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Makers of the Horror Genre

Updated on December 17, 2017

Are you a horror fan? If yes, then you’d probably recognize the names of Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock, Edward and Lorraine Warren. If you didn’t recognize any of them, then now would be the time for you to look them up because these three can be considered as those who shaped the horror genre.

Stephen King

Stephen King is the one who can be called as the master of horror fiction. Being a fan of horror since a very young age, he knows how to scare people. All his stories, whether they have a ghost or not, scare the shit out of people. And his style of writing has come to define the way of writing horror. It would be hard to find a fan of horror novels who has not read a novel by Stephen King. Some of his famous horror novels were made into horror movies that became some of the best of all time including, The Shining, It, 1408, Misery and Carrie. These are just mentioning some. Most of his stories have horror without any supernatural elements, showing you that ghosts and demons are not the only things you need to be afraid of, that you should be cautious of the old lady or her cat next door too. He once said,

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.

Stephen King
Stephen King

Alfred Hitchcock

But when you are solely looking at the movies, Alfred Hitchcock could the one you are searching for. He is often said to be the person who shaped the horror genre of the movies as we know today. His fascination with crime, violence and horror made him produce some of the best movies during the 20th century. One of his greatest movies called ‘Psycho’ and its infamous violent shower scene has become a trademark of horror and slasher films, and its character’s name Norman Bates has become something of a codename for a mentally disturbed serial killer. Based on this, a TV series called ‘Bates Motel’ was made by the A&E network, which showcases the earlier years of Norman Bates while living with his mother. But it’s set in modern time of course, so you can get to see Norman and the others use iPhones, a lot.

Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock
Psycho (1960)
Psycho (1960)

Edward & Lorraine Warren

Next up is the demon-hunting husband-wife duo consisting of the former police officer Edward Warren, and his wife Lorraine Warren, a professed clairvoyant. They were not involved into horror as the other two mentioned before were, but their contributions come in a different way. They were paranormal investigators or ‘self-taught demonologists’, and claim to have gotten rid of actual ghosts and spirits. And they were kind enough to share these experiences through their books which are based on their actual experiences. These books have led to the production of a lot of movies based on them that come with the tag ‘Based on a true story’. Their most notable films include ‘The Amityville Horror’ and ‘The Conjuring’. And as it is with all the ‘true stories’, there are quite a lot of people who claim it to be hoax. These stories truly became questionable when it came out that some of the people who claimed to be terrorised by ghosts in the real Amityville horror case were actually questionable witnesses. Each person had a different story of what happened there, and there were also cases where people were actually not in a very clear state of mind. But aside from this, we are always happy to see a new horror film come out, true or not.

Ed Warren
Ed Warren
Lorraine Warren
Lorraine Warren

Sam Raimi

The three that I mentioned above are just the beginning. There are always hidden gems like Takashi Miike, Wes Craven, Stanley Kubrick, Sam Raimi etc. But since I just watched Evil Dead, I would include Sam Raimi the director of the cult horror-comedy movie series Evil Dead and its sequel Evil Dead II. He was also the one behind ‘Drag Me to Hell’, which teaches you never to piss off an old lady. And also Spiderman, but that’s not the topic of concern here. Some of the scenes in Evil Dead like the tree rape and an old lady’s eyeball shooting into a screaming girl’s mouth are enough to scar you for life. But then these are the things that made it a cult movie. The latest remake of this movie made in 2013 sure was bloody, but still there was no comparing it to the originals. Just so you know, he was a fan of Alfred Hitchcock.

Sam Raimi
Sam Raimi
Evil Dead (1981)
Evil Dead (1981)

And there is a little interesting fact that, the actress who played Norman Bates’ mother in Bates Motel is also the one who played Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring, and that is Vera Farmiga. Her sister Taissa Farmiga is in American Horror Story which, if you’re a horror fan, you probably shouldn’t miss.


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