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Majority Report: Facebook Wants To Own Your Life...

Updated on June 12, 2014
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Alem is an Entrepreneur and Writer with an A.S. in Digital Film Making.

If It Already Doesn't

If you have already seen my most popular article, The Social Network: Is Facebook Killing Us?; You might already know how I feel about Facebook. Well, after some time spent focusing my attention on the latest current events and attacks on our liberty, guess who pops back up? My arch nemesis.

He's baaaaaaack

If you're not watching the latest movies in your nearest theater you might want to start. Any fears of getting shot up may be overcome by the information you are bound to receive by watching the film and analyzing it.

Now I could go on for days about the connection between Science Fiction and our apparent future, but I'd be here for weeks, months, possibly years, and still I would most likely miss things. So for now I am going to concentrate on the two most important movies at the present time, Minority Report and The Social Network . Think movies are just make believe? Keep reading.

Below are clips from each movie. Please watch them and then proceed to the next section of this informative article.

Is Truth Stranger Than Fiction Or Just Scarier?

Do you think this scene is cool. I mean of course it looks cool, Tom Cruise is in it and there's all kinds of cool special effects, but do you like the idea of being watched? Would you like your every move through out each and every day to be tracked? No I am not talking about the GPS tracking that is already on your cellphone. Oh no. I am talking about the GPS tracking that is on your face or better yet that is your face.

'Facedeals' is a new application, "that can check in people on Facebook and send them offers using facial-recognition cameras." (Salvador Rodriguez, Los Angelos Times). So basically this is how this thing works. You have to first grant Facebook permission to use your face for the recognition part of this process, then they will alert participating merchants to offer you deals. If this is like all other things you put up on Facebook they will most likely own your FACE after you agree. Oh you must have forgot the article that stated that Facebook owns all the pictures, writings, music, and everything else you upload to their site. If so here, you can check it out again;

Facebook: Relax, we won't sell your photos.

If you don't believe me about the 'Facedeals' thing, you can click on this link to read the article yourself;

Facedeals checks you in with facial-recognition cameras.

Or if you want to get the full effect why not watch the creepy ass video below.

Yeah Buddy!

Yay! Now you can be a movie star. Just like the rest of your attention seeking, reality TV hopeful friends. With one click on your Facebook account you too can have the paparazzi (Facedeals) snapping photos of you, and every bar will be your own personal episode of Cheers! Everyone will know you name! And everything else about you ya idiot. You might as well walk around with your social security number on your forehead.

Look, whenever I try to tell someone about the invasion of privacy they are allowing into their lives by being a part of Facebook, their answers usually revolve around the fact that they need it in order to keep in touch with people. Okay sure. That's why you put up new photos of yourself standing in front of a mirror in a new outfit everyday awaiting 'likes' and comments on them. But what will be the reasoning behind this. The discounts? Really? You can't just send the discount to my phone or something? No no you need the eye in the sky peeping through the window to my soul. The better to see you with my pretty? I think Mark Zuckerberg ( the creator of Facebook) was right when he called all of his sites users, "dumb fucks".

Facebook CEO Admits To Calling Users ‘Dumb Fucks’

If reading that last article didn't make you mad enough, check out this scene from the movie The Social Network. I don't know the guy personally, but from what I have seen on his profile (proven research and words from his mouth), I would not want to 'friend request' him...EVER.

Do you think your privacy is safe?

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