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Mahogany - The Movie

Updated on September 18, 2011

Diana Ross and Billie Dee Williams in Mahogany

It's time to get Diana Ross and Billie Dee Williams back on the big screen to do another movie together. They were a perfect match up in both Mahogany and Lady Sings the Blues. Two all-time classic movies still being watched to this day by the new generation and the old generation. It would be really difficult to remake these two movies and achieve such success, the storyline is timeless and I'm not sure we want to see anyone else in these roles other than Diane and Billie Dee. I can confidently say I'd rather not see anyone else in these roles, not now it's way too soon.

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Mahogany video clips

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      javaindo 5 years ago

      i give appreciated fo this film because i was saw that and it wonderful pelm.. thanks for share

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