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Magic Trick: Teleporting Coin

Updated on February 11, 2016

Teleporting Coin

The Illusion

1. A coin is tossed from one hand to the other and vanishes instantly.

2. The coin reappears in the hand it was tossed from and is passed to the other hand.

3. The coin vanishes once more and the hands are shown to be empty.

How It's Done

Step One:

You will need two identical (or nearly identical) coins. Heavier coins are easier to work with. This demonstration uses a Mexican 1,000 pesos piece. The bronze color makes it easy for the audience to see against a variety of backdrops.

One hidden, one exposed.
One hidden, one exposed.

Step Two:

Place one coin in the crease where the ring and little fingers meet the hand. Curl these fingers to hold the coin in place.

Hold the other coin naturally in your fingers. From the audiences point of view, you only appear to be holding one coin.

View from the front.
View from the front.
Use a sleeve that appears tight but is not.
Use a sleeve that appears tight but is not.

Step Three:

Toss the visible coin to your other hand. Once caught, lift your arm up slightly and loosen your fingers, allowing the coin to slide up your sleeve.

(Note: Suit jackets and blazers are easiest to do this with. However, in order to suspend your audiences disbelief, it is good to use a shirt that appears to be tight to your wrists. The sweater worn by the performer is snug to his wrists, but hangs open imperceptibly just enough to perform the maneuver. Try practicing with different sleeves until you find something that works for you.)

Step Four:

Use your thumb to push the concealed coin into view. This has the added effect of taking your audiences focus off the hand where the coin just vanished and lessens the chance they will figure out what just happened.

Reveal the new coin (1).
Reveal the new coin (1).
Reveal the new coin (2).
Reveal the new coin (2).

Step Five:

Repeat step three, preferably with some variation as to how you move the coin from hand to hand. Any change in what you are doing keeps the audience guessing.

(Note: You already have one coin in your sleeve. You want to avoid having the coins "talk" or make noise by bumping into each other. This can be achieved by lowering your arm slightly once the second coin has slid past the opening of your sleeve so that it doesn't move all the way down to where the first coin is. Don't lower too far or the coin will fall back out.)

Now, go back and watch the video again and see if you can spot all the steps. You will note that the magician slows down the second vanish to give you a chance to see it.

Did you catch that the first time? If so, good for you. If not, then keep trying. Magic is all about practice.


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