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Make It Or Break It -- Payson Betrays Lauren

Updated on April 26, 2012

The Mole Is Revealed

Stage mother from hell, Sheila, is back, this week, and she's even more repulsive than she was, last week. She suggests to Jordan since she's black and Coach is black the only reason she's there is because Coach is her daddy. Then she tries to play with Kailey's head because of her eating disorder. She also gives Wendy a contract, but that's a whole other kettle of fish.

Regina Turner has arrived to judge the girls and decide which are Olympic team material and which aren't. As a result, Coach gives all the girls a 7 pm curfew. When Lauren snarks at Jordan, Coach gives schedules her and Payson to perform the first day.

Lauren thinks when Jordan says she's not there to make friends that she's admitting to being the mole. I thought Jordan was too obvious a choice. At it turns out the mole is Sweet Little Wendy who isn't sweet, at all. She's actually been beating Sheila at her own game. She's been feeding Sheila info to leak to Coach so she won't get any blame for it and when it comes out, Wendy plays victim and everyone thinks Sheila was just using her. However, when Wendy is alone w/Sheila she reveals she was using her to sabotage her competition but if Sheila tries to tells anyone what she did, they won't believe her.

Payson is obsessed with Lauren's health. Lauren says if Payson wants to avoid Lauren being stressed then to get off her back. She'll go get a physical exam once she's sure she's made the Olympic team. So Payson changes the subject to Lauren helping her sneak out to see Rigo. She does, unfortunately, Jordan and Wendy are in the hall, and Payson gets caught by Coach sneaking back in.

Payson tells Rigo about Lauren's health problems and the fact she broke the trust with her boyfriend who could easily rat out Lauren is a bad sign for Lauren. Once you break a confidence it becomes easier to break it, again. Payson wants Rigo to support her desire to tell Coach about Lauren's condition, but he doesn't. He thinks like an athlete who has worked their entire life to get where he is and says she should respect Lauren's choice and not say anything. This causes them to have a big fight, since Payson was looking for someone to tell her she was right to do what she was planning to do and she didn't get it from Rigo.

Payson finally does what she wants to do at the first day of elimination trials. She believes when Lauren starts rubbing her hands together, it's because she starts losing feeling in her hands and it signals the onset of another fainting spell. She imagines not saying anything and Lauren does her routine a hits her head on the balance beam. So before Lauren can do her routine Payson puts a stop to it and tells Coach the truth about Lauren's heart condition.

Lauren is cut and sent to the hospital where she's hooked up to heart monitors. When Payson comes to visit her, Lauren throws her out of her room, accusing Payson of doing this to her because she knew she was a better athlete than she is.

KP also gets cut when she gives a lackluster performance. She decides the time has come to quit the sport since she's gone as far as she can go. She also quits her mother, not being able to take any more of her stage mother antics. She's going to go and stay with her father and his new wife.

Jordan has her own problems. She refuses to do her specialty move when Regina Turner demands she do it, to the point of walking out of the competition. There's obviously some big story behind why she won't do it. Jordan figures she'll be cut for not doing it, but Coach tells her she's made the team.

Payson and Rigo make up over their disagreement. And with Lauren and KP gone, it looks like Payson and Kailey will be hooking back up as BFFs again.

I didn't know this was the last season for this show. I just got into it and like it. But I suppose it makes sense. They're about to make it on the Olympic team and that's what this show has been about; these girls journey to the Olympic team. So it makes sense now that it's here, the show would have to end.


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