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Mallu Masala Actress Ileana News and Photo Gallery

Updated on October 19, 2010

leana's a brand by herself in the Telugu movie industry. Producers want to sign her and heroes want to pair with her, no matter how old they are. And guess who is the costume designer for this sultry diva is her mother Sameera!  

She is a fashion designer of sorts, and has been designing the costumes of Ileana for the movies. She now launched her own brand called Ileana to cash in on the popularity that her daughter enjoys. She is a creative person and designing is her hobby. She designs the outfit that Ileana wear on screen. We thought that it was introduced her to the market.

That's how this idea of Ileana was born," Ileana explains her mother's business venture. They will launch the brand from Hyderabad, Andhra, which is a stronghold for Ileana. You can see the brand opening at a mega-fashion show in Hyderabad soon. From Hyderabad, it is to Bollywood and abroad.

Ileana Hot Photo Gallery


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      divya 7 years ago

      hai elleana .i want to meet u once in my life time.and have a pic with u.u look good and rocking with mahesh pairing and ur very good in kick especially ur dressing.ur marvollous darling.this my heart full wishes to be scessfull in ur life.i love u elli.....divya.ap.....