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Magnificant 7 Review

Updated on October 17, 2016

I was at first skeptical about a Magnificent 7 remake, even though the original was a remake itself of, Seven Samurai. A classic Japanese film released in 1954. I wasn't sure how this movie would appeal to a young crowd who may have not heard of the original, despite the fact that they cast Denzel Washington, and Chris Pratt in lead roles. I also didn't believe a Western would still draw in crowds seeing as we are in a Super Hero movie craze at this point in time, and Westerns are not what's "cool" at moment, but the reviews started to pour in of how much fun this movie was, so I decided to go and see it without having too high of expectations for it.

Denzel teams up once again with, Training Day director, Antione Fuqua who brings a much needed boost to attract people of all ages, and keep them entertained for 2 hours. The movie starts with the small town of Rose Creek being terrorized by a money hungry capitalist who wants their land to mine for gold. Peter Sarsgaard plays the evil, Bartholomew Bouge. He kills a few town folk, and burns down their church to let them know he means business. A woman named, Emma Cullen seeks out the help of Sam Chisom played by Washington, to help them fight off Bartholomew who has rode back to Sacramento, and has threatened to return in 3 weeks to Rose Creek. Sam takes the job, and recruits help. First he starts with a scrappy gambler named, Josh Faraday played by Chris Pratt. Then as the movie progresses they are joined by an outlaw, hunter, and an ex civil war soldier with his associate. They are even accompanied by a young Native American warrior who has agreed to help, as he makes seven. The newly formed gang makes quick work of the hired guns left behind to look after Rose Creek, and they leave one alive to go back to tell Bartholomew what had happened. From there the seven men show the town how to stand up for themselves in an almost comical, Three Amigos sort of way, in which I was waiting for one of the towns folk to yell, "We can sew!" Then the last twenty or so minutes of the movie is the final confrontation as Bartholomew returns with 200 men to take back the town in what becomes a gun fight extravaganza! There are enough explosions, axe throwing, knife slicing, and gun spinning action for everyone to enjoy.

The film was decent in character development. They weren't completely hollow although the action didn't leave enough real time for them to be fully flushed out. The entire film reminded me of the bouncy 90's flicks I used to watch as a kid. Speed, The Mummy, and The Mask of Zorro, all with lovable heroes, cheap laughs, and adventurous thrills to keep things exciting without getting too heavy. Although, some moments in the film did take dark turns with several characters. The movie was exactly what I had expected. The bad guy was just a bad guy. A cardboard cut out representation of Capitalism to make you boo at the screen every time he appeared. The seven are quirky, and have playful banter with one another to make you root for them when excitement starts. It was a classic summer flick that could have came out 20 years ago, and would have fit right in. I found myself chuckling here, and there when it called for it, and I even had a smile on my face through the first 40 minutes as the characters are introduced one by one.

Now by no means will this movie stand the test of time. I think we would remember the original over this one, but it came out in the perfect time for those feeling Super Hero fatigue. We needed something to take us back, and rekindle our childhood. We need to see regular people in extreme situations rather than, Iron Man, Superman, or Batman. I'm glad I saw this movie after-all. I won't buy, I won't rent it, but I' am glad that I saw it. What about you? What are your thoughts if you have seen it. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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