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Mama by Guillermo Del Toro a Review by InkyBlueMind

Updated on May 22, 2014

Movie writing credits

Andres Muschietti
(story)(as Andy Muschietti) &
Barbara Muschietti
Niel Cross
(screenplay) and
Andres Muschietti
(screenplay) (as Andy Muschietti) &
Barbara Muschietti


Main Cast
Jessica Chastain
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Lucas / Jeffrey
Megan Charpentier
Isabelle Nelisse
Daniel Kash
Dr. Dreyfuss
Javier Botet

Produced By

J. Miles Dale
Guillermo del Toro
Executive Producer
Ingrid Fernandez de Castro
Line Producer: Spain
Cristina Lera Gracia
Associate Producer
Barbara Muschietti
More credits:

Mama Trailer


When I saw the trailer for this movie I was immediately captured by the story, the trailer left a lot to the imagination while giving a small hint of the plot line. I wanted to see it. Badly. Everyone I spoke to about had the same thing to say about it, that it was definitely different but not as scary as to be expected.

I will admit, I was hoping to be more scared than I was because that's what I live for when watching a horror movie. That anticipation right before the shock moment, but I think I have been desensitized over the years and my friends were also right.

I do have to say that the acting in this was amazing, I always cringe when watching most horror movies because there is generally, in my opinion, one member of the cast that lets everyone down – which then leads me to rooting for that character to be killed off to be able to redeem themselves (in my eyes). Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. But all the characters in this movie I actually found likable in some way and didn't want them to be killed – okay, I totally lied – the character of Jean, the Aunt to the two girls, Victoria and Lily's birth mother, I found to be a busy bodying nosy parker, but to her credit though when she suspected that the girls might have been being abused she got straight on to it to look out for them, so I cannot dislike her entirely.

I have to also give kudos to the two girls that played Victoria and Lily, their acting skills at such a young age remind me of the likes of Dakota Fanning, Haley Joel Osment and Abigail Breslin, which is not easy to live up to. I would definitely like to see more of these two.

Okay, I'll get to the point.

Mama has to be the most poignant horror movie I have seen to date and I found myself sympathizing just as much, if not a little more, with Edith Brennan (Mama) as I did with Carrie from the classic Stephen King adaptation of “Carrie”. She had her issues, yes, but we all do, don't we? Maybe not to the extent that she did but even without being a mother, I do understand her motherly instinct to protect and watch over.

So the movie starts off intensely, straight to the point and we see Victoria and Lily are very young, their father kills their mother and runs off with the kids. He is driving too fast on the icy mountain road, Victoria tries to tell her father to slow down and he screams at her and then accidentally drives them off a cliff edge straight into a tree. So the car is out.

They set out on foot and just as they're starting to get tired they happen upon a run down cabin. Inside everything is dark, dank and dusty. Perfect place to stay, right?

Dark scary looking cabin... we should totally stay there!

Mama we love you

This where we encounter “Mama” for the first time and where she first steps into, what she feels, as protecting the girls and also nurturing them to grow – albeit into savage little wild children but hey, they had someone to love and look after them.

Here eat this - because taking food from strangers doesn't count when they're dead.

She genuinely cared about those children especially when the moment she is reunited with her biological daughter's remains, the sadness that emanates from her is palpable until Lily calls her name and she once again turns in a giant, mother bear ghost that will eat you. Well – not literally... but you get my point.

Give the dead woman her children

From the very beginning she protected, provided, taught and sheltered those children as if they were her own even though she was dead, she still did what any other mother or parent would do in that situation upon finding them at the cabin. She raised them as if they were her own and Victoria and Lily genuinely loved her back. Though when they developed an emotional dependance that they needed outside of that relationship, they realized that Mama had her issues but they were willing to protect those they loved and try to protect her also – especially Lily.

I also find the contrast between Annabel and Edith (Mama) somewhat striking, complete opposites but still willing to do their utmost to protect those children but each in their own way. Annabel continually stood by them even when there was some scary stuff going down but she is also very much sympathized with Edith which on a whole made her a much more likable heroine.


I didn't want to give away too many things even though my review contains some spoilers, but in this itself you can still watch the movie and get your own overall impression.

Please come back and tell me your thoughts on the movie!

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5 stars for Mama

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© 2014 Jo B


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    • OldGamer profile image

      Armin Treuer 3 years ago from Bern

      This is hell of a movie review. Congratulations! I also love the fact that you added a cast & crew table. Looking forward to read more from you!