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Making Split Screen Music Videos

Updated on March 7, 2010
This is my new logo I put in my videos now.
This is my new logo I put in my videos now.

Making split screen music videos.

I tell people all the time about what it takes to make music videos and how to do it. You do not have to have the most expensive equipment to record you're guitar of other music equipment. It really is not too hard and you already have some of the things on you're own pc to edit then with pretty easy. There are many types of software you can use out there to make videos with but I am going to tell you what I use. I will also show you step by step of how to do it. And how to even get them in stereo and in a HD High Definition format.

I am am only going over the making of the videos part here. Recording techniques I will go over in a new article and how to of making and recording you're equipment.

Here are ALL the thing I use to make my music videos with:

Ibanez RG Custom Built - Very Nice!
Epiphone Gibson Les Paul Custom
LINE 6 PODxt w Model Packs
LINE 6 PODxt Rack Mount - LIVE ONLY
LINE 6 FBV Short Board w Wah/ Volume Pedal
JH-1 Dunlop Wah Pedal
Gateway M460 Laptop - (ҲP Pro and loaded to the max)
X Brand - (Laptop Stand)
Audigy 2 Zs Soundblaster 24bit HD Advanced - (Sound Card PCI Card)
Gold Tipped Stereo Cables (To run from PODxt to Laptop for recording in stereo)
Sony - MDR - V150 - Stereo Montor Headphones

Video & Software Used:

Windows Movie Maker - (Joining all parts to audio when needed)
Adobe Premiere CS3 Pro - (Making Split Screen Parts)
Quicktime Player - (Needed to make Adobe Work Correctly)
Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3 - (Recording Studio)
Guitar Tracks Pro mp3 Encoder - (Mixing audio to mp3)
LINE 6 Edit - (Custom Tone Creator)
Drums on Demand - (Creating My own Drum Tracks)
Image Mixer 1.5 (For Sony Handcam and cutting MPEG Files)
Sony 201 DVD Handcam - (My Camera? Still a bit sucky!)
Paint Shop Pro 7 (4 some graphics I create)

HD wmv-hd-1280x720.prx Plug in for Windows Movie Maker

To get the HD Windows Movie Maker Pluging I found from me you must be a member of my website DreidMusicalX, and a member of this blog.

Not all of this you will need to make the videos. But most of it you will if you want to make decent videos that sound good. Lets get started making that first video. First let watch one of my videos to show you what you can basically do.

David William Reid - Eminent - C2010

Steps to making the video

Ok when you are making you're music video you need to record you're music at the same time you shoot the video. What I do is open up my Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3 Recording Software and set up my videos camera to record what I am playing at the same time. You are asking well how does he get the music in the video? I will tell you that as we go along.

My camera sits on a Tri Pod and I have a remote control to start the recording. Its doesn't matter if you video is a little long at first because we can cut the video down pretty easiliy when making the video.

1st I write my song and import the drums piece by piece building my drum track. Once I have my song down note for note I am ready to start recording it and video taping it.

1. Push record on video camera
2. Push record on the recording software. This will make sure you are synced up with what you are playing note for nore in you're videos.
3. When you are done recording then push stop and save them to a file that you will work on you're video out of. I usually name it the song I am working on and put that folder in my music documents for safe keeping. Make several different folders like so to keep things straight.

+Main Song

+Video raw
+Finsihed Video Parts
+Cut Audio Tracks
+Finished AudioTracks

This makes it easier to find the parts you are editing and faster.

Now we have our main video recorded save it to a work folder as I said above. The audio track I will save also and mix it down as a mp3 file. Now most of my songs are split screen with two guitar parts so I will have to wait to save my music to a mp3 until the song is done. There is a reason for this. Because we are going to use that finished mp3 to both Rhythm And Lead guitar video parts you film. This way you can line the videos up and sync them together much easier in the Adobe Premiere Pro 3 software or what ever software you are using?

We are going to say you want to put you're audio to you're video now.

After you have saved both audio and video to file. Now you will open up Windows Movie Maker that is found free on most computers that run XP or Windows Vista.

