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Mai Satoda Beautiful Japanese Singer, Supervisor of Girl Group Country Girls & the Wife of Masahiro Tanaka

Updated on March 30, 2020
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Mai Satoda, Rika Ishikawa, and Hitomi Yoshizawa

Mai Satoda (left) is seen here with Rika Ishikawa (middle) and Hitomi Yoshizawa (right) formerly of the girl group Morning Musume.
Mai Satoda (left) is seen here with Rika Ishikawa (middle) and Hitomi Yoshizawa (right) formerly of the girl group Morning Musume. | Source

Who Is Mai Satoda?

Mai Satoda is a Japanese singer and gravure idol or supermodel. Mai was born on March 29, 1984 in Sapporo, Japan. This article looks at the life and career of this pop singer and supermodel and also talks about the changes to the group Country Musume. Her claim to fame is because she was involved with the Hello! Project label for many years and she is still a member of the sub group Country Musume but acts as the group’s supervisor. What is she doing now you might ask? That is a great question.

Mai Satoda: Career in Brief

Mai Satoda is currently a member of the Hokkaido futsal team called Sapporo Cerbies. Mai auditioned for the famous female pop music group Morning Musume but she did not make it into the group at the time as she failed to make into the group of the last 10 people that qualified. In March 2009, she and other members of the Elder Club decided to graduate or move on from their activities. Mai began her career with Country Musume in 2002. In 2003, she joined the group ROMANS. In 2005, she was part of the sub group Hello! Project Akagumi.

Interesting Facts about Mai Satoda

  • Her favorite colors are black and white.
  • Her favorite flower is the sunflower.
  • Her favorite seasons of the year are spring and autumn or fall.
  • Her favorite foods include white rice, ramen, and nattou. I like white rice myself if it is steamed.
  • Her favorite word is okay.
  • Mai’s most popular nickname is Mai-chan.
  • She is a regular guest on the Japanese TV quiz show called Quiz Hexagon.
  • Her husband is baseball player Masahiro Tanaka. In November 2010, Mai came out publicly and revealed the nature of her relationship with him at the time. They dated before finally getting married in Hawaii in December 2012 just before the Christmas holiday. They had registered their marriage on March 20, 2012.

Mai Satoda with Hitomi Yoshizawa

These two are really having a great time aren't they?
These two are really having a great time aren't they?

Name Change to Country Girls and the Role of Mai Satoda

UPDATE: The last time that I looked into the life and career of Mai Satoda, there has been a significant change in the group Country Musume. Their name has changed to Country Girls. There are members that have withdrawn and graduated from the group and that’s why Satoda was the only member left for a while. After what was described as a strict screening process, there were no new candidates that will be added to the group at the time.

Mai Satoda sings in the group Ongaku Gatas

Mai Satoda's role in the introduction of 2 new members and Country Girls

The group that is known as Country Girls since the start of 2015 has now welcomed 2 new members into the group. These two new members are Musubu Funaki and Nanami Yanagawa. They are both just 13 years of age. They joined the group from Hello Pro Kenshuusei or the level of girls that are training to become full-time members of these idol groups. With groups such as DIVA already out of the music scene, I hope that Country Girls will see a resurgence in activity and become popular. The two members were announced on November 5, 2015 during Country Girls1st Anniversary Event & Revival Festival for Tsugunaga Momoko. This news is not “new” anymore but it is still significant enough. Note: Country Girls is a completely different group from Morning Musume.

Tsugunaga then read a letter written by Mai Satoda, the Country Girls supervisor. In the letter, Satoda stated that the reason behind adding these new girls to the group was to make sure that the group would power up and become recognized worldwide. After the two new members left the stage, Country Girls then sang the song called “Wakkatteiru no ni Gomen ne.” They were said to have done that with energetic passion. Note: as of June 2017 Momoko Tsugunaga has retired from the entertainment industry and now works as a teacher. Satoda is still with the group as the group's supervisor.

Mai Satoda is Pregnant for a Second Time

It was on March 25, 2016, that Satoda’s husband Masahiro Tanaka announced via Twitter that she is pregnant with their second child. Satoda is due to give birth to the child in June 2019. She gave birth to a son in February 2016.

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