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Malayalam Hot Actress Sheela News & Interesting Malayalam Movie Updates

Updated on September 29, 2010

Sheela: Riding On Hope

If Malayalam bombshell, actress Sheela had thought her first movie, the Mammooty starrer Maya Bazaar, would put her in the spotlight, she was wrong. The movie didn't appeal to the audience. She is now banking on the Prithiviraj Starrer Thanthonni in which she plays the role of a junior scientist, falling in love with Prithviraj. It is a tomboyish role that she plays interspersed with some glamorous scenes. Thanthonnni in Malayalam means headstrong.
Prithiviraj plays a brat in a rich family. Will this movie help Sheela? She certainly so.

Kandhahar From Real Life to Real Life

If the Malayalam superstar Mohan Lal had one dream he could not fulfill, it was that of becoming an officer in the armed forces. Is this the reason he has frequently played the roles of army officers? The guy is back with a home production, Pranvam Arts's Kandhahar recreates the hijacking of the Indian Airlines flight IC-814 in 1999. The movie, of course, will dramatize the story to suit home audience. And guess, who is playing the role of a commando assisting Chief Mohanlal? Arun Vijay Kumar of Kodambakkam. Surya was to play the role but was replaced by Arun for Surya was short of call sheets. Arun is happy for the role fits the many talents that he as an athlete, martial arts student and a gymnast. This movie ought to help this talented artiste who is still waiting for lady luck to hit it big in the movie industry. Last, but not least, Amitabh Bachhan plays the father to a passenger in the flick.

Manisha Koirala To Play Mother To Nayantara

Director Shaymaprasad has a knack for bringing out the best in his heroines. After the success of Ritu, he is now working on a new movie titled Electra. And he has gone on to hire two famous women from the industry to play the lead roles, Nayantara of today and Manisha Koirala of yesterday. What roles will Manisha be doing is left to you to guess. It is the wags who say she will be playing mother to Nayantara.


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