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Making easy Google Search Stories

Updated on May 17, 2010

Don't know search stories?

Google search stories is a unique new theme of videos through which you can easily creativly express yourself while also gaining Google some publicity! Publicity stunt or not, Google Stories are still pretty interesting.

The main idea is to tell a short story by showing consecutive google searches with complementary music in the background. See an example of my favorite below.

One of the most well known

My own take at it

Harry Potter

Your Favorite?

Which one of the Search Stories shown above is your favorite?

See results

Make one!

Have the enticing videos got your creative juices pumping? Have some ideas for yourself?

Not very profficient at video making? don't worrie! Follow my easy steps!

1) Go to this url

2) Click the "Create Your Own" button on the left hand side

3) Either follow the on screen instructions or continue with my guide and write down the searches you want in your video

4) You do not need to plan ahead, just jump in and type what comes to mind! It is soo easy that the ideas just jump onto the screen!

5) Select suitable music to go along with yor video. There are great options already given to you, these would probably go best with your video.

6) Click preview and upload and you are done! Congradulations on making your first proffesional looking video in under five minutes! Now you can aim higher and think more creatively.

Repeat the steps to make more videos

Share your own!

If you want to share your own video on this webpage, simply past the webpage's url in the comments below or email me at

I am looking forward to a great collection of creativity!

Below is a PDF version of my source


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      GsxPro 7 years ago

      Great! I made my own!