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Make It Or Break It -- The Series Finale

Updated on May 15, 2012

Will the girls make it or break it?

I know the show runner of the show said the final episode wasn't planned as the final episode and that ABC Family cancelled the show, but I think it may be for the best. The show was about these three girls trying to make it on the Olympic team. There really wasn't anywhere to go from there. They made their dreams come true. And even though it wasn't planned as the series finale, it was a good finale.

Rotten Wendy was still spiking Kailey's drinks just waiting for her to be given a drug test so she'd be thrown off the team. Can I say how pathetic this little twit is? She was good enough to get there, yet she couldn't rely on her own talent and ability and had to be a vile little cretin targeting the other girls and drugging them. She's just beneath contempt.

Jordan and Kailey apparently escaped the police who were after them after Jordan trashed and bashed Keegan's car. Kailey was determined to go to Coach and out Keegan for being the sleaze that he is. Only problem was Jordan refused to back-up Kailey's story. Coach, however, didn't believe her denial and when he saw Keegan getting all touchy-feely with Wendy he called Keegan out and punched him. Unfortunately, Keegan refused to leave.

This is a rotten thing to say, but we've seen how low Rotten Wendy would go. I don't think with her it would be molestation with Wendy. I think she's be more than willing to put out to Keegan if she thought it would help her get ahead. Seeing Jordan and Coach worrying about Rotten Wendy had me rolling my eyes. Believe me, that piranha doesn't need to be protected, she needs to be protected from.

With Lauren back and having to share a room with the vulture, I was hoping she'd figure out what Rotten Wendy was doing. When she tried to drink one of Wendy's smoothies she wouldn't let her and said it was only for Kailey. The sad thing is Rotten Wendy would have started drugging Lauren, too, even though she has a heart condition, but she thought Lauren was no threat to her being number one so she saved her drugged drinks for Kailey. She even dug Lauren about having to practice on a baby balance bar.

Jordan turned on Kailey for telling the truth about Keegan to Coach and accused her of doing it to sabotage her. Payson had the idea to use their social network to see if Keegan had molested any other girls. Jordan was convinced she was the only one and it was somehow her fault. As it turned out Keegan had molested a whole list of young girls and they were willing to come forward. This gave Jordan the courage to come forward and tell Coach the truth. Keegan was taken away in handcuffs.

Then the moment Rotten Wendy was waiting for came and Kailey was told she didn't pass her drug test. She protested her innocence but no one but Jordan, Payson and Lauren would believe her. When the girls threaten to boycott the competition they agree to let Kailey compete, but if she doesn't pass the blood test she'll be out.

Austin returns to apologize to Kailey for the way he treated her and says he was just lashing out and looking for someone to blame. When Kailey starts blaming Jordan, Lauren and Payson, Austin gets her to not do it. It seems like the two make get back together after the really rotten way he treated her.

Payson has Rigo take her to a salsa club for inspiration for the new hot routine she plans to do. She tries it out on Rigo and he's not really a good judge. Luckily for her, Sasha has come to help her work on her routine. During the competition Coach isn't happy when Payson tells him he's button-holed her and she's going to show him what she can really do. Coach never said if he was impressed by her performance and she convinced him not to put her in the lead-off position, but she does make the Olympic team.

Joining Payson on the team is Jordan, who finally lands the triple she's been practicing. Things don't look good for Lauren, as those two annoying NGO officials pretty much count her out as not being able to finish her routine, but looking at Jake and recalling the relaxation techniques he taught her, helps her get through the routine. And even though she made it successfully through the routine, the two NGO talking heads still want to eliminate her. Can I say how loathsome these two are? Almost as loathsome as Rotten Wendy.

Lucky for both Lauren and Kailey, Rotten Wendy comments that after Kailey performs a perfect routine, it's a shame she'll be kicked off the team. That finally gets Lauren to thinking and she rushes back to the room she shares with Rotten Wendy and find the envelope the drugs Rotten Wendy ordered and prints out a copy of the order from her laptop.

However, the two NGO talking heads say it doesn't prove she was drugging Kailey. Luckily there's a smell of Rotten Wendy's lip gloss on the envelope the drugs came in and Lauren realizes she's hidden the pills inside her lip gloss. Lauren grabs her purse and they find the pills on her.

They don't show want happens to Rotten Wendy, but since she was drugging someone, I would think she would have ruined her career with her treachery and wouldn't ever be allowed to compete in the Olympics, again. I would also hope the vile varmint was taken away in handcuffs just like Keegan. She didn't know if Kailey would be allergic to the stuff she was feeding her and she didn't care if it might have caused Kailey to get sick or die. Hopefully the little witch has to do some jail time for her crime.

The sad thing is if Rotten Wendy had played it straight she would have made the Olympic team, instead Lauren and Kailey were the ones who made it.

So the girls made it to the Olympic team. It was the perfect way for this show to end. I guess the only questions that were left open was if Austin and Kailey and Sasha and Summer would get back together. But, otherwise, if was the perfect way to end this show.


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