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Madonna and Lady Gaga

Updated on May 30, 2012

It seems as if Madonna enjoys knocking on Lady Gaga for supposedly copying her look and sound. Let's be honest, there is nothing unique about Madonna. Sure, she had a few hits in the 1980s, but her sound is anything but unique. Also, her look was just a mash-up of punk and new wave that was en vogue in the early to mid 80s.

It is hard not to have been influenced by other singers and sounds if you are a music artist. Instead of complaining about Lady Gaga, Madonna should be grateful that someone who has become so popular has been influenced by her to a certain extent. Granted, it may just be a publicity stunt for Madonna to try and stay in the gossip news because even though she still puts on concerts, she is undoubtedly up there in age and mostly "sings" using playback.

Also, is there a point in saying this band/singer copied that band/singer? If the musics good, and people listen to it, who really cares? You can find similarities between any one given band to some other band. It is really difficult to come up with something that is totally new and unique. Take hip-hop and R&B for instance: those songs and melodies are virtually identical and interchangeable. As long as these songs sell, record companies will continue to put them out. Its the bottom line that matters, not any sort of perceived uniqueness.

Lady Gaga at least writes some of her songs. I would be surprised if Madonna actually wrote anything for herself to the same extent. Styles change and are cyclical. Just like styles and fashions in clothes, hairstyles, facial hair, cars etc come, go, and come back again the same is true for music as well, obviously.

"Star rivalries" are fascinating for gossip readers everywhere, with people taking sides as if something actually mattered concerning these media perpetuated events. In fact, these rivalries may not even really exist and are just a way of staying in the news and current. In fact, it doesn't matter if some has copied someone else or not. What matters is whether people enjoy the songs, buy the albums, and go to the concerts or not.

So, Madonna or Lady Gaga, or other artists out there that sound similar or alike, its just a matter of perception. TV shows all copy off of each other as well: talent shows (American Idol, The Voice), sitcoms, cop shows (CSI New York and Law and Order, what's the difference?), Good Morning America, The Today Show; Jay Leno or Letterman. There is very little that is actually unique out there, so lets just go with it. Even when something truly unique does come up, it oftentimes gets ignored as being too strange, too artsy, too "out there", or something that will not be profitable. Which brings me back to the fact that the profitability of entertainment is what matters, and not how unique they are or could be.


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    • ASchwartz profile image


      6 years ago from Kentucky

      Every new artist draws inspiration from those that came before them. I have to agree with you. If the music is good I listen to it, and don't care too much about what other people say.


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