Imorting the files into Windows Movie Maker

By going up to the top left as you see here in the picture you will import you're video and audio file and even pictures to build you're videos. You will want to import one file at a time and drag it onto the track before importing the next file. Save you're work often! You never know when you're computer could lock up. And you do not want to lose the work you have done and have to start all over again. That sucks!

1. Import the video and drop it on the video timeline below
2. Import the Audio and drop it in the audio time line under the video.

Note: You might have to cut the ends of the video and you can do this by clicking on the video in the time line, the go to the top left hand side of the screen where it says CLIP and choosing "Split". First place the blue slider bar exactly where you want to cut the video at. Once you have it in the right spot go to clip and choose split and it will cut the video. Then you can delete the excess part you don't want.

Drag and drop Audio and Video on the timelines below

Nudging Audio or Video to line them up

When nudging Audio or Video

1. Import the video and drop it on the video timeline below
2. Import the Audio and drop it in the audio time line under the video.

Note: You might have to cut the ends of the video and you can do this by clicking on the video in the time line, then go to the top left hand side of the screen where it says CLIP and choosing "Split". First place the blue slider bar exactly where you want to cut the video at. Once you have it in the right spot go to "clip" and choose "split" and it will cut the video. Then you can delete the excess part you don't want. Do all adding of effects or pictures before lining up the audio for single screened videos.

Note: If you are doing a split screen video DO NOT add any titles or effect to these videos right now! You will finish out these steps and save the file until after we make then a split screen file. You want you're audio tracks to match up in each video part exactly to make it easier to line them up in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. Or what ever other video software you use? This does make it very easy!

When you are nudging Audio or Video you must first click on what part you want to nudge over. You can drag the audio I find easier to as close as I can get it to match up to the video. Then if it is off a little you can use the nudging Right or Left.

After you have the audio and video lined up perfectly! Go up to "TOOLS" and choose AUDIO LEVELS! This is a must if you do not want the audio coming through from you're camera and you're mp3 file at the same time. The only time I leave both audio levels in a video is when I am talking during a lesson video.

Save as movie file

While saving the video as a movie it will ask you here what type of video you want to Save it as? If you have the HD plugin installed. This is where you will save it as a HD wide-screen video. The HD plugin took me days to find because it was discontinued when the moved it into the service pack 2 of Microsoft. Windows Vista has it already in their version of WMM. Luckily I have have it still for free if you are a XP user. As long as you join my blog and my website that is. Its free to join both! I do not charge for my sites or my music at this point and time. Or my knowledge to you. Others pay me for it.

Once you're video has encoded and it says Play Now?

You are finished!

Oops! You thought you were done didn't you? No you are not if you are wanting to do a split screen video! If you do not want a split screen video, then you are finished. So if this was you're rhythm guitar you are only done with that part! But is ok because not you are halfway done. You will now have to repeat this same exact steps above to make the Lead guitar video now. Why? Because from here after you have made both you're videos of Rhythm & Lead guitar. We now have to take them into the second software to make the side by side or however you want to do them? Yes there is allot more then you may have thought you had to do then just play a song and shoot the video.

Did you remember to save you files in the finished video folder as I told you to make above? Well now we are going to add these finished video files and import them into Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 software. (There are other soft-wares out there for making split screen videos) Like Sony Vegas Pro and few others.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Software

  If you have made you video pieces all with the "SAME AUDIO FILE" as I have told you how to do. The start of the videos should be matched up perfectly when importing them into the Adobe Premieres Pro CS3 software. After we are done here we will take these pieces back into Windows Movie Maker again to line them all up on the completed mp3 track. I will show you this later.

  When importing the video files you will go to the top Left of screen to FILE.

 Import both parts one at a time. Import you're first video file and drop and drop it in the Left window and then down on the video timeline 1. Then do you're second video and do the same thing and drop that one on video timeline 2. Yes there are two windows you see in the program. Both videos should show up in the second RIGHT window. This is where we will drag our videos into place side by side by clicking on each video. Once you click on the video you will be able to shrink them by the corners, and move them around. Pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Now once you have the right size and position you want you're video pieces. Now we can save the file as a split-screen video.

