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Madoka Moriyasu: The Japanese Idol Singer of Hkt48 Who Can Also Play the Piano

Updated on February 17, 2018

A first look at Madoka Moriyasu

Madoka Moriyasu in a magazine photo session dressed in a traditional uniform.
Madoka Moriyasu in a magazine photo session dressed in a traditional uniform. | Source

Profile of Madoka Moriyasu

  • Date of birth is July 26, 1997.
  • Her city of birth is Nagasaki.
  • She is known for being a “cool” type of girl when she is on the stage but other members say that she can get silly when she is backstage.
  • She has her own radio show that runs every Monday through Thursday for 15 minutes per day. Each week, a different member from HKT48 comes on the air as a guest.

How did Madoka Moriyasu get into HKT48?

Madoka joined HKT48 as a research student back in July 2011 when she was just 14 years old. She was then transferred to Team H in March 2012. All of these idol groups have members that are put into teams. Each team has a team captain. Madoka was then transferred to Team K4 following the HKT48 Group Shuffle in January 2014. Madoka has sang on the A-side singles for several songs.

Modoka Moriyasu with Haruka Kodama (on the right side of the photo)

What makes Modoka a unique celebrity in these girl groups?

In her spare time, Madoka enjoys reading. She is skilled at playing the piano and engaging herself in musical performance. She is not the only Japanese idol that knows how to play a musical instrument. Why is this skill important? It is because it makes her a more diverse celebrity and it gives her a chance to be noticed by the fans in the future. Miku Tanabe knows how to play the electric guitar. And Anna Iriyama knows how to play the flute.

Madoka Moriyasu featured in the July 2015 issue of Entame Magazine

All the A-side singles that Madoka has sang on

Suki, Suki Skip!
Melon Juice
74 Okubun No. 1 no Kimi e
Sakura Minna De Tabeta
Saikou ka yo
Hikaeme I Love You!
Kiss wa Matsushikanai no Deshouka?
12 Byou

More interesting information about Madoka

Her future ambition is to be a model. Her forehead is considered to be her most charming point. She enjoys watching the anime Conan. Madoka is also one of the 50 winners of the Young Jump Gravure Competition. In the very first edition of the magazine released on January 9, 2014, Young Jump made the decision to hold a contest between members of AKB48, SKE48, HKT48, and NMB48. Those 50 winners were chosen by a lottery system and four of them could have their own solo page. 197 girls applied for the first Young Jump Competition.

Modoka Moriyasu with the very cute Chihiro Anai

How has Madoka Moriyasu done in the General Elections?

As far as what she has done in the AKB48 General Elections, Madoka was not ranked in the 4th General Election or the 5th one. However, in the 2014 General Election, she was ranked at #25. In the 2015 General Election, her ranking slipped down to #43. But she is still a very beautiful Japanese idol.

Madoka Moriyasu plays Frederic Chopin's Waltz Opus 64 No. 1


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