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Updated on February 15, 2014

Each video/demo will give a guideline. Perhaps a few pointers. Then it's up to Ben to arrange and produce

Unlucky Fried Kitten

2014 is the time to make the new Unlucky Fried Kitten album. The planned collaboration between Ben & Andy has been hit by problems and stumbling blocks over the past year or so, with accidents, breakages and illnesses standing defiantly in the way of recording. Both Andy and Ben have been busy with other projects too, but the recording is imminent. Ben was always a choice for playing and producing the album and the desire is to give this collection of songs a fluidity and uniformity (two sides of the same coin) that will define the UFK sound. Who knows what the result will be. There were a lot of songs thrown into the mix, probably around 25, but the list has been whittled down to the following 10

The Players


Working Titles (options)

My Ridiculous Neighbour

This Barming Man

Faith in the Universe

A Few Dead Pop Stars

Note To Ben

Hiya mate

Just put a list of 8 demos here, with 2 to follow. I'm not sharing this blog, but keeping it for prosperity in case something great comes out of the album and we can add some pics along the way. So, the songs go like this, but you have to ignore a lot of the shit vocals on here. It's one of the worst things about my home recording, that and the fact that I get too cluttered and chaotic with the arrangements. Just have a listen but wait until I get my confirmation about the money before you get recording. Soon as I know, I'll give you the go-ahead. If worst comes to the worst we'll wait til you come back from the States, but if I get the money I'll give it to you in advance as I realise you probs need some funds for the trip. I assume the album will be mine to do with as I wish so that I can sell it as download or hard copy to recoup the outlay? I'm happy to agree a split with you though. I'll be chuffed to bits to do the album with you, anyway. I will just want a recognisable solid sound that runs through the album, ie, real songs with real backing. I hope that's okay? xx

My Ridiculous Neighbour

Nothing Ever Gets Me Down

Shop in the Precinct

These Are Things I Dream Of

You Mean Nothing In The World To Me

Rage Against Florence + The Machine

Amy Winehouse

Alice Glass

Plus two songs which I've yet to do a demo for. Will record with guitar in a few days.

* Baby, Don't Break Up With Me

*Faith In The Universe




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