Go to FILE again
then to EXPORT and save it to a folder as a finished video piece.
Remember to name these files something you will remember to keep them in line, and save them in named files as I had shown you already. Getting them mixed up can take more time trying to find the correct ones again.

NOTE: Do this with all the pieces in you're video that you want to do split-screen!

 If you know how and what you are doing you can also add effects in Adobe Premiere before hand. After they are all done and have numbered, and saved them to the finished videos folder. You are now ready to take them all back into Windows Movie Maker to add titles, effects, and line them up on the finished mp3 audio file.

Get ready because next we are going back into Windows Movie Maker with you're pieces of video.

Finishing Video in WMM

 Now all the part you wanted to make split screen you will import back into WMM to finish you're music video.

Import you're finished audio file (Song) by going up to file and choosing import.
The start pulling in one at a time and syncing it up to the audio track. Make you're introductions before you you start syncing up the files though. If you have any transition effects you will want to add them one at a time as well as you build the video to the audio.

NOTE: Remember to save often!

When you are done save as movie file and you are finished!

Another good trick to make you're videos smaller in file size. Also to be able to share them by email allot of the time is to upload them to You Tube. (If you do not have the option that is to save them as mp4 files. But you upload them to You Tube and then in you're You Tube account go to videos. There will be an option to download you're own videos back to you're hard drive as mp4 files. You can make a 200MB video and have it converted down to 15 to 30MB files without losing hardly any quality of sound or visuals.

Any questions please just ask. We are all here on this planet to help each other with what we know.


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    • profile image 

      6 years ago

      I still don't understand how you get two different video's on the same screen (like a split screen)

      Like the first thumbnail shows on David William Reid - Eminent - C2010

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Amazing that it's even possible.

      Will get going on this. COOL THANKS!

    • DreidMusicalX profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Yantis Texas

      Har Sure you can be in two locations. If you are going to do a collaboration both of you are going to need a account like on I use this when working with others sending parts of videos up to 200MB in size and its free. After you make the account there, make a folder just for you guys to upload to and make it private. Its very easy to use and they give you 10 GB of storage FREE! Then you can work on the video. Just make sure you use the same " FINISHED" audio track to work with to do you're video parts to it. You want a pro audio sound with you're videos. Hope this helps. Need anything else I will be glad to try and help if I can.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I live 200 miles from my guitarist and we'd like to

      record our different parts and put them together in a split screen collaboration. Can we record in two locations or does this have to be done into the same computer? Thanks!

    • DreidMusicalX profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Yantis Texas

      Now you can shoot separate videos on cam that will have sound on each one and line them up on separate sides of the video the way you ask. But the sound quality is only going to be of what the cam corder has and sorry to say they are HORRIBLE! Nothing like the way I do a video or how they come out sounding in mine. The objective is to come out with decent sounding videos of you're music. Hope this helps.

    • DreidMusicalX profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Yantis Texas

      Not that I am aware of? To be able to record over a video and its audio already made? No. If you are trying to take an existing video you have already made to add more audio to it? You would have to separate the audio from that video, add the parts you want to add to it and make it one single track to add back to you're video parts. If there is something like that out there I am not aware of it. Unless the video you already shot has great sound to it its going to be hard to make it sound good anyways if its already mixed down. You would be better off just playing the song over again and re recording it. You can play you're own music again can't you? I mean if I write song I can replay it over and over again, so just redo the videos and song over again to get everything perfect.

    • profile image


      7 years ago



    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well in the CS3 you can drag the corners all the way out by grabbing the side of the video and stretching it. But it might come out looking bad if you are doing it in split screen. But I don't believe you will get all the black out? Try changing you're camcorder setting also and make sure you do not use a widescreen option while recording. There are different setting t film in and mix the video down in other then widescreen settings. I only use the widescreen because it happens to be the only setting on mine that allows HD

    • profile image

      Music Composing Software 

      8 years ago


      thanks for this AWESOME tutorial, I absolutely love it! I have been trying to do something like this for a long time already and got really frustrated.

      Now, one question I have: how can I make the video so that there are not those black borders on top and below the actual video, but instead have the video fill out the whole youtube area?


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