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How To Seduce A Woman (Through The Lens of 5 Male Hustler Movies)

Updated on December 2, 2015

5 Stock Traits of the Male Hustler:






The Art Of Seduction

The five hustlers we will examine master in seducing women. They share many of the same traits aimed at melting a woman's heart. Most notably, they are all easy on the eyes. They know this. It is a weapon.

Secondly, these men are the ideal body type. Not necessarily the Men's Health magazine beefcake of the month, but hard-bodied like an athlete. They are ready to rip off their shirt to complete the most mundane task in the presence of a mark. Also, these hustlers were born with a silver-tongue. These wolves know how to flirt and tickle with sweet nothings. Most importantly, they know how to talk to a woman, open her up, and find emotional vulnerabilities. These are men born smart about women.

On the flip side, the cinematic male hustler is a tragic figure. Their first rule? Find and have sex for money. The “rent-boy” is often depicted as an impossible love object that will only bring hurt or frustration to the lovelorn client because there is a cash register where a beating heart should be. He is a man that cannot get out of his own way no matter how terrific the woman. They are wolves that would chew off their own foot rather than be trapped.

We will analyze five cinematic male hustlers, the women they seduced, and how they were seduced. The films in study are American Gigolo, The Lonely Woman, Looking For Mr. Goodbar, Something For Everyone, and The Roman Spring and Mrs. Stone.

Tony's Art Of Seduction

In Looking For Mr. Goodbar, Tony (Richard Gere) is a small-time hustler, cruising bars for money, women and sex. Tony lays his eyes on the mark seated on the other side of the bar. He grins at her. She smiles back. After some small talk he makes her feel special and says,

"You’re okay. The others (in the bar) are dogs. He then sets a trap... "I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse." She bites and asks, "What can’t I refuse?" He leans in and whispers, "you’d pass up the best f*** of your life."

And this is where the seduction gets interesting. She turns away for a second before answering and he is gone, shuffling off with another woman. He got away and she wasn’t able to pin him down. She is intrigued with this bad boy.

Paolo's Art Of Seduction

In The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (2003), our male hustler is Paolo (Olivier Martinez). The setting? Rome, Italy. The brooding, bad boy leaves his calling card on her table after a chance encounter, setting the trap -- daring her to bite.

Mrs. Stone (Helen Mirren), a prideful woman who commands respect, will not cave in so easily. She is also cautious of this dark and beautiful man. Paolo, hungry to seduce her, lays a second trap. He invites her to dinner.

And this is where the road to seduction takes a turn. Mrs. Spring is used to playing the game on her terms. If she chooses to entertain a gigolo, it’s where she wants to dine or be entertained. Paolo takes her to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, asserting his control.

He then takes her outside her comfort zone again by asking her to dance in a deserted courtyard. There is no music, but he invites her to imagine music and they dance in the moonlight. Paolo has one last trick up his sleeve. When he drops her off, he whispers a simple line, "the eyes never lie".

Paolo clearly understands this seduction must take its time, but his objective remains the same – aim directly for her heart. Paolo again takes Mrs. Stone outside of her comfort zone. He introduces her to his favorite local bar and shows off his chops on the piano.

Mrs. Stone quite honestly has no chance. She is being reeled in like a fish. She remarks to a friend, gazing at Paolo a ways away, “beauty is a world of its own. It has a Godly license.” Mrs. Stone, a prideful woman who commands respect, can fight no more and surrenders to the cult of Paolo Di Lio.

Julian's Art Of Seduction

A lot of cinematic male hustlers are small-time, broke, and at the mercy of their clients. American Gigolo's "Julian" (Richard Gere) is liberated, however. At least, that is the illusion. Through a combination of luck, beauty, physical talents, and the right connections, he has reached the pinnacle of his craft. Julian is a business.

He's the man men want to be. He's the man women call when they need the job done right. He prides himself with speaking "five or six" languages, the sixth being "the international language". He exhibits all the prototypical stock traits, especially a sense of independence and irrepressible freedom.

He spots Michelle (Laura Hutton) in a dreamy restaurant of a big hotel. He approaches her table and smoothly drops some French, suspecting she is fluent. Michelle is a big catch, possessing all the traits a hustler feeds on.

She is neglected, having been put second to her ambitious husband’s political career. Tony lays the trap, simply asking why she is sitting alone. And after some verbal cat and mouse, he surprisingly leaves her at the table like Tony in Looking For Mr. Goodbar. She takes the bait and pursues him.

Nikki's Art Of Seduction

When we first eye Nikki (Ashton Kutcher) in Spread, he is a wolf on the prowl in the club. He sets his sights on a well-dressed, forty-something lawyer (Anne Heche) and says:

"But tonight I'm not looking for the tight skin of a 20-year old. I'm in need of situation that changes the game."

Our male hustler is in between clients and on the hunt. While he doesn't have a home, job or a car, he does have beauty and charm to burn. Ever the wolf, he stalks and then accosts the lonely woman. He prides himself in having no pickup line and gets right to the point, asking her name.

She's intrigued, but she doesn't surrender without a fight. After a verbal tussle that establishes she's single, Nikki ends up behind the wheel of her Mercedes, driving her home to the Hollywood Hills.

Later, Nikki educates the audience on how to become a kept boy. During intercourse, he explains the hustler must not knock her socks off, but be just good enough to allow room for the relationship to grow.

Nikki also breaks down how a woman builds trust in the initial stages of dating through a point system...

"It doesn't matter if you can cook or not. Women grade on effort. It's almost better when the meal's a flop. It shows you're willing to make a fool of yourself. It's all about creating equity. Think of it as a point system. One for flowers, two for dinner, three for an orgasm. You need 26 points for them to trust you. And then you can go back to watching football."

When Samantha gets home from a long day of work, dinner and flowers are on the table. A beautiful, well-dressed man greets her with a tender kiss. After dinner, of course, leads to more sex and more sex deepens the bite of the wolf. Samantha has been seduced.

In Conclusion

These brooding hustlers have mastered the art of seduction in the short-term, but they consistently come up empty-handed in the end. Tony has commitment issues. His parting words the next morning are always, "I'll keep in touch". It is his way of avoiding intimacy, pillow talk, and relationship building.

Paolo pretends all along to be in love with Mrs. Stone, but when she refuses to write him a check for a substantial sum of money, he lets down his mask and verbally abuses her. In Something For Everyone (1970) & The Lonely Woman (1973), both Konrad and Jaci will seduce both men and women. For them, it is all about identifying hidden weaknesses and then exploiting those flaws to seize control of the mark.

Above all else, it is a business. You never fall in love with the client. Love is not the endgame. The job is to bring pleasure to the neglected. In each movie, these lover boys succeeded in making the client feel so special that it was like heaven on earth. Their fantasies of being caressed and doted upon by a beautiful man came true, if only for a night.

Our most fully realized hustler, Julian, embodies what makes cinematic hustlers so compelling and worthy of analysis. He prides himself for having the stamina to go three hours to bring some clients up to dizzy heights. He asks, "who else would have cared enough and taken the time to do it right"? That is the God-like power of male hustlers. These beautiful men are not only masters of seduction, but a flesh-and-bone narcotic for the sick at heart.

The Art Of Seduction

Julian Dressing For Seduction

© 2013 Oswalda Purcell


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