - Cockroaches!

I’m afraid of ----- Cockroaches!

My hero ----------- God !

My passion ------ Acting

I get turned on by ----------- Music- soft and sentimental.

My biggest fear ------------ Of losing people

My greatest necessity ---- Clean bathrooms!

My sex-appeal ----------- You tell me!!

My biggest assets -------- My eyes and smile.

I’m superstitious about ---- Walking under the ladder.

What touches me most ---- My clothes (Ha,Ha!)

I love My strength ----------- My family and friends.

My weakness ----------- Animals (I hate to see anybody hurting them).

My favourite possession --- Memories, and all my fan mail.

My wildest fantasy -------- That I’m tap-dancing with, Gene Kelly.

What tires me most ---------- Interviews!!


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